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Values of foreign coins—Continued

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Newsprint paper to be free of duty as standard newsprint paper under para

graph 1672, tariff act of 1922, must fall within the specifications of T. D. 40996

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 4, 1927. Sir: The department refers to the decision of the United States Customs Court of October 27, 1926 (T. D. 41827) reversing your decision that certain importations through your port of newsprint Paper containing 70 per cent mechanically ground wood pulp and 30 per cent bleached sulphate pulp and other newsprint paper containing 80 per cent mechanically ground wood pulp and 20 per cent bleached sulphate pulp were properly dutiable at the rate of one-fourth of 1 cent per pound and 10 per cent ad valorem under paragraph 1301 of the tariff act of 1922. The board sustained the protest of the importers that the paper referred to was entitled to entry free of duty as standard newsprint paper under paragraph 1672 of the said act.

The department before the publication of its ruling, T. D. 40996, as to the character of paper which is entitled to admission free of duty as standard newsprint paper within the meaning of paragraph 1672, made a thorough investigation of the whole question and is satisfied that standard newsprint paper within the meaning of paragraph 1672 is such as is defined in T. D. 40996, and it does not, therefore, acquiesce in the correctness of the court's decision. However, the record made in the case the subject of the court's decision, T. D. 41827, is not a satisfactory one for the purpose of asking a review by the United States Court of Customs Appeals and, therefore, no appeal was taken from the court's decision. To the end, however, that this issue may again be the subject of a decision by the Customs Court upon a fuller record and a review of the court's decision, if deemed advisable by the United States Court of Customs Appeals, you are directed to exclude from free entry paper of the character the subject of the Customs Court's decision, T. D. 41827, as well as any newsprint paper not falling within the practice prevailing under T. D. 40996. Respectfully,

L. C. ANDREWS, (110464.)

Assistant Secretary. COLLECTOR OF Customs, Ogdensburg, N. Y.

(T. D. 41930)

Quarantine requirements for vessels arriving at United States ports from

ports in the Bahama Islands

(Circular No. 375. Public Health Service)

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, December 30, 1926. To Quarantine Officers, Collectors of Customs, and Others Concerned:

T. D. 38352, which exempted vessels engaged in ferriage service between ports of Florida and islands of Cat Cay, Gun Cay, and Bimini from obtaining bills of health, was superseded by the approval and promulgation of the revised quarantine regulations, 1920, and is no longer in force and effect.

The requirements of the quarantine laws and regulations of the United States will therefore be enforced with due consideration given to the instructions contained in T. D. 37852 and T. D. 38808 to the effect that it is not necessary for collectors of customs to report vessels arriving without bills of health from foreign ports in which there is no consular representative of the United States.

Vessels arriving at United States ports from any of the Bahama Islands must undergo quarantine inspection and obtain pratique prior to entry in accordance with the provisions of the quaran tine laws and regulations of the United States.

A. W. MELLON, Secretary of the Treasury.

(T. D. 41931)

American goods returned American goods when not returned by the exporter or by his agent are not free of duty under paragraph 1514, tariff act of 1922

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 6, 1927. SIR: The department refers to your letter of November 24, 1926, transmitting appraisement entry No. 24021 of November 17, 1926, covering one platinum and diamond bracelet. It appears that the bracelet, which was purchased in New York, was taken abroad by the purchaser after she had insured it with the Automobile Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn. It further appears that the bracelet was later stolen from her in Paris and that the insurance company paid over to the purchaser the amount for which the bracelet was insured, and that subsequently the bracelet was recovered by the police of Paris and is now being brought to this country for sale by the insurance company which requests that free entry under paragraph 1514 of the tariff act be accorded to the article as an American product returned, although not imported by the exporter or for her "account” as that term is ordinarily used.

In the opinion of the department the provision in paragraph 1514 of the tariff act of 1922 for the free entry of American goods when imported by or for the account of the exporter is limited to such goods when imported directly by the exporter; that is, where the bill of lading shows him to be the consignee or where imported by an agent for and in behalf of the exporter.

In view of the foregoing and as the record shows that the bracelet was taken abroad by the owner and stolen in Paris and returned by the insurance company which had insured the bracelet before its exportation, it is not entitled to free entry under paragraph 1514 of the tariff act. Respectfully,

L. C. ANDREWS, (110508.)

Assistant Secretary. COLLECTOR OF CUSTOMS, New York.

(T. D. 41932)

Standards of strength of dyes, colors, etc.
Supplemental list No. 32 (New York No. AN)

TREASURY DEPARTMENT, January 6, 1927. To Collectors of Customs and Others Concerned:

Standards of strength of dyes, colors, etc., as set forth in the appended list are hereby adopted under the provisions of paragraph 28 of the tariff act of 1922. (110408.)

L. C. ANDREWS, Assistant Secretary.

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lan (A) Alizarine astrol violet B. (By) Alizarine astrol violet B.

(IG) (By). 2an (M) Alizarine blue green BBS. (8). Alizarine blue green BBS conc.. (8). (D) Benzo fast blue 8GL. (By). Direct light blue 8G.

(IG). 4an (D) Chlorantine fast violet 5BL... (J). Chlorantine fast violet 5BL conc. (J) бар Diazo brown 2GW.

Diazo brown 2GW conc..

(J). ban (V) Grelanone red 3BR 1242% (GrE)... Grelanone red 3BR pastes and (IG) (Gr. paste.


E). 7an (L). Hansa red B 30% paste. (M). Hansa red B pastes and powder.. (M) (IG). 8an (V). Helindone blue B 14/7% paste. (M). Helindone blue B pastes and (IG) (M).


(Hydron violet BF pastes and (IQ) (C). gan (V)... Hydron violet BF 18% paste.. (C)....vat printing violet BF pastes


(IG) (B). and powder.

Indanthrene blue. SGK pastes (IG) (B). 10an | (V).-.-- Indanthrene blue 8GK 50% (B)

and powder. paste.

Vat blue 8GK pastes and powder (IG) (B) 11an (A) Neolan blue BR

(J) Pilatus fast blue BR

(IG) (B). 12an (A). Neolan yellow GR.

Pilatus fast yellow GR.

(IG) (B). 13an (M). New gallopbenine SG.

(By) Modern azurine SG.

(DH). 14an (Dd).. Rosanthrene RN.

Rosanthrene RN conc.

(J). 15an (A).

Xylene brilliant blue FFR. (S) Xylene brilliant blue FFR conc. (8). 16an (DAS).., Yellow R 20% paste for acetate (B) Cibacete yellow R pastes..




8,819 Algol brilliant red 2B 1233% }(By).... Vat red 2B pastes and powder... (By).


SS. 524... 10 IC. 692.. }Acid fuchsine s. (B)..... Acid magenta IIS.

(BDC). 29

10. 1133 S. 785.

(Alizarine red XGD pastes and }(IG) (By) 49

Alizarine SDG 20% paste..-.- (M).... 10. 1039..

powder. S. 852.. 82

Alizarine irisol R. 10. 1073..

Alizarine light violet RS, RS


conc. 84 8. 779. Alizarine orange A 20% paste.. (B).

(Alizarine orange SW pastes and 10. 1033..


}(G) (B). C. 1091.. 87 Alizarine rubinol 3G.

JAlizarine direct red 3G. (By)...

(M) (IG). Anthra rubine 36

(IG). (S. 858.

Alizarine light blue AR, AR 92

Alizarine saphirol SL 1C. 1053..


conc.. AA9 S. 535.

Alkali blue 6 B. 1C. 703...

(C).... Alkaline blue 7 extra conc. (IG). 110 (M). Anthracene chromate brown

Omega chrome brown EB. (S).

(c). (Erio chromal brown AEB. (G). 154 C. 278.. Benzo fast red 8 BL..

(By) Chlorazol fast red K.

(BDC). 161 C. 349.- Benzo fast yellow 4 GL (By) Diphenyl fast yellow 4 GL (G). 174 (A) Brilliant acid blue FF.

(By) Patent blue N conc.

(IC) (M). 178 (B). Brilliant acridine orange R... (Rohner) Brilliant acridine orange RC. (Robner), 195

JS. 500/1..
10. 663/4.
Brilliant glacier blue.
(J). Setocyanine 396.

(G). 223 (DAS). Celanese SRA red III 10% (BC)..-- Cibacete red GR pastes. (J).

paste. 227 (DAS).. Celatene red violet 10% paste. (SD).---|Cibacete violet 2 R pastes

Setacyl direct violet R


(J). S. 613... Chinoline yellow. 230

(B). Chinoline yellow P extra conc... (IG) (B). TC. 801 or quinoline yellow.

(NA)--- Chinoline yellow N extra.-- (IG) (By). 319

SS. 477.
TC. 598
Diamine brown 3 G.

Naphtamine brown D 3G..... (IG) (K). 360 (D d) Diazo brilliant green 3 G.. (By). Direct azo green 3 G.

(IG). 368 (Dd) Diazo brown 6 G (By). Developed brown 6 G.

(IG). 372 C. 654.. Diazo fast yellow 2 G.

(By). Diamine azo light yellow 2 G. (C) (IQ). (Developed pure blue B..

(By) (IG). 15ad (Dd)... Diazo sky blue B..

(By)--- Diaminogene BW.

(C). (Developed sky blue B.

(IG). 381 (D d). Diazo sky blue 3 GL..

(By). Developed blue 3 GL

(IG). (S. 551 409 10. 720. Eriochrome azurol BX. (G)-... Brilliant pure blue B.

(IG). (S. 183. 411 10. 203 Eriochrome black T.. (G).... Chromogene black ET.

(IQ) (M). 421

(S. 592. C. 773..

Erythrosine N (blue shade). (H&M). Erythrosine 517 purified EW (Blayn). 442

/S. 19
IC. 636...
Fast light yellow 3 G.. (By).... Fast acid yellow 3 G

(C). 463 (L) Hansa yellow G 15% paste.... (M)..-- Hansa yellow GSA pastes, pow. (IG) (M).

der, and lumps.


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