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HEROES OF To-Day. (Illustrations from photographs)..

. Mary R. Parkman George W. Goethals: "The Prophet Engineer.".

883 Herbert C. Hoover: A Citizen of the World..

587 Samuel Pierpont Langley: A Hero of Flight..

1078 Edward Livingston Trudeau: A Pioneer of the Open.. HEROINES OF SERVICE. (Illustrations from photographs).

Mary R. Parkman Marie Sklodowska Curie: The Heroine of Radium..

594 Julia Ward Howe: The Singer of a Nation's Song..

790 Alice Freeman Palmer: "The Princess" of Wellesley..

682 HOOVER, HERBERT C. See “Heroes of To-Day.” HowE, JULIA WARD. See “Heroines of Service.” HUNTER, THE. Verse. (Illustration from photograph).

Grace Purdie Moon...... 620 INDIAN FLUTE-SONG, THE. Verse. (Illustration from photograph by Karl Moon)

Grace Purdie Moon...... 688 INDIGNANT. Verse. (Illustrated by Oliver Herford).

Mabel Livingston Frank.. 712 INVASION OF AUNT ANGELIA, The Story. (Illustrated by C. Clyde Squires) Beth B. Gilchrist... 1072 JOFFRE, MARSHAL, SHAKING Hands With. Sketch....

.George P. Ludlam... 981 Joyous VAGABOND, THE. Story. (Illustrated by Maurice L. Bower). Katherine D. Cather... 1059 JUVENILE PUDDING. Verse....

Alice Crowell Hoffman... 627 LANGLEY, SAMUEL PIERPONT. See “Heroes of To-Day.” LICENSE, How Ginger Got His. Story. (Illustrated by C. T. Hill)... .Elizabeth Gale.. LITTLE MR. BUTTON-Nose. Verse.....

.Hesper Le Gallienne.

729 LITTLE SCHOOL-MA'AM, THE. Picture. Drawn by Charles M. Relyea..

613 LITTLE Why. Verse .

Harry Hamilton..

703 London, Jack. See “Cruises of 'Bay-Pirate Jack,' The." LONGFELLOW. See “Two Neighbors, Poet and Blacksmith, The Homes of." LORRAINE, CLAUDE. See "Joyous Vagabond, The.” MAKING GOOD IN A Boys' Camp. Sketch. (Illustrated by Norman P. Rockwell and from photographs)

.Ralph Graham..

838 Meadow FAIRIES, THE. Verse. (Illustrated by Charles T. Hill)

.Grace May North... 930 MIDSUMMER SONG. Verse..

.Eleanore Meyers Jewett.. 898 MORNING-GLORY, THE. Verse. (Illustrated by G. H. Mitchell)

..Cecil Cavendish...

681 Navy. See "Fighting-Ships that Fly," "Happy Ship, The,” “Our Undersea

Fighters," "Policeman of the Seven Seas," "Queen of the Sea," "Training

of a Man-o'-War's-Man.” Old HOUSE ON THE SHORE, THE. Verse. (Illustrated by Charles T. Hill)..Edward N. Teall........ 910 PALMER, ALICE FREEMAN. See “Heroines of Service.” PANGOLIN, Tue. Verse..

William Hervey Woods.. 817 “PERCY." Verse.

..Pauline Frances Camp... 692 "PETER PAN.” Verse. (Illustrations from photographs).

.Elisabeth J. Coatsworth.. 586 PIANG, THE Moro Jungle Boy, THE ADVENTURES OF: (Illustrated by Ellsworth Young).

.Florence Partello Stuart The Secret of the Lake.

600 The Jungle Menace..

889 The Bichara....

Piang's Triumph PINE-TREE SHILLINGS, THE. Verse. (Illustrated by W. M. Berger). Florence Boyce Davis.... 796 PLAYING Circus. Picture. Drawn by Mabel Betsy Hill..

825 POLICEMAN OF THE SEVEN SEAS, The. Sketch. (Illustrations from photographs)

...Com. Orton P. Jackson,

Capt. Frank E. Evans.... 1091 POLLY PRY'S FOREIGNERS. Verse..

.Florence Boyce Davis.... 1013 QUEEN OF THE SEA, THE. Sketch. (Illustrations from photographs). Com. Orton P. Jackson,

Capt. Frank E. Evans.... 977 Randy's Riding Whip. Verse..

Florence Boyce Davis.. READY FOR AN OCTOBER OUTING. Picture. Drawn by Harriet R. Boyd..





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RIDDLE, A. Verse..

..Mabel Livingston Frank.. 784 ROADS TO FAIRYLAND. Verse...

I117 The Way to the Fairies..

Tudor Jenks Yellow Leaves, Yellow Leaves..

..Hilda W. Smith Little Doors.....

Alice M. Watts Rose, The. Verse. (Illustrated by G. H. Mitchell)

.Cecil Cavendish..

680 SAVING THE “SEASIDE SPECIAL.” Story. (Illustrated by C. T. Hill) .Dwight B. Panyburn. 700 SECRET, THE. Verse.

.R. F. Jones..... SECRET, THE. Verse.

Abbie Farwell Brown.. 743 SEPTEMBER'S GARDEN. Verse.

Alice E. Allen...

999 SETTING UP JACK. Sketch. (Illustrations by Ralph P. Coleman and from photographs from “The Plattsburg Manual").

.Rodian Gilder..... 689 To. Verse. (Illustrated by G. H. Mitchell

Mary Carolyn Davies.... 1005 SONG FOR THE OPEN ROAD, A. Verse...

.Gorton Veeder Carruth.. 1064 SPORTS IN GIRLS' CAMP. Sketch. (Illustrations from photographs) Anna Worthington Coale 706 Straw PHANTOM, The Play.

.Dorothy Brewer Blackall. 1133 SUBMARINES. See "Undersea Fighters, Our." SUMMER'S END. Verse. (Illustrated by Maurice L. Bower)..... .Clara Platt Meadowcroft 982 Tale of Tobias TUPPER, THE. Verse. (Illustrated by George A. King)....Florence Boyce Davis.... 749 There CAME A SHIP A-SAILING. Verse. (Illustrated by Maurice L. Bower).Clara Platt Meadowcroft 808 Thirsty FLOWERS, THE. Story. (Illustrated by C. M. Relyea)...

Henry D. Winans..

742 THREE THREADS, THE. Story. (Illustrated by Rhoda C. Chase)..

Julia Brown

1014 TRAINING OF MAN-o'-War’s-MAN, THE. Sketch. (Illustrations fromCom. Orton P. Jackson, photographs)

....Capt. Frank E. Evans.... 833 TROUT-STREAM, ALONG THE. Story. (Illustrated by Norman P. Rockwell).. Robert S. Lemmon. TRUDEAU, EDWARD LIVINGSTON. See "Heroes of To-Day." Twins, The–VIRGINIA AND JANE. Picture. From the painting by Joseph T. Pearson, Jr....

989 Two NEIGHBORS, POET AND BLACKSMITH, THE HOMES OF. (Illustrations from drawing by Longfellow and from photographs)....

..Vlyn Johnson...

1129 Under Boy Scout COLORS. Serial story. (Illustrated by Walt Louderback)..Joseph B. Ames.

722, 810, 911, 1006, 1094 UNDERSEA FIGHTERS, Our. Sketch. (Illustrations from photographs and diagram)

..Com. Orton P. Jackson,

Capt. Frank E. Evans.. 628 UNDERSTOOD BEtsy. Serial story. (Illustrated by Ada C. Williamson)......Dorothy Canfield... 606

693, 800 WHAT WE FORGET. Verse.....

.Frank B. Elser.. WHERE THE SUNSETS OF ALL THE YESTERDAYS ARE FOUND. Sketch. (Illustrations from photographs)..

...Olin D. Wheeler.. 867 WHISTLING-Buoy, The New. Story. (Illustrated by McClelland Barclay)..Charles Arthur Lawrence 1084 YELLOWSTONE Park. See “Where the Sunsets of All the Yesterdays are






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Earthquake Arches
A Puzzling Mystic Maze.
Learning to Fly....
Perfume-making at Grasse.
A Strawberry Pyramid..
The Day Is Growing Longer..
Raising Goldfish by the Thousand.
How Fire Sets Horses Free..
Plants That Tell the Weather.
A Pure White Muskrat Found.
Training an Army Aviator.
Giant Leaves......
A Young Inventor and His Work.
A New Use for Sphagnum Moss..
Houses That Journey By Land and Water.
An Ingenious Portable Telephone..
The Lure of Civilization..
A School in a Railway Car....
School-boys Plan a Concrete Building.

Natural Forest Parks..

.S. B.....

653 .Robert H. Moulton.

654 .Francis A. Collins.. 744 .S. Leonard Bastin.

746 .C. L. Edholm... .Edwin Tenney Brewster.. 748 .George F. Paul... .C. L. Edholm

940 .S. Leonard Bastin.

940 R. L. Honeyman..

942 Nicholas Senn Ballou..

1035 S. Leonard Bastin.. 1036 .Robert G. Skerrett. 1038 .L. S. B..

1039 .R. G. S...

1039 E. L. G....

1135 .Charles Alma Byers.. 1136

C. L. E.
.C. L. Edholm..
Monroe Woolley.

1139 Joseph S. Newman... 655

750, 943, 1040 662, 754, 854, 950, 1044, 1142 670, 765, 862, 958, 1054, 1150 671, 767, 863, 959, 1055, 1151

1138 1138

LETTER-Box, The.
RIDDLE-Box, The..

Thankful. Verse.
The Alphabet of Street-sights. Verse.
"Sometimes When It Rains and Rains." Verse..
Secret Languages. Verse.
Our Street. Verse....
Patty and the Pinwheels. Story.
Billy and Boko. Story.....
The High Cost of Living. Verse.
Pockets. Verse..
"The Procession." Verse..
Peter Pan. Verse.

.A. C. Hoffman..

659 Melville Chater.

660 .Ethel Farmer.

661 .Melville Chater.

762 .Alix Thorn....

764 Abigail Burton.

851 Nelly Love....

947 .Inez Townsend Tribit.. 1052 Elisabeth Price...

1053 .Harriet P. Spoff ord..... 1140 .Emily Leland ...



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"YOUTH AND SUNSHINE.” Painted by Edward Dufner.. The Sea-Bird Flies HOME. From a photograph..... THE GREAT SCHOOL-Boys' PARADE IN New York City. From a photograph. Grand CANON AND LOWER FALL OF THE YELLOWSTONE. From a photograph.. "Honor STROKED HIM ABSENT-MINDEDLY, HER EYES ON HER Work.” From

a drawing by C. Clyde Squires.... "The Magic Pipe.” From a painting by Eva Roos..

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A Hallowe'en Play..

Dorothy Brewer Blackall 1133

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