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An act concerning manufactured

Snuff, and authorising the pur.
chase of Tobacco for that purpose.

Snuff manu. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That snuff factured in manufactured in this state and exported, shall not be this State. not subject subject to pay any

+ subject to pay any duty upon being relanded or reimto duty ported. Any person desirous of manufacturing snuff,

and giving bond and security in the court of the county How tobacco where he resides, in the penalty of five hundred pounds, for, obtained. pavable to the governor and his successors, for the use

of the commonwealth, with condition not to export the tobacco by him received from any warehouse, shall upon producing a certificate thereof from the clerk of the court to the inspectors at any warehouse, and paying the duties thereof, be entitled to, and the inspectors are hereby required to deliver to him or them, or their order, all the tobacco be or they may produce their receipts or notes for; any law to the contrary, notwithsianding.


An act for further continuing the act authorising the Treasurer to receive Specie into the Treasury by weight.

I. WHEREAS the act passed at the last session of assembly, intituled * An act authorising the treasurer to receive specie into the treasury by weight," will expire at the end the present session, and it is expedient

that the same should be further continued; Act autho.

casu II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said recited act rer o receive shall continue and be in force from and after the expispecie by

ration thereof, for and during the term of one year, weight, fur ther continuo

nu, and from thence until the end of the next session of

assembly, and no longer.


An act to amend and reduce into one

act, the several acis for regulating
pilots, and ascertaining their fees.

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1. WHEREAS it is necessary, for the safety and Preamble. preservation of vessels coming into the bay of Chesapeake, bound up the rivers of this commonwealth, that able and experienced pilots should be established to conduct such vessels for reasonable fees;

II. Be it enacted, That Paul Loyal, Thomas Brown, Examiners of James Barron, John Gwynn, Edward Cooper, Charles pilors appoint Bayless, and James Latimer, or any three of them, be, ed, who may and they are hereby appointed to examine every per. 6

grant branch. son that shall desire to be admitted a pilot, he first producing a certificate from the county court where he resides, of his honesty and good behaviour, paying down to the examiners the sum of thirty shillings; and if apon examination, such person shall appear of sufficient skill and ability, the said examiners shall thereupon grant such person a branch, and thenceforth he shall be reputed a lawful pilot: Provided, That no person whatever shall be permitted to execute the business of

"pilots t keep a pilot, notwithstanding he may have such branch as' aforesaid, unless he, or the company to which he belongs, shall keep one sufficient boat of eighteen feet keel at the least, under the penalty of fifty pounds for every vessel such pilot shall undertake to conduct, to be recovered with costs, in any court of record in this commonwealth, by the party suing for the same, to his or her own use; and if any person not having such branch, and keeping such boat as aforesaid, shall pre- Penalty for sume to take upon himself to conduct or pilot any ves. acting, with: sel coming from sea to or from any place or places out hereafier mentioned, every such person shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty pounds to be recovered with costs, . in any court within this commonwealth, by the party suing for the same, and moreover such person shall be liable for all damages occasioned by bis undertaking the pilotage; 10 be recovered by action at common law, in any court within this commonwealth, by the party injured. Provided, That this act shall not be



Not to ex. construed to extend to hinder any person or persons

from assisting any vessel in distress, so as he or they sels in distress.

sball deliver up such vessel to the pilot who shall come on board and offer to undertake the conducting of her, for which such assistant sball and may demand and receive from the said pilot, hialf the fees allowed for pilotage by this act. And whereas great inconveniences have arisen from pilois entering into combination or partnership, which has occasioned great neglect of Their dury: For prevention whereof,

lll. Be it enacted, That no more than four pilots How many shall be in parınership, under the penalty of one hun

V dred pounds each; to be recovered with costs by any in partner, ship person suing for the same. And for the encourage

ment of pilots to do their duty, and that all pilots may

be induced to keep a good look out; First pilot of. IV. Be it enacted, That every master of a merchant's fering to be vessel coming from sea, shall be obliged to receive the taken first pilot, who offers below the Horse Shoe, 10 conduce

his vessel, or shall pay him full pilotage to the first port, and shall continue the same pilot to his port of

discharge; and every pilot cruising or standing out to Their duties. sea shall offer his services first to the vessel which may

he nearest the land, or in most distress; and is any pitot, not being hindered by sickness, or other lawful canse shall refuse to go on board any vessel, when required by the master, to execute his office, such pilot or pilois, in either case, shall, upon complaint and conviction before the examiners or any three of them, forfeit to the party injured, twenty pounds, and be liable to be suspended by them for such lime as they shall ihink fit Every vessel having no pilot on board, and following another that has a pilot, shall pay him half

fees. Pena'ty for V. And be enacted, That if any pilot shall nenegligently gligenily or carelessly lose any vessel under his care, fosing a res

and be thereof convicted by due course of law, he shall forever alier such conviction be incapable of acting as a pilot in this state, and shall be also liable to pay all such damages which any person or persons shall sustain by such negligenre or carelessness; to be recovered in manner before directed. And for pre

venting any exorbitant demands for pilotage. Rates of pi.

VI. Beit enacted, Tinithe following, and no greater letage.

prices, shall be taken or demanded, io wit: On James


river, for all vessels coming from sea, from Cape-Henry or Lynhaveu bay, to Hampton-road, forty shilling's, and for going out to sea thirty shillings, and for each foot depth of water they draw, from Hampton road or Sowell's point to Norfolk, three shillings per foot; to Sleepy-Hole, or Look-out, three shillings and eight pence per foot; to Pagan-creek, three shillings per foot; to James town, seven shillings and three pence per foot; to Martin's Brandon, eight shillings per foot; to Flower de Hundred, eight shillings and six pence per foo!; to City-Poiot or Bermuda-Hundred, eleven shillings per foot; to Four.Mile Creek, thirteen shillings and three pence per fool; 10 Osborne's, fifteen shillings per foot; to Warwick sixteen shillings and ten pence per foot; and to Richmond, eighteen shillings per foot. On York river, coming from sea, from the Capes or Linhaven-Bay to York town, 'bree pounds, and for go. ing io sea, iwo pounds; from Back river, or Egg Island, 10 York town, thirty shillings; from York lown to West-Point, four shillings and ten pence per foot; 10 Cumberland, six shillings per foot; to the highest landings on Pampunkey, seven shillings and six pence per foot; to Shepherd's five shillings and six pevce per foot; to Meredith's, Moore's, or the bighest landings on Mattapony, seven shillings and iwo pence per foot; from Cape-Henry, to any river on Mobjack bay, three pounds; from the Cape to Urbanna, four pounds, and for going from Urbanna to sea, three pounds; from Urbanna to Hobb's-Hole, three shillings and six pence per foot; 10 Navlor's-Hole, four shillings and ten pence per foot; to Leed's or Micou's, seven shillings and nine pence per font; to Port-Royal, eleven shillings per foot; to Fredericksburg, thirteen shillings and nine pence per soot; from Cape-Henry to Pianketank, four pounds; from Cape-Henry to Smith's point on South Potowmack, coming from sea, six pounds, and for going out, five pounds; from Smith's-Point to Coap or Yocomico, three shillings per foot; to Machadock, three shillings and six pence per foot; to Upper Machadock, four shillings and ten pence per foot; to Nangomy, six shillings per foot; to Boyd's Hole, six shillings and six pence per foot; to Quantico, seven shillings and three pence per foot; to Ocoquan, seven shillings and nine pence per foot, to Piscattaway, nine shillings and six pence per foot; to Alexandria, eleven shillings and four pence

per foot; to Eastern-Branch, twelve shillings per foot; and the same fees by the foot back again, and from the places aforesaid to the Capes. And where any master of a vessel shall give reasonable notice to the pilot he shall employ, of the time and place such master shall appoint for his attendance, and such pilot shall attend accordingly, he may demand and take ike sum of ten shillings for every day he shall be detained by such master's not being ready to proceed according to his notice; and if any pilot sball demand or exact any other or greater fee, he shall forfeit double the sum so demanded, recoverable before two justices, one of whom being of the quorum, with costs by the informer. And to the end, that strangers may not be imposed on in the

rates of pilotage as settled by this act, Pilots 10 ex. VII. Be it enacted, That every pilot appointed in Aibit a copy pursuance of this act, shall be obliged, when he is in of the law.

execution of his office, to carry with hin a copy thereof; and when he receives the fees for the services performed on board any vessel, he shall produce the said copy to the master of the vessel, to sliew that he demands no greater see than is allowed by this act; and if any pilot shall neglect or refuse such copy as aforesaid, he shall forfeit and pay twenty pounds, to any person who shall sue for the same, to be recovered in any court within this staic. And where any pilot has reason to believe the master of any vessel will not pay the pilotage,

VIII. Be it enacted, That the pilot make out his acPayment of pilotage, how count for the pilotage due him, and deliver the same lo enforced the naval-officer, where the master of such vessel clears

out; and the said naval-officer, is hereby authorised to demand and receive the said pilotage, before the master shall be permitted to clear out his vessel. The naval-officer shall retain two and a half per centum for receiving the money and paying the same to the pilot, And for the further encouragement of pilots to do their

duty. Pilots ex. IX. Be it enacted, That every branch-pilot shall be, empted from and he is hereby exempted from militia duty, during militia duty. the time he shall act as pilot.

X. And be it further enacted, That the public printer Public prin..

to furnish shall furnish the examiners on demand, with one huncopies of this dred copies of this act; one of which copies, signed by



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