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Subscriptions to the Atlantic during the month of November were approximately twenty-two per cent greater than the yield of the corresponding month of 1914, although that represented a figure far larger than the year before.

The magazine goes

ahead month by month with a regularity which proves that the Atlantic owes its success to its markedly individual character

Three luxurious 24-day Cruises

by remarkable special route. Each Cruise includes stops at many wonful ports in the Caribbean which no traveler would willingly omit and which cannot be, and are not combined on any other plan offered to the public without change of steamer. Exceptional side trips, offered only on the Raymond - Whitcomb Cruises, including journey through Cuba by railroad and automobile, two days' automobiling in beautiful Jamaica, unique rafting trip down a tropical river, and many other comprehensive trips on the utmost scale of comfort and luxury. THE ONLY CRUISES THIS WINTER

Including both Cuba and Jamaica Splendid, specially chartered steamships, sailing under the American flag. All rooms outside rooms.

Departures from New York, January 29, February 12 and March 11

SOUTH AMERICA Semi-private parties for remarkable and comprehensive Tours of two to five months. January 15. February 2, 5, 16 and 26.

Small parties under escort, including Philippines
and Japan in cherry blossom and wisteria seasons.
February 5, March 4 and 25.
Splendid Tours to California every week

Send for Booklet Desired

Dept. 1 17 Temple Place

Boston, Mass. New York Philadelphia Chicago San Francisco

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popularity of any particular table of contents.

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mark makes the consumer

the deciding factor in all The richest manufac- purchases, because it enturer could crowd out ables him to identify the all of his lesser competi

goods. Trade-marks, and

the advertising that tors by reducing prices

makes them known, are temporarily below cost

the two things that do — thereby forcing them

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duce prices and prevent he had a real monopoly

commercial piracy. and could cheapen

Trade-marks and national quality and raise prices advertising are

the two as much as he saw fit.

greatest public servants in When competition devel- business today. Their oped again, he could repeat whole tendency is to raise the process — and he not qualities and standardize only could do these things them, while reducing prices but he did do them.

and stabilizing them.

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