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George Moore's New Novel THE BROOK KERITH

By George Moore A daring and striking story of the life of Jesus of real historical value as a vivid presentation of CODtemporary life and thought.

The narrative, embodying a most revolutionary interpretation of the founder of Christianity, is carried through in George Moore's well-known manner, with a great deal of realistic detail and with great simplicity and beauty of style.


Other Excellent New Novels

May Sinclair's New Novel

Mary S. Watts' New Novel "A really successful novel. A fascinatingly interest- “As bright a book as can be imagined thoroughly ing story,

... a perfect picture of real human beings.". entertaining and admirably written."—. Y. Sur. $150 Boston Transcript. $1.35.


John H. Walsh's New Novel Richard A. Maher's New Novel

“Mr. Walsh has something of Mark Twain's power to “Has vigor and originality the Bishop is a most get the boy's point of view. Anyone who likes youth wü lovable and noble character.' - The Outlook. $1.35.

like Cam Clarke." Boston Daily Advertiser. $1.35.

The Best New Poetry of the Year GOOD FRIDAY AND OTHER POEMS SONGS AND SATIRES John Masefield's New Book

Edgar Lee Masters' New Poems “Here is beauty of impression, beauty of expression,

Author of "Spoon River Anthology." beauty of thought and beauty of phrase." — N. Y. Times. “A deep poetic spirit, one of the greatest in the America Cloth, $1.25. Leather, $1.50.

of our time."- New Republic. Cloth, $1.25. Leather, $1.50.

New Books on Topics of the Times THE HERITAGE OF TYRE THE PENTECOST OF CALAMITY By William Brown Meloney

By Owen Wister

Author of "The Virginiar," etc. A spirited challenge to the patriotism of America, as stir

"Remarkable we wish it could be read in full by ring in its way as Owen Wister's “The Pentecost of every American." - The Outlook. Fifty cents. Calamity.” Fifty cents.


Stephen Graham's New Book

Author of "The Way of Martha and the Way H. G. Wells' New Book

of Mary," etc.

Stephen Graham's story of his remarkable journey across Remembering Mr. Wells' almost uncanny success in some Russia to the frontier of China, full of many interestiag erof his prophecies, this new volume of highly interesting periences, among the many-sided Russian people. Ilms forecasts is a work of large significance. $1.50.

trated. $2.30.


“A novel of large significance and unquestionable interest, executed with the fine finish, even the fine Aourish, of an indisputable master.” Book News Monthly.

" Written with Mr. London's characteristic vigor and knack of picturesque diversion."— Boston Herald. $1.50.



Marine The new Encyclopaedia

Britannica will advance in price

$11 on the cheapest finding
$19 on the highest-priced

(other findings proportionally) Noorder posted after 733 PM on Saturday, June 174, will be accepted at the present low prices WE

E should like to continue guarantee for only $1 down and

the sale at present prices for small monthly payments, is rapidly a year, as we had planned to do. exhausting the stock on hand which But the war has forced up the cost was contracted for before the war, of all raw materials so high that the when costs were so much lower than publishers can no longer supply sets they are now. for us to sell at the present price, The entire set will be sent to you The enormous demand for the new now for a first payment of only

$1, Britannica in this convenient, at- with our guarantee of "satisfaction tractive form, sold under a sweeping or your money back.” Order your

Sears, Roebuck and Co. CHICAGO


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The Britannica will cost $11 to $19 more after 7.33 o'clock P. M., Saturday, the 17th of June. set now at present prices, before the prices go up. The advance is due to circumstances over which we have absolutely no control. Paper now costs very much more than it did before the war began. Some leathers cost 75 per cent more, and others cannot be imported—they are under embargo. So it is with all other items in the manufacture of these books.

Even before June 17th it will probably be impossible for us to supply one or two bindings—those in the most expensive leathers, because there is an embargo on these leathers and no more can be imported from Great Britain.

ORDER your set now. You will find an order form on the second page following. Fill out and mail to-day.

HE BRITANNICA is a work that you need. The greatest of all reference works in this new edition consists of 29 volumes, with

more than 30,000 pages. They contain 44,000,000 words. The 41,000 articles are the work of 1500 experts chosen for their supreme fitness from every part of the civilized world. There are about 15,000 pictures and maps. An index to the whole work with 500,000 entries makes all its wealth of information available.

Now this entire work will be sent you for a first payment of only $1. And we guarantee your complete satisfaction. We will refund every cent you have paid if you return the books, for any reason, within three weeks.

Sears, Roebuck and Co.


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The Britannica will cost $11 to $19 more
after 7.33 o'clock P. M., Saturday, the 17th of June

Now you can get the Handy Volume” issue of this great work cheaper than it will ever be again. A complete set, in any binding, will be sent you for a first payment of only $ 1.

HEN we arranged with the publishers of the new Encyclopaedia

Britannica for the Handy Volume" issue, we contracted for V V some sets printed on standard book paper like that used in school books and novels, for the especial use of public libraries and schools. Each volume weighs a little over 3 pounds, about twice as much as the corresponding volume on India paper, and is about twice as thick (274 inches). We call these sets "Special Economy" sets.

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Encyclopaedia Britannica (brrior)

Handy Volume" issue will advance in price—$11 on the cheapest binding, $19 on the highest-priced binding and proportionally for other bindings.

Your order must be postmarked before 7.33 P.M. June 17th, if it is to be accepted at the present low prices.

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_1916 INDIA PAPER SETS Please send me a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica

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Total, $64.00. (Cash price, $58.88.) India paper, in style of binding marked with an X at Full Brown Sheep, Morocco Grained the right.

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44 Crushed Green Morocco. Levant

Grained-22 paymentsof $4.00 monthly. I enclose $1 as first payment and agree to pay balance in

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(Printed on standard book paper) I have always been faithful in paying my obligations, and

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