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From and to whom.



904 Mr. Handá to Mr. Bayard ..Feb. 27 | Immigration to the Argentinc Republic froin 1857

to 1888: Statement of the percentage of nation.
alities of immigrants; intention of the Govern-
ment to limit immigration : hardship and om.
barrassmentofindigent immigrants; misleading
information concerning public lands, and opera-
tions of speculators; inducements to immigra.
tion, and employment offered immigrants by a

privato land-owning corporation.
219 Mr. Hanna to Mr. Blaine ... Apr. 7 Immigration to the Argentine Republic from Eng.

land, Scotland, Ireland, Holland, and Germany :
Its influence on agricultural development: Goy.
ernment aid to immigration by payment of pag.
sage money; statement of amounts; subsistence
and transportation afforded immigrants by Gov.

ernment after their arrival in the country. Same to same....

Apr. 11 | Steam-ship facilities : Necessity for ships flyi

the flag of the United States ; great volume of
European immigration to the Rio de la Plata:
rare appearance of the United States flag on

vessels in port at Buenos A yreg. Same to same

Apr. 30 Trade with Europe: Great volume of it; editorial

article from the Buenos Ayres Standard by Mr.
Mulhall, the Argentino statistician, on trade
with England inclosed; Argentino exportation
of corn and wheat to European markots; tabu-
lar statements of trade witb Germany, Italy,

France, and Belgium inclosed.
Sanje to samo..

..May 18 | Mail facilities between the United States and the

Argentine Republic: Insufficient and inefl.
cient; complaint by commercial commuvity
against the Direct United States Mail Line";

remedies for the evil; delay of mails at Rio. Same to samo............... May 20

May 20 Marriage laws: Delays and embarrassments

among citizens of the United States in Argen.
tipe Republic; civil marriage law of April 1,

1880, inclosed.
22 Mr, Vila10 Mr. Blaine ..... Aug. 12 | Colonization: Indirect; of vacant lands by con-

ccasior.s of large tracts to colonization societies
not satisfactory : projected law for the division
of 750.000.000 acres in the territory of Chubut
into small holdings for direct sale tu agricult-
ural families at low prices ; probability that

the project will receive legislative sanction.
2B Same to came............. Sept. 18 Public debt of the Argentine Republic: Difficulty

encountered in making exact statement; tabu.
lar statement by Mr. Pedro Agoto, president of
National Public Credit Department, made for
use at Paris Exposition, inclosed : increa e of
dobt; chief factor in its growth the free bank.
ing law of November, 1887; working of the law

described. 12' Mr. Pitkin to Mr. Blaine.... Nov. 20 Marriage laws: Reference to Mr. Hanna's num |

ber 235 inclosed; new civil marriage law, in
volving certain repeals and amendments.






From and to whom.



114 Mr. Lawton to Mr. Bayard. Feb. 1 Death of the Crown Prince: Call of the minister

at the office of foreign Affairs, and delivery of
the message of condolence from the President
and peoplo of the United States; succession to

the crown.
115 Same to samo.............. Feb. 5 | Death of the Crown Prince: Incloses Count Kal.

noky's acknowledgment by note to tho min

121 | Same to same............. Mar. 2 Banishment of Hugo Klamer from Austria-Hun.

pary: A naturalizer citizen of the United States,
born in Austria; correspondence with foreigu
oflice, and police decree inclosed; a temporary
Auspension of sentence against Klamer asked

84 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Lawton... Mar. 2 Banishment of Ingo Klamer: Approval of the

minister'course, and direction to continue it

by guarding the rights of Mr. Klamer,
128 Mr. Lawton to Mr. Blaine... Apr. 13 B:1vishment of lIugo Klamer: Further correspond-

cuco with the forcigu oflico inclosed; action on
appeal for suspension of sentence against Kl.
mer; re-assertion by the minister of the princi-
plo involved, and the construction given by
United States to the treaty of 1870 on natural-

21 Mr. Adee to Mr. Grant...... Sept. 19 Conıplaint of Frank Xavier Fisher, a naturalized

citizen of the United States, on account of arrest
and imprisonment at Nolfurt, Austria; rcita-
tion of Mr. Fisher's allegations; instruction to
the minister to ask investigation by Austro-
Hungarian Government; copy of Mr. Fisher's
complaint and of letter from the consul at St.

Galle, inclosed.
25 Mr. Blaine to Mr. Grant. ... Oct. 8 Banishment of Hugo Klamer: Reference to for-

mer correspondence; petition of Klamer and
Consul General Jüssen's No. 301 inclosed, re-
porting his action; r citation of Klamer's alle.
gations and of the action of the Austro-Hun.
garian foreign oflice: provisions of the treaty

of September 20 1870,
37 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaino..... Oct. 10 Complaint of Frank Xavier Fisher: Inclos e nota

to Count Kalnoky requesting thorough investi.

gation of the facts in the case. 29 | Mr. Blaine to Mr. Grant .... Oct. 28 | Complaint of Irank Xavier Fisher: Approval of

the minister's action. 41 Mr. Grant to Mr. Blaine..... Nov, 27 Emigration : Swindles perpetrated upon the peas.


the United States; incloses article from Trem-
den Blatt and two articles on the subject from
the Vienna Weekly News.


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Mr. Bayard to the Chevalier Jan. 30 Death of the Crown Prince of Austria-Hungry.
de Tavera.

Archduke Rudolphı: Instruction by cable to
United States ministr at Vienna instincting
him to express conlolenceof the President and
people of the United States to the Emperor
and the pation of Austria-Hungary; Mr. Bay.

arul's personal sympathy expressed.
The Cheralier de Tavera to Jan. 30 Death of the Crown Prince: Acknowledgment !
Mr. Bayard.

and thanks of the Chevalier de Tavera.
Count de Crenneville to Mr. Fel). Death of the Crown Prince: Expression of the

gratitude of the Emperor, the Gov. rument, and
the people of Austria-Hungary for pessage of
condolence; incloses Count Kinoky'nota on

the subject to Count de Cronneville.
Mr. Bayar l to the Chevalier Feb. 4 Death of the Crown Prince: Mr. Bayard's ac-
de Tavera.

knowledgment and assurance that the Presi.
dent has been advised of the contents of Count

Kalnoky's note to Count de Cronoville.
Count de Crenneville to Mr. Aug. 10 Einerich IInziel: Iliy re-cun barkation, as a con-

tract laborer, by the collector at New York, on
thenteam-ship Trave, for Bremen ; incloses lotter
of B. G. Ashley and tour affidavits to show that
Emerich Haziel is not a contract laboror: pay.
ment of his passare by George Haziel, his
brother, amountini to $121.50, of which sum

repayment is suggestel.
Mr. Wbarton to Count ile Ang. 14 Emirioh laziel: Tho reference of the matter to

the Secretary of the Treasury.

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