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ARMIES-- Continued.

Publishes instructions for the government of, in the field..
Commanders of, reeciving persons in excess of legal organization to be

tried for meglect of duty and disobedience of orders. (See VOLUNTEER

Acting chief signal officers of, authorized to appear before examining board

in Washington city upon obtaining permission froin their respective

commanding generals.
Comminders of, in which signal parties are serving, may appoint a board

for the examination of officers and men prior to their detail on signal

Commanders of, to detail three officers and six men from each three years

regiment to receive and conduct to their respective regiments the drafted
měn assigned to them; to order the detail to report to the commander
of the rendezvous for their State; to make a judicious selection of offi-
cers and men (See RendezVous).

.July 3
Inspectors of, to make a thorough inspection of baggage and means of

transportation (See Inspection).
Commanders ot, may in certain cases order transportation in light or spring

wagons to be furnished Paymasters. (See TRANSPORTATION, WAGONS)...278
Medical directors of, in the field to forward duplicate reports of killed and
wounded (See MEDICAL Directors)....

Commanders of, charged with execution of order relative to musters out

of service, re-enlistinents, and re-musters of veteran volunteers (See

Commanders of, authorized to grant furloughs to veteran volunteers (See

Commanders of, charged with execution of orders relative to musters out

of service, re-enlistments and re-musters of six-months troops (See

.......... December 23

Military, not to be sold, pledged, or given away (See Clothing)........ [VI] 73
Volunteer regiments leaving the field at expiration of term of service

allowed to take their, and accoutrements to place of discharge if their
officers assume the responsibility; to be delivered to the Governor or
officers appointed by hiin; to be held subject to reissue to the men on
re enlistment in their former companies and regiments..

Authorizes issue without payment of necessary, and equipments to officers

detailed on special service requiring them to be mounted, and for which
they receive no additional compensation ; to be receipted and accounted
for by the officers receiving them..

And accoutrements of men transferred to the Invalid Corps may be sent
with them or not as the corps commander may deem best....

Prohibition of exportation of, modified so as to allow arms imported into

the United States to be exported to place of original shipment............ 300
Amends paragraph 1142 General Regulations for the,.

........................ 24
Modifies paragraph 1311 General Regulations for the....

Rescinds order authorizing the enlistment of volunteers in the regular, .38
Publishes an act making appropriations for the support of the,

.[IV] 40
Persons in the connected with fraudulent claims upon the government

liable to trial by court-martial; discharge or dismissal prior to arrest no
bar to trial (See Claims).

[[V] 73
Enlistment of volunteers into the regular, not allowed

Vij 73
(See Cooks)....

[Vilj 73
Ènlisted men discharged from the, within two years from date of enlist-
ment by reason of wounds received in battle entitled to same bounty

as paid to those discharged after two years' service ............(XIV) 73, 163
Officers and men of the, taking or receiving abandoned or captured prop-

erty to turn it over to the regularly appointed agents, (See Agents);
failing to do so, triable by couri-martial.

:(XV] 73
Publishes rules to govern officers and other persons connected with the,

in regard to cominercial intercourse with insurrectionary Stales and
collection of captured or abandoned property..



... 325

ARMY-- Continued.
Amends paragraph 1385 General Regulations for the,.......

Modifies paragraphs 931, 933, and 934 Revised General Regulations for the,..170
Modifies paragraph 156 General Regulations for the,......

Modifies paragraph 1106 General Regulations for the,,
Amends paragraph 156 General Regulations for the, (edition of 1861).
Amends paragraph 1420 General Regulations for the, edition of 1863, (1389,
edition of 1961)..


Commanders of, to detail a commissary of musters for their corps and one

assistant for each division therein ; to report their names to the Adjutant
General; to see that each regiment, independent company, &c., is as-
signed to one of the assistant commissaries; 10 exercise supervision
over the musters made within their respective commands (See Com-

Commanders of, to select the officers to be retained on consolidation of

volunteer regiments; selection to be made from among the most efficient
officers of the respective regiments.........

Auxiliary boards to be appointed for the examination of officers on signal

duty in,; commanders of, in which signal parties are authorized, to ap-
point a board for the examination of candidates for enlistment in, or
transfer to, the Signal Corps, (See BOARD); commanders of, authorized
to transfer men on signal duty to the Signal Corps (See SIGNAL CORPS,

Commanders of, receiving persons in excess of legal organization to be

tried for neglect of duty and disobedience of orders (See VOLUNTEER

Commanders of, in which signal parties are serving, may appoint a board

for the examination of officers and inen prior to their detail on signal

Commanders of, to transfer men to the Invalid Corps on receipt of rolls to

be furnished by commanders of regiments, batteries, and independent
companies, (See Rolls); to cause the men transferred to be sent under
proper officers, with descriptive lists and clothing accounts, to points
designated; máy authorize the men to take with them their arms and
accoutrements (See RETURNS)..

Announces maximum amount of transportation allowed, in the field, (See

TRANSPORTATION, ; commanders of, held responsible for the execution
of this order; inspectors of, to make a thorough inspection of baggage

and means of transportation (See INSPECTION).
Rescinds authority given to commanders of, to transfer officers of active
regiments to the Iuvalid Corps (See INVALID CORPs)...

Discharge of men of the Invalid Corps may be ordered by commanders oi,

for disability, promotion, or by sentence of a court-inartial....... December 17

Assigns Major L. C. Easton as acting chief quartermaster of the, .......... 362

A military board to assemble in Washington city for the examination of

officers on signal duty in the, (See BOARD)..

Order of the President for any, during present rebellion to bar all suits
against officers for such acts...

•[XI) 73
Of paymasters to be immediately reported to the Paymaster General......... 395

Committed by persons in the military service triable by military courts in

time of war, rebellion, or insurrection; punishment not to be less than
that inflicted by the laws of the State or Territory in which offence was

Volunteer batteries of artillery allowed each two..........


Publishes regulations for the care and management of, in field-works.........45
Volunteer regiments of, reduced to one-half legal maximum organization

to be consolidated into six or less batteries; colonel, two majors, and



[VI] 73



one assistant surgeon to be mustered out; companies formed by con-
solidation to be of inaximum strengih, and designated by the first let-
ters of the alphabet; supernumerary officers and non commissioned
officers to be mustered out at date of consolidation ; officers retained to
be selected by division and corps coinmanders; appointment: to vacan.
cies not to be made except upon notification froin the Adjutant General
Volunteer regiments of, to consist of twelve batteries; one major allowed

for every four batteries ; regimental adjutants and quartermasters not
extra lieutenants ; one quartermaster sergeant, one commissary ser-
geant, one hospital steward, and two principal musicians allowed each
regiment; field and staff not to be mustered in without special authority ;
batteries to consist of 122 privates; allowed one quartermaster sergeant,
two artificers, and one wayoner; one Ist lieutenant, one 2d lieutenant,
two sergeants, and four corporals may be added by the President 16
above organization of a battery..

Volunteer regiments of, reduced below legal minimum to be deprived of

the colonel, one major, and one assistant surgeon , batteries of, to be
deprived of the additional officers authorized; minimuin for, fixed at
1,044 aggregate for a regiment, and 86 for a battery; officers of grades
enumerated, now properly in service, to be retained until godes become
vacant; vacancies in such grades to be filled only on notification from
the department or corps commissary of musters, that the company or
regiment is above the minimum......

Of officers of the Quartermaster's Department..............


Of brigades in the field allowed ten pounds of candles per month; of di-

visions, twenty pounds; of corps, thirty pounds; of a separate army of
more than one corps, forty pounds...

Volunteer, to report inonthly by letter to the Adjutant General (See Re-


Weight of officers', to be brought within the schedule established; no, to

be carried in the wagous or on the pack animals assigned to transpor-
tation of commissary stores and forage; no extra, to be carried on cav.

alry horses or in knapsacks (See KNAPSACKS)...

of persons arrested for being concerned in frandulent claims against the

government not to exceed $2,000, and twice the amount of damages

sworn to by the suitor (See CLAIMS, FRAUDS, Suits)... ..........[IV] 73

Commanders of, in the field accountable for all surplus and reserve ord-
nance stores (See ORDNANCE STORES).


Commanders of, authorized to grant furloughs (See FURLOUGHS)... ..[VI] 73

. [VI] 73, 110
BOARD (Military.),

Secretary of War to appoint a, for the examination of persons appointed
additional Paymasters (See PaYMASTERS).

For the examination of engineer and ordnance officers fo spromotion, and

of officers for appointment in the 0:dnance Corps to be composed of
three officers of the corps senior in rank to the oflicers to be examined

......VII) 73
Secretary of War to appoint a, for the examination of officers and men
for the Signal Corps

.....VIII] 73
A, to assemble in Washington City for the examination of officers on sig.

nal duty in the Army of the Potóinac, Middle Department, and Depart-
ments of Washington and Virginia ; how composed; hereafter to ex-
amine candidates for commissions or enlistmelits in, or transfer to, the
Signal Corps; to exainine enlisted men on signal duty in Departinent of
Washington; to hold its sessions in Washingion City; prescribes mode





of calling officers before it; auxiliary boards to he appointed for examina-
tion of officers on signal duty in Army Corp-, Department: of the south
and West, and of candidates for commissions in thr Signal Corps; how
composed ; comm'u ders of Army Corps and Departments, in wiicb sig.
nal parties are serving, authorized to appoint a, for examination of candi-
dates for enlistments in, or transfer to, the Signal Corp-; low coinposed;
prescribes rules for the government of examining, ; principal and auxili-
ary to make weekly reports of proceedings, (See R'EPORTS); revising,
how constituted ; to assemble in Washington City; duties of revising,

. 106
Publishes rules to govern in examining applicants for commissions in the
Ordnance Department of a grade not higher than captail......

Two signal officers at least to be members of, for the examination of offi-

cers and men prior to their detail on signal service; inay be appointed
by couunandi rs of Departments, Armies, and Army Corps, in which
signal parties are serving

To be convined for the examination of candidates for conmissions in the

colored troops; authority to appear before it to be obtained from the
Adjutant General; reports to specify grade of commission for which

each candidate is fit
Announces rulus prescribed for guidance of, in examining applicants for

com iniesions in colore I troops
A, to be appointed by the officer in command of ihe troops present to de-

termine the value of horses returned to the Quartermaster's Depart-

ment; sum allowed not to exceed price originaily paid by the officer......171
Commanders of the Departments of Norihi arolina South, Gulf, Cumber-

land, aud lennessee on the arrival in their respective deperiments of a
captain of the sign u Corps to appoint a, for the examination of acting
signal offi:ers, and candidates for appointment in the signal Corps;
how composed; examination tu be conducted as prescribed in Genérai
Orders No. 106, of 1863; reports of proceedings-how indi', (See Re-

PORTS); regulates mode of application to appear before the exanining,...223
A, to consi tof the three officers next in rank to the commander of a cavalry

regiment to examine candidates for appointment as Veterinary Sur-

geons (See CAV LRY BUREAU)
For exa wination of drafted men and substitutes disabled prior to entry

into service-how composed; to make a special report, giving full his-
tory of the case and names of board of enrolment, Slate, and district to
which they belong

.... October 5
Members and recorder of a, to retire officers and witnesses called before

it allowrd same extra pay and travelling allowances as in the case of a
general court-martial

Enumerates subjects on which candidates for appointments or promotion
in the Ordnance Departinent will be examined.............


in each vi triet to consist of the provost marshal and two other per-

sons appointed by the President, one of whom shall be a physician
and su geon; duties ot, defined ; claims for exemption from military
service to be presented io the, wliose decision shalt be final; surgeon of
the, making false report or impertect inspection, liable to trial by court-
martial (See Court-MARTIAL)......

:(VI) 73
Publishes lists of qualifications and disqualifications for admission into the
Invalid Corps for the government of surgeons oi,......

..130, 212

Volunteers or members of the militia in service re-enlisting for one year

after expiration of prescut terın to receive $ 0; how pail; re enlisting
for two years to receive $25 of the $100, provided by Congress ..

..(VI) 73
Advan'e, pai i to men discharged before exp ration of their term of ser-

vice to b.: allowed in settlement of paymastırı' accounts; hercat:er to
be cha ged against the man, unless discharged on surgeon's certificate
fur wo:n is or sickness incurred since last enlistin nt; upon requisition
of the President for militia, persons drafted, or who volunteered for nine



months or less, enlisting for one year in a regiment from the same State
entitled to $50; bow paid......

........VII] 73
Enlisted men discharged within two years from date of enlistment, by

reason of wounds received in battle, entitled 10 same, as granted those
discharged after two years service..

..(XIV] 73; 162
Advance, should be paid by the mustering and disbursing officer at

time of muster; not paid then, to be entered on the muster-in rolls and
subsequent muster and pay-rolls until paid; not paid before discharge, to
be entered upon the duplicate certificates of pay ......

Enlisted men in the Signal Corps re-enlisting for one or two years entitled
to, provided by section 18 of act of March 3, 1863....

Volunteers enlisted for three years entitled to $100, $25 of which to be
paid in advance......

Enlistment or re-enlistment in the Invalid Corpy does not entitle men 10,....130
Due eulisted men, and remaining unpaid, to be credited upon their final
statements, and paid by the Pay Department

During the continuance of the war $25 of the $100, to be paid to every

accepted recruit for the regular and volunteer forces; to recruits for
the regular service to be paid from the recruiting fund after the recruit
has been passed; amount to be entered on the recruiting account cur-
rent, and on the soldier's first descriptive list, if the latter is given
before payment of bounty; to recruits for old volunteer regiinents to be
paid after inspèction and muster into service ; for new regiments after
organization of the company, and after the muster-in rolly have been
coinpleted and certified by the mustering officer; amount to be entered
on the muster-in roils, (See Muster-In Rolls); to be accounted for
under the head of " Bounty-Volunteer Recruiting Service,” (See Re-
CRUITING SERVICE); in cases of re-enlistinent entry as to payment or
non-payment-how made, (See Re-ENLISTMENTS); volunteers re-en-
listing for three years or the war afler expiration of their term of service
entitled to saine, as allowed men enlisted from civil life; prescribes
rules to facilitate payment of advance, in individual cases of enlist-

ment, and to discharged soldiers who have not received it....
An extra, of $300, to be paid for enlistments and re-enlistments in the

veteran volunteers; how paid; legal heirs 0m' volunteers who die in ser-
vice to receive the whole, remaining unpaid at the date of the soldier's

Amends paragrap! 8, of General Orders, No. 191, of 185:3, granting, to vol-

unteers in three-years organizations on re-enlistinent (Sce Volun-

Teers.) .......
First instalment of, to veteran volunteers increased to $60; remainder of,
payable at expiration of term of service, reduced to $40..

Men enlisted under the President's call for 300,000 volunteers to receive,

The As 00, to be paid by paj'masters to veteran volunteers upon usual dis.

charge papers from their first enlistment.................................345
Advance, not to be paid by recruiting officers

$300, allowed to six-months men re-enlisting for three years or the war;

how paid ; not required by the government for full term to receive the
wlole, remaining unpaid ; legal heirs of such as may die in service to re-

ceive the whole, reinaining unpaid at the date of the soldier's death. December 23
Publishes joint resolution appropriating twenty millions for the payment

of advance pay and, ; No, except as now provided by law, to be paid

atter January 5, 1861........

President authorized to confer, on such officers of the volunteer or other

forces as may uistinguish themselves; such, not lo entitle holders to in-
crease of pay or emoluments..........

....(XII] 73

Commanders of, to give personal attention to the detail of officers and men

to receive drafted men (See DRAFTED Men, DEPARTMENTS) ......... July 3
Announces maximum amount of transportation allowed, in the field, (See

TRANSPORTATION); commanders of, held responsible for the execution
of this order...



.. 305


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