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It is doubtless due to propriety, as well as to the kind friendliness of the no small number of the subscribers to this Review who have continued attached to its lists from its original establishment, that we should announce and record in its pages the recent death of Mr. LANGTREE, on the 8th of September, who, up to the period of the commencement of the New Series published in New York, was associated both in its proprietorship and editorship, and who at one period had the sole charge of its publication. With this view, in preference to intruding on our readers any of those terms of personal notice, which often on such occasions proceed with but an ill grace from the partial pen of private relationship, we confine ourselves to the quotation of the following from the New York Commercial Advertiser of September 17th, 1842:

“ We regret to announce the decease, at Bacon's Castle, Surry county, Va., of S. D. Langtree, Esq., one of the original editors and proprietors of the Democratic Review, aged 31 years. The deceased was a native of Ireland. He was educated to the medical profession, and came to the United States in 1832, as physician of an English ship, in compliance with the directions of the government, that a physician should be sent out with every passenger-ship during the prevalence of that fearful pestilence, the cholera. His tastes, however, were decidedly literary, and averse from his profession. His reading was very extensive for a man of his years, and he wrote with facility and energy. For a season he was an assistant in the office of this paper, and the readiness with which he acquired knowledge of every description, especially of books, was remarkable. We mourn his loss as of an able and estimable friend, of fine talents, of generous impulses, and truly benevolent feelings. For the last sixteen months Mr. Langtree had had no connexion with the Democratic Review, which has been under the sole conduct of his brother-in-law, Mr. O'Sullivan. He had retired to Virginia with the view of leading the life of a planter, in which occupation he was extensively engaged. The fatal disease was congestive bilious fever.”

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