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55206, 55295, 55333, is assigned with authority to accept entries of merchandise, to collect duties, 55341, 55548, 55609, and to enforce the various provisions of the Customs and navigation laws. 2 55637, 55666, 55697,

(c) The following is a list of Customs regions and districts, with a list of the 5574., 55760, 55792: ports in each district.3 The first-named port in each district (in capital letters) 55793, 55829, 55895, 55904, 56020, 56035,

is the headquarters port. The ports were created by the President's message of 56073, 56114, 56115, March 3, 1913, concerning a reorganization of the Customs Service pursuant to 56172, 56229, 56230, the Act of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat. 434; 19 U.S.C. 1). That organization has been 56333, 56383, 56420, changed by subsequent orders of the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. 56424, 56493, 56512,

Orders affecting existing ports are cited in parentheses following the name of 66-161, 66-212, 66-220, 66-229,

the port affected. 66-233, 66-246, 66-266, 67-3, 67-31, REGIONS

67-56, 67-57, 67-65,
67-68, 67-122,
67-197, 67-211,

Name and
No. Headquarters

Area 68-50, 68-67, 68-91,

Ports of entry headquarters 68-92, 68-123, 68-224, 69-15,

I 69-45, 69-76, 69-108,


Portland, The States of Maine PORTLAND, MAINE (including terri. 69-142, 69-189, Massachu. Maine.

and New Hampshire tory described in E.0.9297, Feb. 1, 69-224, 69-266, setts,

except the county of 1943; 8 F.R, 1479), 70-146, 70-148,


Bangor, Maine (including Brewer, 70-157, 71-12,

Maine) (E.0. 9297, Feb. 1, 1943; 8 71-79, 71-103,

F.R. 1479). 71-157, 71-196. 71-210, 71-233,

Bar Harbor, Maine (including Mt. 71-278, 72-105,

Desert Island, the city of Ells72-123, 72-130,

worth, and the townships of Han. 73-55, 73-56,

cock, Sullivan, Sorrento, Goulds. 73-121, 73-170,

boro, and Winter Harbor) (E.O. 73-221, 73-228, 73-249, 73-297,

4572, Jan. 27, 1927). 73-325, 73-338,

Bath, Maine (including Booth Bay and 74-18, 74-52,

Wiscasset) (E.O. 4356, Dec. 15, 74-56, 74-93,

1925). 74-100, 74-152,

Belfast, Maine (including Searsport) 74-201, 74-206,

(E.0, 6754, June 28, 1934). 74-231, 74-304, 75-64, 75-104,

Bridgewater, Maine (E.O. 8079, 75-128, 75-129,

Apr. 4, 1939; 4 F.R. 1475). 75-130, 75-143,

Calais, Maine (including townships 75-144, 76-59,

of Calais, Robbinston, and Baring) 76-77, 76-79,

(E.0, 6284, Sept. 13, 1933). 76-142, 76-170,

Eastport, Maine (including Lubec and 76-233, 76-259.

Cutler) (E.O. 4296, Aug. 26, 76-306, 76-339,

77-4, 77-5,

Fort Fairfield, Maine.
Fort Kent, Maine,
Houlton, Maine (E.O. 4156, Feb. 14,

Jackman, Maine (including the town-

ships of Jackman, Sandy Bay, Bald Mountain, Holeb, Attean, Lowelltown, Dennistown, and

Moose River) (T.D. 54683). Jonesport, Maine (including the towns

(townships ) of Beals, Jonesboro, Roque Bluffs, and Machiasport) (E.0.4296, Aug. 26, 1925; E.O.

8695, Feb. 25, 1941). Footnote I continued

By virtue of the authority vested in him by section 1 of the Act of August 8, 1950 (64 Stat, 419), the President, by Executive Order 10289, dated September 17, 1951 (16 F.R. 9499), delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the authority theretofore vested in the President by section 1, of the Act of August 1, 1914, as amended (19 U.S.C. 2), (1) to rearrange by consolidation or otherwise, the several Customs-collection districts, (2) to discontinue ports of entry by abolishing the same and establishing others in their stead, and (3) to change from time to time the location of the headquar. ters in any Customs-collection district as the needs of the service may require,


The Customs district of the Virgin Islands although under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Treasury, has its own Customs laws. (See 48 U.S.C. 14061.) This district, therefore, is outside the Customs territory of the United States and the ports thereof are not 'ports of entry within the meaning of these regulations,

3 The Customs region of New York City, New York, and the Customs district of New York City, New York, are coextensive,


[blocks in formation]

I (Con.)

St. Albans,



Limestone, Maine,
Madawaska, Maine.
Portsmouth, N.H. (including Kittery,

Rockland, Maine.
Van Buren, Maine.

Vanceboro, Maine,
The State of Vermont ST. ALBANS, VT, (including township
and the County of of St. Albans) (E.O. 3925, Nov. 13,
Coos, New Hamp- 1923; E.O. 7632, June 15, 1937;

2 F.R. 1042; T.D. 77-165).
Beecher Falls, Vt.
Burlington, Vt. (including the town of

South Burlington) (T.D. 54677).
Derby Line, Vt.
Highgate Springs/ Alburg, Vt. (includ-

ing the territory described in T.D.

77-165). Norton, Vermont (including the terri

tory described in T.D. 73-249).

Richford, Vt.
The State of Mass- BOSTON (including territory and

waters adjacent thereto described in

T.D, 56493),
Fall River (including territory de-

scribed in T.D. 54476).
Lawrence (including the territory de-

scribed in T.D. 71-12); (E.0, 5444,
Sept. 16, 1930); (E.O. 10088, Dec. 3,

1949; 14 F. R. 7287).
New Bedford,
Salem (including Beverly, Marblehead,

Lynn, and Peabody) (E.O. 9207, July

29, 1942).
Springfield. (T.D, 69-189).

The State of Rhode PROVIDENCE (including the territory

described in T.D, 67-3).

Newport. The State of Con- BRIDGE PORT. (including territory necticut,

described in T.D. 68-224). Hartford. (including territory de

scribed in T.D. 68-224). New Haven. (including territory de

scribed in T.D. 68-224). New London (including territory de

scribed in T.D. 68-224).
The Counties of

Clinton, Essex, Alexandria Bay (including territory de-
Franklin, St.


Rhode Island,




scribed in E.O. 10042, Mar. 10, 1949;
Lawrence, Jeffer- 14 F.R. 1155).
son, and Lewis in Cape Vincent.
the State of New Champlain-Rouses Point (including

territory described in (T.D, 67-68).
Fort Covington.
Massena (T.D, 54834).

New York,


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Oswego, Oneida, YORK (T.D, 56512).
Onondaga, Cayuga, Oswego.
Seneca, Wayne, Rochester
Broome, Tompkins, Sodus Point.
Chenango, Madison, Syracuse.
Cortland, Hamilton, Utica.
Schuyler, Chemung,
Herkimer, Monroe,
Ontario, Living-
ston, Yates, Steu-
ben, Orleans,
Genesee, Wyoming,
Allegany, Erie,
Niagara, Cattarau-
gus, Chautauqua,
and Tioga In the
State of New York,
The counties of NEW YORK, N.Y. (Including territory
Sussex, Passaic, described in E.O. 4205, Apr. 15,
Hudson, Bergen,

1925). (T.D, 53786.) Essex, Union,

Albany, N.Y. Middlesex, and Perth Amboy, N.J. Monmouth in the State of New Jersey and that part of the State of New York not expressly included in the districts of Buffalo and Ogdensburg. (The district is divided into three areas, namely, Kennedy Airport Area, Newark Area, and New York Seaport Area, the limits of which are described in T. D. 71-19 and T. D. 76-59). The State of Pennsyl- PHILADELPHIA, PA. (including Camvania except the den and Gloucester City, N.J., and county of Erie, the territory described in E.O. 7840, State of Delaware, Mar. 15, 1938; 3 F. R. 687; T.D. and that part of the 53738 and T.D, 54303). State of New Jersey Chester, Pa. (E.O. 7706, Sept. 11, not included in the 1937; 2 F.R. 1848). district of New Harrisburg, Pennsylvania York City.

(T.D, 71-233). Pittsburgh, Pa. (including the territory

described in T.D. 67-197). Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, Pa. (including

the territory described in T.D. 75-64). Wilmington, Del. (including territory

described in T.D. 54202) (E.O. 4496, Aug. 12, 1926).

[blocks in formation]


(28th Rev.-June 1976)

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

The State of Mary- BALTIMORE, MD. (including terriland (except the

tory described in T.D. 68-123). counties of Mont

Annapolis, Md. gomery and Prince

Cambridge, Md. (E.O. 3888, Aug. 13, Georges).


Crisfield, Md.
The District of Co-

WASHINGTON, D.C. (including the lumbia, the counties

territory described in T.D. 68-67) of Montgomery and Alexandria, Va. (T.D. 68-67) Prince Georges in the State of Maryland, the counties of Loudoun, Fairfax, and Arlington, and the city of Alexandria in the State of Virginia, including any independent cities and towns within the boundaries of such counties, The State of Virginia NORFOLK and NEWPORT NEWS (except the counties (including the waters and shores of of Loudoun, Fairfax, Hampton Roads). and Arlington, and Cape Charles City. the city of Alexan- Charleston, West Virginia (including dria, including any the territory described in T.D. independent cities 73-221). and towns within the Reedville, boundaries of such Richmond - Petersburg (including the counties) and the territory described in T.D. 68-179). State of West Virginia,



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