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Uniform with the present Volume,


Edited by W. C. HAZLITT.


A good collection of jests and anecdotes is therefore a most desirable thing, and we have to congratulate Mr Hazlitt on the capital volume now before us.

Altogether Mr Hazlitt's volume is a capital one, and we heartily recommend it to our readers. The book is admirably printed, and reflects the greatest credit on the enterprising publishers."-North British Daily Mail.

“So far as we have seen, Mr Hazlitt does not commit this carelessness (i.e., repeating the jests as in Mark Lemon's Jest-Book), and he restricts his jests to 1040 in number.”-FIGARO.

“This is a lively little book, full of fun to overflowing, and stored with a number of jokes and droll incidents new to English ears.

In the interesting preface we learn that many of the stories attributed to Ben Jonson, Sheridan, Matthew, Dickens, and Sydney Smith, are the purest of fabrications."-STANDARD.

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