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10. No election for members and associates shall take place between the annual general meeting and the first Monday in November.


11. Twelve directors shall be elected from amongst the members only at the annual general meeting, and enter on their offices on the third Monday in July. Three, at least, of the directors newly chosen, shall be members who have not served in that office during the preceding season; but if more than nine directors are chosen who have filled that office the preceding season, the election shall be declared in favonr of the nine who have the greatest number of rotes, together with the three next highest on the list who have not served in the preceding year.

12. The directors shall have the management of the concerts, the accept. ance and engagement of the performers, and of all other matters immediately relating to the concerts of the society.

13. The directors shall have the power of making bye-laws, for the regulan tion of their own meetings, a copy of which shall be delivered to the secretary and be forthcoming at any general meetiug.


14. The treasurer shall be elected from amongst the directors chosen at the annual general meeting, and shall enter on his office on the third Monday in July.

15. He shall issue all the tickets for the concerts to the subscribers, mem. bers, and associates, and receive the money for the same, which he shall immediately pay into the account at the bankers of the society, standing jointly in his own name and that of the trustee.

16. He shall keep a general cash-book of all his receipts and payments, which shall be produced whenever required by a general meeting, or by a meeting of the directors.

17. His accounts shall be presented at the annual general meeting, having been previously examined by the auditors.

18. A trustee shall be elected at the annual general meeting, from amongst the members, in whose name, jointly with that of the treasurer, all monjes be. longing to the society shall be invested at the bankers.

19. Two auditors shall be elected at the annual general meeting from amongst the Members, who shall examine the treasurer's accounts previously to their being presented.

20. A secretary shall be elected at the annual general meeting from amongst the members.

21. The secretary shall attend all general meetings, the meetings of the directors, and be present at every concert and rehearsal. He shall keep a fairly-written and exact copy of the minutes of the proceedings of the society; he shall issue all summonses to the directors or members, in which he shall distinctly notify the object for which any special general meeting is convened. He shall also circulate all·letters amongst the subscribers, and perform every other duty that appertains to his office.

22. A librarian shall be annually elected on the third Monday in June he shall have the charge of, and be responsible for, all the music, books, musi. cal instruments, and other moveable property belonging to the society; he shall be present at every concert and rehearsal, to distribute and collect the music, and shall be ready to attend any general or directors' meeting, if called upou.

person shall

It shall be his duty to keep the library in perfect order, and to superintend the copyists employed by the society.

OF GENERAL MEETINGS. 23. The annual general meeting of the society shall be held on the third Monday in June; and the general meeting for fixing the concerts, on the first Monday in November.

24. Nine members constitute a meeting for general purposes; but no election for directors, and other officers of the society, can take place, except fifteen members are present. And should the annual general meeting be attended by less than fifteen members, such elections shall be postponed to the day on which such general meeting shall be necessarily held by adjournment, and of which not less than three days' notice shall be given to each meinber.

25. Seven members, or three directors, shall have the power to call a general meeting, within ten days, and not earlier than three, after they shall have delivered their signed requisition for that purpose to the secretary, to whom the object of such meeting shall be specified. 26. General meetings shall have the power of adjourning from time to time,

27. All questions shall be determined by ballot, if demanded by two members present; upon all other occasions by a show of hands.

28. All resolutions shall be confirmed or rejected at the next general meeting.

29. No law shall be altered or repealed, except by two general meetings, convened or held by adjournment for that purpose. 30. No

propose any future law, nor the amendment of any existing law, except in writing.

31. Every member, at a general meeting, shall speak standing, and address himself to the chairman only.

32. In all cases where the votes are equal, the chairman shall have a second Tote.

DISMISSION OF OFFICERS. 33. The society shall have the power of dismissing any of its officers, whether director, treasurer, or others, at two general meetings, specially called for that

purpose. The notice for the first of such meetings to be delivered at least seven days previous to it; and the following meeting not to be earlier than seven days after the first. At both meetings, held for this purpose, fifteen members shall be present, and vote, or the proceedings shall be void.

OF THE CONCERTS. 34. At the general meeting held on the first Monday in November, the nights of the concert shall be fixed, the terms of subscription shall be regulated, and the mode of admitting subscribers for the following season shall be determined.

35. Each director and the conductor shall have two tickets nightly, and the leader one.

No tickets except these, and those of the Royal Family, shall be transferable.

36. Instrumental solos, concertos, duettos, and concertantes, for less than three principal instruments, are not admissible in the concerts of this society.

37. There shall be no distinction of rank in the orchestra of this society; should any doubts upon this subject arise, the station of every performer shall be fixed by the leader of the night, subject to the controul of the directors.

SUBSCRIPTIONS OF MEMBERS AND ASSOCIATES. 38. Each member and associate shall pay, previously to the commencement. of the first concert in every season, such sum, or subscription, as shall be fixed

at the general meeting, held on the first Monday in November, immediately preceding such concert, or determined at a meeting held by adjourument front that day. Any member or associate failing to comply with this law (except under circumstances hereafter-named) vacates his situation in the society.

39. A discretionary power shall be vested in any general meeting held previously to the first concert, to extend the period for the payment of the subscriptions of such members and associates as may be out of England at that time.

40. Female professors shall be admltted to subscribe to the concerts on such terms as shall be annually fixed, provided they have been proposed and ballotted for in the manner prescribed for the admission of members and Associates.

APPROPRIATION OF THE FUNDS OF THE SOCIETY. 41. All monies received shall be appropriated to the advancement and honor of the musical art, for which purpose alone this society is instituted. After paying the expenses of each season, any balance that may remain shall be carried to the account of the succeeding year.

HONORARY MEMBERS. 42. Foreign professors, of great eminence, may be elected honorary members of this society, by a majority of members, at any general meeting. They must be proposed, in writing, by five members of the society at least, and due notice given of the day of election.

Honorary members shall have free adınittance to the concerts of the society for one season; but they shall cease to enjoy this privilege should their residence in England be prolonged beyond that time. It shall, however, be in the power of the society to re-elect honorary members.

43. If any member of this society (who is not out of town, or confined by indisposition) shall absent himself from the general meeting, held on the third Monday in June, for the purpose of electing officers, and of passing the Treasurer's accounts; or from that held on the first Monday in November, for the purpose of fixing the nights of the concerts, he shall forfeit the sum of half-aguinea ; and if the aforementioned fine be not paid, on or before the night of the first concert in each season, he shall be excluded from this society.

44. The annual list of members and associates shall not be sent to press, until it shall have been revised and signed by the Treasurer and Secretary.

N. B. Those marked thus * are Directors for the present Year.
Messrs. Ashe

Messrs. C. Potter

* Attwood

* Ayrton

* Braham

R. Lindley



Sir G. Smart
P. Meyer

Mess. H. Smart
* Clementi
C. Meyer

T. Cooke


* Spagnoletti F. Cramer


Viotti Dr. Crotch


Watts Messrs. Dance

* Neate

S. Webbe

* Weichsel
* Potter

T. Welsh

* Ries

Messrs. J. Beale


J. Calkin

Dr. Carnaby
Messrs. J. Clarke


Messrs. Dragonetti

H. Gattie


H. Horne

Kollman, jun.

Messrs C. Lindley


G. W. Reeve
G. Sharp



Art. 1. Solfeges d'Italie, avec la Basse chiffree, composés par Leo,

Durante, Scarlatli, Hasse, Porpora, Mazzoni, Caffaro, David Pea rez, &c. dédiés a Messeigneurs les premiers gentilshommes de la Chambre du Roi et recueillis par les Srs. Lerésque et Béche

ordinaires de la Musique de sa Majesté. Paris. 2. The Modern Italian Method of Singing, with a variety of pro

gressive examples, and thirty-six solfeggi. By Signor D. G.

Aprili. London. 3. The Elements of Singing familiarly exemplified, to facilitate the

acquirement of the Science of Vocal Music in the Italian and English styles, from the commencement of the study until the ute most proficiency is acquired; adapted for pupils of every age,

with observations to enable a Parent or Superintendant to assist in the tuition of the Scholar during the Master's absence. By Gesualdo Lanza. Interspersed with select examples and exercises of the most eminent Masters, from the earliest period to the present time.

London, 1813. 4. Introduction to the art of Solfaing and Singing, wherein the chief

requisites for a good Singer, viz. Intonation, Time, and Execution, are clearly illustrated by concise instructions and easy examples, calculated to facilitate the performance of vocal music, according to the most modern style. Composed and respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Bilington, (with permission) by J. Jousse.

London. 5. A Concise Treatise on Italian Singing, elucidated by rules, obser.

vations, and examples, succeeded by a new Method of Instruction, comprising scales, exercises, intervals, and solfeggios, peculiarly arranged and harmonized; dedicated to Thomas Broadwood, Esq, By G. Ferrari. London,

Vocal art has employed for a great number of years our unbeam ried attention. We have heard the finest singers of Europe, we have examined many of the best and many of the worst treatises from

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