Report of the Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War: Bull Run-Ball's Bluff


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Página 76 - I have accomplished in this respect more than the general-in-chief asked, or could well be expected in face of an enemy far superior in numbers with no line of communication to protect.
Página 272 - SICKLES sworn and examined. By the chairman: Question. What is your rank and position in the army ? Answer.
Página 151 - I have certainly been expecting you to beat the enemy. If not, to hear that you had felt him strongly, or at least had occupied him by threats and demonstrations.
Página 6 - Colonel Devens will land opposite Harrison's Island with five companies of his regiment, and proceed to surprise the camp of the enemy discovered by Captain Philbrick in the direction of Leesburg. The landing and march will be effected with silence and rapidity. Colonel .Lee, Twentieth Massachusetts Volunteers, will immediately after Colonel Devens...
Página 93 - October 19, 1859. Colonel : I have the honor to report, for the information of the Secretary of War, that on arriving here on the night of the 17th instant, in obedience to Special Orders No.
Página 68 - I have to report that the term of service of a very large portion of this force will expire in a few days. From an under-current expression of feeling I am confident that many will be inclined to lay down their arms the day their time expires. With such a feeling existing, any active operations toward Winchester cannot be thought of until they are replaced by three years...
Página 262 - P. STONE, Brigadier- General. Great care will be used by Colonel Devens to prevent any unnecessary injury of private property, and any officer or soldier straggling from the command for curiosity or plunder will be instantly shot. CHAS. P. STONE, Brigadier- General.
Página 193 - By the CHAIRMAN : Question. What is your rank and position in the Army ? Answer.
Página 101 - I have accomplished more in this respect than the General-inChief asked, or could well be expected, in face of an enemy far superior in numbers, with no line of communication to protect."!
Página 69 - I was prepared for a movement to the front, by an order for the men to carry two days' provisions in their haversacks, I was assailed by earnest remonstrances against being detained over their term of service; complaints from officers of want of shoes and other clothing, all throwing obstacles in the way of active operations. Indeed, I found I should, if I took Winchester, be without men, and be forced to retreat, thus losing tKe fruits of victory.