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Account of the Public Income and Expenditure of the United Kingdom (exclusive of Sums applied to the Redemption of Debt, a nd of the Advances and

Repayments for Local Works, &c.) in the years ended 30th June, 1871, 30th September, 1871, 31st December, 1871, and 31st March, 1872;
showing the surplus of Income over Expenditure, or the Excess of Expenditure over Income, in each of the said Years.

Note.-One Fourth of the Surplus Income (if any), in any Year ending on the last day of each Financial Quarter, as under, is applicable to the Reduction

of Debt during the second succeeding Quarter.


In the Year ended
30th June, 1871.

In the Year ended
30th September, 1871.

In the Year ended
31st December, 1871.

In the Year ended
31st March, 1872.

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Land Tax and House Duty
Property Tax
Post Office
Telegraph Service
Crown Lands (Net)
Miscellaneous, viz.: Military and Naval Extra Receipts,
y and Proceeds of Old Stores sold .
Amount received from the Revenues of India on account

of the Effective and Non-effective Charges of British
Troops serving in that Country
Allowance out of Profits of Issue received from the

Bank of England, per Act 24 Vict. c. 3
Abyssinian Expedition-Issues repaid
Other Miscellaneous Receipts

Total Income
Excess of Total Expenditure over Income

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71,939,401 4 10

150,000 0 0

71,103,662 16 4

150,000 0 0

71,981,633 0 2

150,000 0 0

71,490,020 6 5

370,000 0 0

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Total Ordinary Expenditure
Add-Expense of Fortifications)

Surplus of Income over Total Expenditure (ircluding


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Jan. 2. John Prat; Co for Ga

Feb. 27. W. R. Grove; Knight. and Asturias.

George Jessel ; Knight. Otto Trechman; Consul at Hartle- Oliver Nugent; Knight. pool.

The Earl of Kenmare; Lord in Waiting 9. The Right Hon. Alexander to her Majesty. M'Donnell, of Murlough, Antrim; Ba- Lord R. Grosvenor; Vice-Chamberlain ronet.

of her Majesty's household. Viscount Macduff ; Lieutenant of Shire F. O. Adams ; Secretary of Einbassy at of Elgin.

Berlin. William Henry Gregory ; Governor of March 1. C. J. Calvert; Consul at Ceylon.

Naples. Hon. E. J. Monson ; Consul-General S. E. Blunt; Consul at Monastir. at Pesth.

5. Hop. S. Ponsonby ; Companion J. R. Quain, Q.C.; Justice of the of the Bath. Queen's Bench

Lord Poltimore; Treasurer of her Lord Suffield ; Lord of the Bedcham- Majesty's household. ber to the Prince of Wales.

Major General D. M. Probyn ; Equerry 19. W. H. Lay; Consul at Tang- to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. chow.

Sir Hercules Robinson ; Governor of S. B. Weikersheim ; Consul at Vienna. New South Wales. H. Scholfield ; Consul at Guatemala. Sir Philip Wodehouse; Governor of

23. Sir William Jenner, Bart.; Bombay. K.C.B., Civil Division.

8. Edward Smallwood; Consul for William Gull, M.D.; Baronet.

the Azores. 26. J. B. Aspinall; Attorney- 12. Right Hon. S.J. Gibbons (Lord General for the County Palatine of Dur. Mayor); Baronet. ham.

15. J. Coode, J. Cowen, P. Spokes, Feb. 2. R. B. D. Morier ; Chargé d'Af. J. R. Cormack, J. Gilbert, A.R.A., F. W. faires to the King of Bavaria.

Truscott, J. Bennett, and T. Chambers, - 6. Sir J. Weir Hogg, Bart., Odo Q.C.; Knights. W. L. Russell ; Privy Councillors.

Lord Northbrook; Governor-General T. S. Aldis; Inspector of Schools. of India.

18. Right Hon. J. E. Denison ; Lord Hobart; Governor of Madras. Viscount Ossington of Ossington.

A. Hobhouse, Q.C.; Legislative MemSir Louis Mallet, C.B.; Member of the ber of Council of Governor-General of Council of India.

India. 16. J. Kay, Q.C.; Solicitor-General 19. R. G. Watson ; Secretary of for the County Palatine of Durham. Legation at Japan.

20. Sir A. E. Kennedy, K.C.M.G.; - 22. Lord R. Grosvenor, Lord Polti. Governor of Hong-Kong.

more, and Sir W. T. Knollys; Priry - 23. C. Cowper, G. F. Verdon ; Councillors. Knights Commanders of St. Michael and - 29. Earl of Belmore; Knight ComSt. George.

mander of St. Michael and St. George. G. Glynn Petre ; Chargé d'Affaires to April 5. H. P. Fenton; Secretary of the King of Wurtemberg.

Legation at Athens.

April 9. R. D. Mayne; Chief Magis- Hon. E. A. J. Harris; K.C.B., Civil trate of Lagos.

Division. 12. A. A. D. Sassoon ; Knight. Hon. G. S. S. Jermingham; C.B., Civil

19. Countess of Mayo; Honorary Division. Lady of the Bedchamber.

19. Countess of Mayo ; Lady of Hon. Frances Drummond; Maid of the Bedchamber. Honour.

Viscountess Clifden ; Extra Lady of the 26. J.R. Quain, T. Dakin; Knights. Bedchamber. May 3. Earl of Airlie ; High Commis- Arthur Helps; K.C.B., Civil Division. sioner to the General Assembly of the 26. W. T. Thomson ; Envoy ExtraChurch of Scotland.

ordinary to the Shah of Persia. 7. Right Hon. G. J. Goschen, Sir 30. Hou. E. M. Erksine; Envoy S. Dacres, J. W. Tarleton, F. B. P. Sey- Extraordinary to the King of Sweden. mour, and the Earl of Camperdown; Aug. 6. Sir John Rose, K.C.M.G.; Commissioners for Office of Lord High Baronet. Admiral.

13. G. Gilbert Scott; Knight. 10. W. C. West; Lieutenant of Earl Spencer;

Lieutenant of Co. Co. Denbigh.

Northampton 14. J. G. Dodson; Privy Coun- Rev. John Macleod; Dean of the cillor.

Thistle and Chapel Royal (Scotland). M. J. Barrington-Ward; Inspector of 20. J. Le Couteur; Kniglit. Schools.

23. J. E. Blunt; Consul for Salo28. Sir C. Straubenzee; Governor nica. of Malta.

27. Hon. F. Ponsonby ; C.B., Civil A. Musgrave; Lieut.-Governor of Division. Natal.

Sept. 3. R. R. Torrens; Knight Com. 31. The Nawab Shah Tehan Be- mander of St. Michael and St. George. gum of Bhopal; Knight Grand Com. 6. R. A. Gilvie ; C.B., Civil Division. mander of Star of India.

10. Sir J. H. Drummond-Hay; MinJ. Strachey and J. C. Wilson ; K.C. ister Plenipotentiary at Morocco. of Star of India.

G. Bourchier, C. 8. Brownlow; K.C.B., 0. T. Burne, G. B. Malleson, Mahomed Military Division. Hyat Khan, and A. T. Etheridge; Com- W. J. F. Stafford, T. Rattray, J. M. panions of Star of India.

Nuttall, J. Doran, F. S. Roberts, J. Hills, ī June 4, The Earl of Dufferin; Gover- J. A. Tytler, F. F. Allen ; C.B., Military nor-General of Canada.

Division. J. P. Hennessy, H. J. Ussher ; Com- S. I. Tucker; Rouge Croix, Pursuivant panions of St. Michael and St. George. of Arms. 7. D.B. Robertson ; Knight.

13. R. W. Harley ; Administrator A. Rogers; Member of Bombay Council. of Gold Coast Settlement.

14. Earl of Brownlow ; Ecclesias- H. T. Ussher ; Lieutenant-Governor tical Commissioner.

of Tobago. 18. G. B. Airy; K.C.B., Civil S. Leech ; Commissioner of High Court Division.

of Chancery. Right Hon. Sir B. Peacock ; Member of 17. Rev. G. Rawlinson ; Canon of Judicial Committee of Privy Council, Canterbury. under Act of 1871.

20. R. F. Burton ; Consul at Trieste. E. D. Baynes ; President of Antigua.

24. Hon. L. S. Sackville-West; 21. R. Wilkinson; Consul for Ma. Envoy Extraordinary to Argentine Relaga.

public. 28. J. Ramsden, W. Perry, and Co- Sir J. Hanmer, Bart.; Baron (Hanwasjee Jehanghier Readymoney ; Knights. mer). July 5. J. Auldjo ; Consul at Geneva.

27. Hon. W. Stuart ; Envoy ExtraRev. J. W. Blakesley ; Dean of Lincoln. ordinary to the King of the Hellenes.

9. Lady Emily Kingscote ; Lady Oct. 1. H. L. Gardiner; Equerry in of the Bedchamber to H.R.H. the Prin- Ordinary: cess of Wales,

Hon. H. W. J. Byng; Groom in WaitRev. D. Macleod ; Chaplain in Ordinary ing. to H.M.

11. Rev. Stopford A. Brooke ; 12. C. Pontifex; Puisne-Judge at Chaplain in Ordinary. Calcutta.

Rev. G. H.Connor; Honorary Chaplain. 16. Baron Napier (Scotland) ; Baron Sir J. D. Wanchope, Bart., Sir W. S. Ettrick, of Ettrick (United Kingdom). Maxwell, Bart., J. Ramsay, Sir A. Grant,

Lord Lyveden, Sir H. F. Howard; Bart., J. Tulloch, D.D.; Members of Knights Grand Cross of the Bath.

Scotch Board of Education.

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Oct. 18. Sir R. Palmer; Lord Chan- Nov. 26. Hon. and Rev. F. E. C. Byng ; cellor and Privy Councillor.

Chaplain in Ordinary. F. W. H. Myers ; Inspector of Schools. Rev. J. St. J. Blunt; Honorary Chap

29. H. Rumbold; Minister Resident lain. at Chile.

29. P. Erle and Sir J. Hannen ; Nov. 1. Sir W.M. Gomm, G.C.B.; Con. Privy Councillors. stable of the Tower.

Dec, 3. Josiah Mason ; Knight. Hon. E. R. Lytton ; Secretary of Em- H. Ayers ; Knight Commander of St. bassy at Paris.

Michael and St. George. F. Clare Ford; Secretary of Embassy F. S. Dutton and C. Todd; Companions at Vienna.

of St. Michael and St. George. S. Locock; Secretary of Embassy at R. W. Keate ; Governor of West Afri. Constantinople.

can Settlements. R. P. Ffrench; Secretary of Embassy -10. R. Southey, E. E. Rushworth, at St. Petersburg.

W. Porter, A. G. Archibald, and H. H. P. Fenton ; Secretary of Legation Bernard; Companions of St. Michael and at the Hague.

St George. H. G. Macdonell; Secretary of Le- J. Hill; Chief Charity Commissioner. gation at Madrid.

F. 0. Martin; Second Charity ComF. R. St. John ; Secretary of Legation missioner. at Buenos Ayres.

A. B. Shand; Lord of Session (ScotJ. F. Leith and Alfred Wills; Queen's land). Counsel.

24. H Thring, C.B., Civil Division. - 5. R. S. Ellis; Member of Madras E. W. Cope; Second Secretary in Council.

Diplomatic Service. – 15. C. B. Smith ; Companion of the Hon. H. Wodehouse; Secretary of LeStar of India.

gation at Athens. Gersai von Bleichröder ; Consul-Gene- J. C. Dundas; Lieut. of Orkney and ral at Berlin,

Zetland. Sir James Hannen; Judge of Court of J. P. Green; Judge of Bombay High Probate.

Court. Rev. J. Bramston; Dean of Win. - 27. Hon. and Rev. G. T. O. Bridgechester.

man ; Chaplain in Ordinary. 22. T. D. Archibald; Justice of the Rev. J. S. B. Monsell; Honorary Common Pleas.



First Lord of the Treasury (Prime Secretary of State, Indian Department,

Minister), Right Hon. W. Ewart Duke of Argyll, K.T.

Chancellor of the Erchequer, Right Hon.
Lord High Chancellor, Lord Selborne. Robert Lowe.
Lord President of the Council, Marquess Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster,
of Ripon, K.G.

Right Hon. H. C. E. Childers. Lord Privy Seal, Viscount Halifax, First Lord of the Admiralty, Right Hon. G.C.B.

G. Joachim Goschen. Secretary of State, Home Department, President of the Board of Trade, Right Right Hon. Henry Austin Bruce.

Hon. Chichester S. Fortescue. Secretary of State, Foreign Department, President of the Local Government Earl Granville, K.G.

Board, Right Hon. James Stansfeld. Secretary of State, Colonial Department, Chief Secretary for Ireland, Right Hon. Earl of Kimberley.

Marquess of Hartington, Secretary of State, War Department, Vice-President of Council of Education, Right Hon. Edw. Cardwell.

Right Hon. W. E. Forster.

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