Seen on the Stage

H. Holt, 1920 - 268 páginas

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Página 150 - All causes shall give way ; I am in blood Stepp'd in so far, that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o'er : Strange things I have in head, that will to hand ; Which must be acted, ere they may be scann'd.
Página 6 - ... that day to God so walked he from his birth, In simpleness and gentleness and honour and clean mirth. So cup to lip in fellowship they gave him welcome high And made him place at the banquet board — the Strong Men ranged thereby, Who had done his work and held his peace and had no fear to die. Beyond the loom of the last lone star, through open darkness hurled, Further than rebel comet dared or hiving star-swarm swirled, Sits he with those that praise our God for that they served His world.
Página 163 - The One remains, the many change and pass; Heaven's light forever shines, Earth's shadows fly; Life, like a dome of many-colored glass, Stains the white radiance of Eternity, Until Death tramples it to fragments.
Página 230 - The aim of a short-story [italics in original] is to produce a single narrative effect with the greatest economy of means that is consistent with the utmost emphasis.
Página 89 - He was neither a Reactionary nor an Anarchist. He neither respected the past for the insufficient reason that it was the past nor revered the future for the insufficient reason that it was the future. He freed his mind at once from traditions and from fads, and devoted his attention to the lofty task of "drawing the Thing as he saw It for the God of Things as They Are.
Página 161 - For theatrical talent consists in the power of making your characters, not only tell a story by means of dialogue, but tell it in such skilfully-devised form and order as shall, within the limits of an ordinary theatrical representation, give rise to the greatest possible amount of that peculiar kind of emotional effect, the production of which is the one great function of the theatre.
Página 22 - Je désire que mes cendres reposent sur les bords de la Seine, au milieu de ce peuple français que j'ai tant aimé.
Página 250 - Je jette avec grace mon feutre, Je fais lentement 1'abandon Du grand manteau qui me calfeutre, Et je tire mon espadon. . . . In a moment or two, the games of backgammon ceased and the whispering of falling cards was quenched in silence. I was soon enthroned upon a table and reading — in my rhetorical schoolboyish manner — the sonorous series of triolets beginning — ' Ce sont les cadets de Gascogne De Carbon de Castel-Jaloux. . . . At the end of the first stanza, that helter-skelter company...
Página 254 - C'est chose bien commune De soupirer pour une Blonde, chataine, ou brune Maitresse, Lorsque brune, chataine, Ou blonde, on 1'a sans peine. — Moi, j'aime la lointaine Princesse ! That final phrase has always sounded to.
Página 51 - All passes. Art alone Enduring stays to us; The Bust outlasts the throne, — The Coin, Tiberius; Even the gods must go ; Only the lofty Rhyme Not countless years o'erthrow,— Not long array of time.

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