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CHAP. VI. An act for adding trustees to the . Randolph academy.

[Passed the 6th of November, 1788.] BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Isaac Additional Zane, John Hadden, Abraham Claypoole, James ristees of Westfall, Henry Fink, John Prunty, Daniel Davison,

oll, cadent Hezekiah Davison, Joseph Hastings, John M.Calley, Samuel Hanway, Francis T. Brooke, Henry Dearing, Joseph Jenkins, Zachariah Sprigg, David Shepherd, John Caldwell and George M°Cullock, gentlemen, shall be, and they are hereby constituted, trustees of the Randolph academy, in addition to those appointed by the act, intituled, “ An act for establishing an academy and incorporating the trustees thereof,” and shall have the same power and authority, as if they had been particularly named in the said recited act.

In act for adding Trustees to the town

of Greensville, in, the county of

. (Passed the 7th of November, 1788.]

trustees to

wn of

I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Additionai John Cabell, John Mosely, William Perkins, junior, tru Josias Jones, William Cannon, David Coupland, Greensville. John Johns, David Bell, and Joseph Cabell, junior, gentlemen, be, and they are hereby constituted and appointed, trustees of the town of Greensville, in the county of Buckingham, in addition to those appointed by the act, intituled, “Au act to establish a town at the courthouse in the county of Buckingham," and

shall have the same power and authority, as any one particularly nominated in the said act.

II. Provided always, and be it further enacted, That a majority of the whole number of trustees shall be necessary to carry into effect the said recited act.

An act authorising the sale of lands

in the county of Albemarle, in cer-
lain cases,

(Passed the 11th of November, 1788.)


Lands liable WHEREAS it is represented to this present genelo taxes, in ral assembly, that John Marks, sheriff of the county of

Dr. Albemarle, in the years, one thousand seven hundred iffalty of John and eighty six, and one thousand seven hundred and Marks, how eighty seven, did some time within those years, remove "Id.

to the state of Georgia, whereby no sale of lands could legally be made to discharge the taxes due thereon, and his deputy sheriffs and their securities are thereby involved in difficulty and distress: For remedy whereof, Be it enacted, That William Clarke shall be, and he is hereby, authorised and required to sell and convey so much of the lands in the said county, whereon suffi. cient distress cannot be made for that purpose, as will discharge the taxes respectively due for such lands in the years aforesaid, in like manner, and under the same rules, allowance, regulations and restrictions, as directed and prescribed by law for high sheriffs.

An act for establishing an inspection

of tobacco, on the lands of John
MCrae in the county of Prince

[Passed the ilth of November, 1788.5 1. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That M'Craels an inspection of tobacco shall be, and the same is here

warehouse in

e Prince Wil by established, on three acres of land, the property of liam esta. John M‘Crae, gentleman, at a place called Rocks on blished. Quantico creek, near the town of Dumfries, and to include the landing below the Rocks, which is hereby appropropriated for that special purpose, to be called and known by the name of M.Crae's warehouse.

II. There shall be allowed and paid annually to each of the inspectors at the said warehouse, the sumi of sixty pounds for their salary. Provided neverthe. less, That the proprietor of the said warehouse shall before the building thereof, enter into bond with sufticient security, in the penalty of two thousand pounds, in the court of the county of Prince William, with con dition that he will not suffer any dwelling-house or storehouse with a fire-place to be built on his own lands within one handred yards of the said warehouse.

An act for dividing the county of

Fayette into two distinct counties.,

[Passed the 12th of November, 1788 ] I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That Fayettecoun: from and after the first day of May next, the county of Woodford Fayelte shall be divided into two distinct counties, that formeck

is to say: All that part of the said county lying westward of a line to begin one mile and an half above Todd's ferry, on Kentucky river; thence a direct line to the eight mile tree on the Leestown road; thence a direct course crossing the North-fork of Elkhorne, four miles on a straight line below William Russel's; thence the same course continued to the line of Bourbon county; thence with the Bourbon line to the mouth of Licking; theuce down the Ohio to the mouth of Kenlucky river; thence up the river to the beginning, shall be one distinct county,' and called and known by the name of Woodford; and the residue of the said county shall retain the name of Fayette.

II. A court for the said county of Woodford shall be held by the justices thereof on the first Tuesday in every month after such division shall take place, in like manner as is provided by law for other counties, and shall be by their commissions directed.

III. The justices to be named in the commission of the peace for the said county of Woodford, shall meet at the house of Caleb Wallace, esquire, in the said county, upon the first court day after the said division takes place, and having taken the oaths prescribed by law, and administered the oath of office to, and taken bond of, the sheriff, according to law, proceed to appoint and qualify a clerk, and fix upon a place for holding courts in the said county at or as near the centre thereof as the situation and convenience will admit of; and thenceforth the said court shall proceed to erect the necessary public buildings at such place, and until such buildings be completed, to appoint any place for holding courts as they shall think proper. Provided always, That the appointment of a place for holding courts, and of a clerk, shall not be made, unless a najority of the justices of the said county be present; where such majority shall have been prevented from altending by bad weather, or their being at the time out of the county, in such case the appointment shall be postponed until some court day, wheu a majority shall be present.

IV. The governor with advice of the council, shall appoint a person to be first sheriff of the said county, who shall continue in office during the term, and upon the same conditions, as are by law appointed for other sherifts.

V. Provided also, and be it further enacted, That it shall be lawful for the sheriff of the said county of Fayétte, to collect and make distress for any public dues and officers sees, which shall remain unpaid by the inhabitants thereof at the time the said division takes place, and shall be accountable for the same in like manner, as if this act had not been made.

VI. The court of the said county of Fayette shall have jurisdiction of all actions and suits which shall be depending before them at the time of the said division, and shall try and determine the same, and award execution thereon.

VII. In all future elections of a senator, the said county of Woodford shall be of the same district as the county of Fayette.


An act for establishing a town, and

an inspection of tobacco, on the
lands of Nicholas Cabell in the
county of Amherst.

[Passad the 13th of November 1788)

I. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That twen- Town of War: ty acres of land lying on the north side of James river, rington in

Amherst a little below the mouth of Swann creek, in the county: of Amherst, the property of Nicholas Cabell, gentle. blished. man, be, and they are hereby, vested in William Cabell, John Rose, Henry Martin, Patrick Rose, William Loving, Samuel Jordan Cabell, Charles Rose, William Cabell, junior, Clough Shelton, Abraham Warwick, William Bibh, and John Howard, junior, gentlemen, trustees, to be by them, or a majority of them, laid off into lots of half an acre each, with convenient streets, and established a town by the name of Warminster.



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