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An act for reviving and continuing

the act for adjusting claims for
properly impressed or taken for
public service.

I. WHEREAS the act of assembly, passed in the Act for ad

ma year one thousand seven hundred and eighty one, infor property titled "An act for adjusting claims for property iminpressed f : pressed or taken for public service," which has been public ser. vice revived

a continued by several subsequent acts, expired on the and continufirst day of September last, and it is expedient that the

same should be revived and continued:

II. Be it therefore enacted, That the said recited act shall be revived, and continue and be in force until the first day of September next.

III. And be it further enacted, That the auditors shall issue certificates on claims audited by the county courts since the first day of September last, in like manner as if the before recited act had not expired.

An act for giving further time to of.

ficers, soldiers, sailors, and marines,
to settle their arrears of pay and
depreciation, with the auditor of
public accounts.

tietoverd tou shall and nd he is bereliers, sailors, are entitled be pre


further time J. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That it

ed to shall and may be be lawful for the auditor of public acsettle claims of officers, counts, and he is hereby required, to liquidate all just soldiers and claims of officers, soldiers, sailors, and marines, and of marines, for those of the staff department, who are entitled by law pay and de. preciation. to arrears of pay and depreciation, that shall be pre

sented to him on or before the first day of December, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-seven, and to grant certificates as usual for what shall be due thereon; the said claims having been first allowed by the commissioner or commissioners appointed 10 examine the same. Provided always, That application for such certificates be made by the claimant in person, or by bis written order, assignment, or his legal representative.

An act concerning the claims to full

pay of certain officers, and to half
pay of the widows and orphans of
officers that died in the service.

I. BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That the P.

Full pay to auditor of public accounts is hereby authorised and re- certain ti quired to issue warrants to widows and orphans, enti- cers and half tled thereto under the act of assembly passed in Octo- pay to w

ows and or ber session, one thousand seven hundred and eighty, phons direct. for making good the future pay of the army, and for cd other purposes; any law to the contrary notwithstanding And whereas by the construction of an act, inti. tuled “An act to amend the act concerning pensioners," a few meritorious disabled officers, in indigent circumstances, who, on full proof of their merits and necessities, had been by a preceding assembly directed to receive full pay for life, are deprived thereof;

II. Be it therefore enacted, That so much of the said recited act as is construed to deprive those officers, who were before entitled to full pay, from receiving the same, shall be and is hereby repealed.

An act to amend the act, intituled

An act lo authorise the auditors to
grant new warrants and certificates
in certain cases.

J. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That the Rule in issu.

rants auditor of accounts shall not hereafter issue warrants for interest for interest on any certificates, on which duplicates on certifi

have been issued agreeable to law; but the auditor, cates.

when the original certificates are presented for war

rants, shall retain the same in his office. Auditor no 11.

II. And be it further enacted, That hereafter no longer to re. warrants or certificates shall be granied by the audinew lost cer- tor in lieu of such as may have been lost or destroyed, tificates. under the act to authorize the auditors to grant new

warrants and certificates in certain cases, which was passed in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty three.

under lice of such mates shalimacted, Then

An act for ascertaining and liquida.

ting the claims of the sufferers by
the destruction of tobacco at Byrd's
ware-houses, and to suspend the re-

building of the said ware-houses.

.. 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly, That Commission ers to liqui. Nathaniel Wilkinson, Foster Webb, junior, John Hardaie claims vie, Daniel Lawrence Hylton, John Marshall, and for tobacco. James Buchanan, gentlemen, be, and they are hereby aestroyed oy annointed commissioners, to ascertain and liquidate burning appoin Byrd's ware. the claims of the proprietors of tobacco lately destroyhouses. ed by the burning of Byrd's warehouses, in the city of

Richmond, and the said commissioners, or any three

of them, are hereby empowered to meet at such time and place as they shall see fit, (public notice thereof having been given previously for four weeks in the Virginia Gazette) to ascertain and settle the accounts of all claimants under this act; and they shall be further authorised to examine any person or persons they shall think necessary for their information in all things relative to the said claims, and to administer an oath or affirmation, as the case may require, in any person or persons for the better discovering the true quantity of the tobacco so destroyed.

II. And be it further enacted, That in stating the said accounts, the commissioners, or any three of them, shall and they are hereby directed and required, to express the value of the tobacco at the time it was destroyed, specifying the quantity of crop and iransfer tobacco separately; which accounts the said commissioners, or any three of them, shall return under their hands and seals to the next session of the general assembly.

III. And be it further enacted, That for the ease and convenience of the commissioners in this acı mentioned, they are hereby empowered to appoint a clerk, who shall keep a record of their proceedings, to be laid before the next session of the general assembly.

IV. And be it further enacted, That the re-building of Byrd's warehouses shall be suspended until the end of the next session of general assembly. And whereas it is represented to the general assembly, that the loss of Byrd's warehouses will augment the duty of the inspectors at Shockoe and Rocketi's, so much as to render them inadequate thereto: For remedy whereof,

V. Be it enacted, That one of the inspectors at Byrd's warehouses shall attend at Shockoe, and the other at Rockett's Inspections, for the present year, as assistant inspectors to those already commissioned at the said warehouses respectively, for which they shall be allowed the same salaries herelofore given them by law.

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An act for appointing commissioners

to receive subscriptions for the pur-
pose of opening a road from the falls
of the Great Kanawa to Lexington,

in Fayette county. Commission. T. WHEREAS the opening a more direct and reaers to receive dy communication with the Kentucky district, will be subscriptions for opening a Breany lacintated, and

a greatly facilitated, and the distance to that country road from the rendered shorter and safer, by establishing a public falls of the road from the falls of the Great Kanawa to the town of Great Kana. wa to Lex

- Lexington, in the county of Fayette, and it is repreington in sented that such a road may be cut and maintained by · Kentucky. private subscription:

· II. Be it therefore enacted by the General Assembly.
That John Marshall, jun. Henry Banks, Alexander
St. Clair, Robert Gamble, John Stuart, William Re.
nick, William Morris, James Armstrong, Josepla
Crocket, James Wilkison, Edmund Lyne, James Gar-
rard, Isaac Cox, Andrew Hynes, John Jouett, Gabriel
Madison, John Campbell, Richard Terrel, George
Adams, Green Clay, Benjamin Logan, Isaac Shelby,
and George Clendinen, gentlemen, be appointed com-
missioners, who are severally authorised and empow-
ered to open and receive subscriptions for that purpose.
Each of ihe said commissioners, before he enters upon
the duty assigned him, shall enter into bond with good
security, payable to the governor and his successors, in
a reasonable penalty, conditioned for the faithful exe-
cution of his office, to be recorded in the court of the
county in which he may reside, and moreover shall
take an oath before such court to the like effect; a cer-
tificate of which oath taken, and bond given, under the
hand of the clerk, shall be shewn to every subscriber.
It shall be lawful for the said commissioners, or a ma-
jority of them, to contract with such and so many pro-
per persons to survey, mark, clear and open the said
road, as to them shall seem fit; and for that purpose
to apply the subscriptions taken, as far as the same will
go, taking bond with good security from the underta-
ker for the performance of their trust. The said com-

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