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W. Simpkin and R, Marshall, Stationers'-Hall-Court.



A CONSPECTUS of PRESCRIPTIONS in MEDICINE, SURGERY, and MIDWIFERY ; containing upwards of a Thousand modern Formulæ, including the New French Medicines, and arranged Tables of Doses, selected from the highest Professional Authorities; intended as a Remembrancer for General Practitioners. Second Edition, enlarged and improved. 18mo. 58. sewed.

A MANUAL of SURGICAL ANATOMY; containing a minute description of the Parts concerned in Operative Surgery, with the Anatomical Effects of Accidents, and Instructions for the Performance of Operations. By H. M. EDWARDS, D.M.P. Translated, with Notes, by William Coulson, Surgeon to the General Dispensary, &c. &c. 18mo. 7s. bds.

“ We recommend this Manual to the student and to the practitioner ; to the former, as a nseful companion in the dissecting-room, and to the latter as a valuable and convenient book of reference.”

Lancet. “This is a very useful Manual : by uniting the study of Auatomy and Surgery, it supplies a defi. ciency long felt by the student and by the general practitioner. To the surgeon engaged extensively in practice, at a distance from the Schools, whose opportunities (always few) of renewing and increasing his stock of practical Anatomy, this little book will prove an invaluable work for constant and easy reference, and it well merits to be on the table of every surgeon so situated."--Literary Gazette.

“ The work contains a great deal of practical in. formation, which cannot fail to be interesting to the student ani practitioner. The translation is well executed ; and Mr. Coulson has increased its value by the addition of notes, containing information derived from the records of both English and German Surgery."- Lond. Med. and Physical Jour.

A MANUAL of PATHOLOGY; containing the Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Morbid Characters of Diseases ; together with an Exposition of the different Methods of Examination, applicable to Affections of the Head, Chest, and Abdomen. By L. MARTINET, D.M.P. Translated, with Notes and Additions, by JONES QUAIN, A.B. M.B. and one of the Lecturers on Anatomy in the Medical School, Aldersgate-street.

Third Edition, revised, with additional Notes. 18mo. 6s. boards.

“ We are glad to see that the favourable opinion which we expressed of this work has been confirmed by the rapid sale of the first edition. This second edition is considerably improved, and is still more entitled to public patronage."-Dr. Johnson's Medico-Chirurg. Rev. Jan. 1898.

“ We strongly recommend M. Martinet's Manual (by Quain) to the profession, and especially to students. If the latter wish to study diseases to advantage they should always have it at hand, both when at the bedside of the patient, and when making post mortem examinations.”-American Jour. nal of the Medical Sciences.

The LECTURES of Sir ASTLEY COOPER, Bart. F.R.S. Surgeon to the King, &c. &c. on the PRINCI. PLES and PRACTICE of SURGERY ; with additional Notes and Cases, by FREDERICK TYRRELL, Esq. The Third Volume, 8vo. 10s. 6d. bds.

The Fourth and concluding Volume is in the Press.

A MANUAL of COMPAR. ATIVE ANATOMY, translated from the German of J. F. BLUMEN BACH, with additional Notes by W. LAWRENCE, Esq. F.R.S. Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, &c. Second Edition, revised and augmented, according to the last Goettingen Edition ; with numerous Additions and Illustrations, derived from the most recent labours of Comparative Anatomists. By William Coulson, Surgeon to the General Dispensary, and Honorary Member of the Medico-Chirurgical Society of Berlin. 8vo. 14s. bds.

The most useful elementary work on Compara. tive Anatomy which we yet possess is the Short System of Professor Blumenbach. This has been translated into English, in one volume octavo, with numerons additional notes, and an introductory view of the classification of animals, by one of the ablest of British Anatomists, Mr. Lawrence."-Supplement to the Enc. Brit. Art. Animal Anatomy.

A new edition having then become requisite, Mr. Coulson, at the request of Mr. Lawrence, undertook the task, and has accomplished it with much judgment and ability. He has not only added new matter in parts where it was requisite, but has al. tered the arrangement with the effect, in general, of improving it."-Edin. Med. Jour, Apr. 1829.

A TREATISEon MIDWIFERY; developing new principles, which tend materially to lessen the suffering of the Patient, and shorten the duration of labour. The Second Edition, considerably improved, and illustrated with numerous Cases; comprising, also, additional observations on premature expulsion of the Ovum, and retention of the Placenta. By John POWER, M.D. Physician-Accoucheur to the New Westminster Lying-in Charity, and to the Dorcas Society, Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh, and Lecturer on Midwifery and the Diseases of Women and Children, &c. &c. 8vo. 8s. boards.

“ We are inclined to think our author has brought forward many ingenions views, and suggested many useful measures relative to the principles and prac. tice of his art."--Medico-Chir. Jour.

“ This book contains much sound practical information.”—London Medical Repository.

“ Although we cannot altogether coincide with Dr. Power in the full extent of his doctrine respecting the absence of pain during the healthy and regular contraction of the nterus, we are inclined to think that, were the practice wbich he has so ably advocated more generally adopted, much suffering might be saved, and many tedions and unmanageable cases be wholly prevented, by a speedy and easy process of parturition."-Mon. Review.


Miscellaneous Works, published by

ELEMENTS of DESCRIPTIVE and PRACTICAL ANATOMY: for the Use of Students. By Jones QUAIN, A.B. M.B. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, and one of the Lecturers on Anatomy in the Medical School, Aldersgatestreet. 8vo. 16s. boards.

Though written designedly for Students, we can conscientiously recommend it to Practitioners, as an excellent book of reference; and to Pupils, as a most useful assistant in their operations in the dissectiog-room, and a no less in. structive companion in the studies of their chamber.”—Medico-chirurgical Review.

“ This book must prove invaluable to students engaged in dissections, and of scarcely less value to established practitioners.”—Lancet.

A PRACTICAL ESSAY on DISEASES and INJURIES of the BLADDER, (in which the formation of Stone is explained upon entirely new principles,) and being the Essay to which the Royal College of Surgeons adjudged the Jacksonian Prize for the year 1821. By ROBERT BINGHAM, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 14s. boards.

By the same Author, PRACTICAL ESSAYS on STRICTURES of the URETHRA and DISEASES of the TESTICLES; including Observations on Fistula in Perinæo and Hydrocele, illustrated by numerous Cases and an Engraving, and prefaced with some Remarks on Life and Organization. 8vo. 12s. boards.

MEDICAL JURISPRUDENCE. By J. A. PARIS, M.D. F.R.S. F.L.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians; and J. S. M. FONBLANQUE, Esq. Barrister at Law. 3 Vols. 8vo. 11. 16s. boards.

CANINE PATHOLOGY ; or, a Description of the Diseases of Dogs, with their Causes, Symptoms, and Mode of Cure. By DELABERE BLAINE. Second Edition, 8vo. 9s. boards.


An ACCOUNT of PUBLIC CHARITIES, digested from the Reports of the Commissioners on Charitable Foundations; with Notes and Comments, by the Editor of the “ CABINET LAWYER." 8vo. 12s. boards.

“ The important and curious particulars respecting each Charity are brought under one head, unincumbered with trifling and tedious details. We are much mistaken, or this instructive and amusing compilation will not only stimulate the public generally to new and reiterated demands for a better administration of the charities so abundantly scattered throughout the country, but will excite, in the places most interested, zealous efforts to reform their abuses and extend their benefits."-Examiner.

“ The compiler has added some very curious and pertinent notes.”—Times.

The CABINET LAWYER; including the Statutes of the 10 Geo. IV. and legal Decisions to the close of the Summer Assizes, presenting, in a popular and comprehensive form, a complete Digest of the Civil, Criminal, and Constitutional Law of England as now administered. The 5th Edition, considerably enlarged. 8s. 6d. bds.

“ The work is compiled with industry, the in• formation very copious, and condensed with great care-not Javishly copying the order of Acts of Parliament, but giving the substance and spirit of existing laws in a pains-taking and well-expressed summary.”—Examiner.

“ It is, in fact, a legal Euchan, and will, no doubt, be as much run down by the profession as that domestic Doctor was by the faculty.”

John Bull. This very useful book, carefully revised and much improved, has worthily reached a second edition. It is an excellent Digest, and does great credit to the Editor.”—Literary Gazette.

A COMPENDIOUS LAW DICTIONARY, containing both an explanation of the Terms and the Law itself; intended for the Use of the Country Gentleman, the Merchant, and the Professional Man. By THOMAS Potts, Gent. A new Edition, i2mo. 12s. boards. An Edition, in 8vo. with large margin, 16s, boards.

“ If to compress a prodigious quantity of matter into a very small compass, be to consult the accommodation of the public, the author of this Dictionary has done it in the completest manner possible.” -British Critic.

RECOLLECT1ONS OF CURRAN and some of his Contemporaries. The second Edition. By Chas. Phillips, Esq. Barrister at Law. 8vo. with a fine Portrait, 10s. 6d. boards.

The SPEECHES of CHAS. PHILLIPS, Esq. delivered at the Bar, and on various Public Occasions in Ireland and England. Second Edition, with many additional Speeches. Edited by Himself. In 1 volume, 8vo. with a fine Portrait of the Author, by T. Woolnoth, from an Original Miniature, 10s. boards.

Also, separately, the 41st Edition of the Speech for the Plaintiff on the Trial of Guthrie v. Sterne. ls.

THE AUCTIONEER’S GUIDE; being a Complete Abstract of the Laws of Excise relative to Auctions and Auctioneers; to which is added, The Appraiser's Guide. 2s.6d. 12mo. boards.

W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'-Hall-Court.


CRITICISMS on the BAR: including Strictures on the principal Counsel practising in the Courts of King's Bench, Common Pleas, Chancery, and Exchequer. By AMICUS CURIÆ. 12mo, 6s, boards.

A TREATISE on CARRIAGES ; comprehending Coaches, Chariots, Phaetons, Curricles, Gigs, &c. and their proper Harness. By W. Felton, Coachmaker. 2 vols. 8vo, with upwards of 50 plates. 11. 11s. 6d. boards.

The NEW and COMPLETE CANARY-BIRD FANCIER ; containing, a variety of useful Information by which the admirers of these beautiful Birds may be fully instructed in their management while breeding, and their treatment when diseased; with a few not unuseful Hints to the Breeder of Mules. By a FANCIER. ls, sewed.

The ELEMENTS and PRACTICE of NAVAL ARCHITECTURE, describing the Theory and Practical Parts of that Art in their minutest details; the whole illustrated by Fifty-three Engravings.

To this Edition is added an Appendix, containing the Principles and Practice of constructing the Royal and Mercantile Navies, invented by Sir RobERT SEPPINGS, F.R.S., Surveyor of His Majesty's Navy, which method of building Ships has been of incalculable benefit to Great Britain. The Appendix has been written expressly for this work, by John KNOWLES, F.R.S. Secretary to the Committee of Surveyors of His Majesty's Navy. The Third Edition, in 1 volume, 4to., with a separate volume, Atlas, containing Thirty-nine large Draughts. Price 101. 10s. The Appendix may be had separately, price 11. 11s. 6d. bds.

An EASY GUIDE to the GAME of CHESS; in which the manner of playing it is laid down, so as to enable any person to acquire it without the aid of a teacher. By CHARLES CAECK, Esq. 2s. sewed.

SKETCHES in ARCHITECTURE, consisting of Original Desigøs for Public and Private Buildings. By T. D. W. DEARN, Architect to H.R.H. the Duke of Clarence. 4to. 16 plates. 11. ls. boards.

The CARD ACCOUNT; or, Complete Register of Cash Won or Lost; having a Column_ruled for keeping the Entry of every Day in the Year; and Short Rules for Playing the Game of Whist. 6d. sewed.

A MANUAL of PYROTECHNY; or, a Familiar System of Recreative Fire-Works. By G. W. MOR. TIMER. With plates. 12mo. 5s. boards.


Gentleman and Farmer's Guide to Land Measure : shewing, at one view, the contents of any piece of land, from the 80th part of an acre to any number of acres; with plain and easy directions, illustrated by examples, for taking the dimensions of a field, and measuring land by Gunter's Chain, as well as by chains and links, and other methods usually employed; also a Table, shewing the breadth required to any given length, to make 1, 2, 3, to 10 acres; and another to convert yards into poles and links. By S. TAURLOW, Land Surveyor. A new Edition, corrected. 2s. 6d, bound.


*** This Collection contains the original Narratives of Hogarth's Tail Piece, Sir John Sherbroke, Mrs. Veal, the Sampford Ghost, Lord Littleton, the Demon of Tedworth, Yatton Demoniac, Henry IV. of France, Lord Tyrone, Duchess of Mazarine, Philip Melancthon, Rev. John Wesley, and others from Glanvil, Beaumont, Baxter, Sinclair, Ferriar, &c. &c.

Elegantly printed in 12mo. with a fine Engraving after Hogarth, 6s. bds.

The COMPLETE SPORTS.. MAN; containing a compendious View of the Ancient and Modern Chase ; a concise History of the various kinds of Sporting Dogs, and of the Quadrupeds and Birds, which are the object of pursuit. The method of Breeding and Training Hounds, Greybounds, Setters, Pointers, &c. The Diseases of Dogs, with the method of Cure. Shooting, with particular instructions, wherein the Art of Shooting Flying is reduced to practical certainty. The choice

of a Fowling-piece, Powder, Shot, &c. The Ancient Forest and Game Laws. The Modern Game Laws, explained and illustrated by a variety of Cases. The Laws relating to Dogs. Angling, and the Laws relating to Fish. With every instruction and information relative to the Sports of the Field. By T. H. NEEDHAM. 78. bds.

The DANGER of PREMATURE INTERMENT, proved from many remarkable Instances of People who have recovered after being laid out for dead, and of others entombed alive. Also, a Description of the Manner the Ancient Egyptians and other Nations preserved and venerated their Dead; and a curious Account of their sepulchral everburning Lamps, and Mausoleums. Likewise the pernicious Effects of Burying in the Body of Churches, and Confined Church-yards, pointed out, whereby many valuable Lives have been lost to the Public and their Friends. Selected from Historical Records, by JOSEPA TAYLOR. 12mo. 4s. 6d. boards.





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N.B.—The Farces are distinguished by an (*) Asterisk.

Portrait. *60 Miser..

Mr. W. Farren. 1 A New Way to Pay Old Debts Mr. Kean. 2 Rivals Mrs. Davison. 61 Guy Mannering

Mr. Liston. 3 West Indian Mr. Johnstone. 62 Cymbeline

Mr. Farley. 4 Hypocrite Mr. Oxberry. *63 Lying Valet

Mr. Mathews. 5 Jealous Wife

Mrs. Glover.
64 Twelfth Night

Mr. J. Russell. 6 She Stoops to Conquer... Miss Brunton. 65 The Confederacy

Mrs. Orger. 7 Richard III.

Mr. Cooke.
66 Douglas ..

Mr. H. Johnston. 8 Beggar's Opera Mr. Incledon. *67 Who's the Dupe

Mr. Bannister, 9 Wonder

Mr. Harley.

68 Know Your own Mind Mr. Palmer, 10 Duenna Mr. T. Cooke. 69 Macbeth

Mr. Macready. 11 Alexander the Great........ Mr. Egerton. *70 Tobacconist

Mr. Garrick. 12 Lionel and Clarissa Mr. Dowton. *71 Midnight Hour...

Mr. Lewis. 13 Hamlet

Mr. Kean.

72 The Grecian Daughter.... Mrs. Bartley. 14 Venice Preserved

Miss O'Neil.
*73 Fortune's Frolic

Mr. Knight. 15 Is he Jealous ?...

Mr. Wrench.
74 Henry IV....

Mr. Bartley. 16 Woodman's Hut.

Mr. Smith

75 Evadne; or, the Statue Mr. C. Kemble. 17 Love in a Village

Mr. Isaacs.

*76 Review; or the Wags of Windsor Mr.Fawcett. 18 Way to Keep Him

Mrs. Orger.

77 Every Man in his Humour.. Mr. Oxberry. 19 Castle Spectre

Mr. Rae.
.78 Blue Devils ...

Miss Mellon. 20 Maid of the Mill

Mr. Braham. *79 Love Laughs at Locksmiths Mr. G. Smith. 21 Clandestine Marriage Mr. W. Farren. *80 Follies of a Day

Mr. De Camp. 22 Soldier's Daughter

Mr. Elliston.
81 Measure for Measure

Mr. Liston, 23 Othello

Mrs. W. West. *82 High Life below Stairs Mr. Harley. 24 Distrest Mother Mr. Macready. 83 Julius Cæsar

Mr. Young. 25 Provoked Husband Mr. Emery. *84 Spoiled Child

Mrs. Baker. 26 Deaf and Dumb. Mrs. C. Kemble. 85 Man of the World

Mr. Cooper. 27 Busy Body..

Mr. Munden.
*86 Midas...

Madame Vestris. 28 Belles' Stratagem

Mrs. Edwin.

87 Every One has his Fault.... Mr. Johnson, 29 Romeo and Juliet Mr. C. Kemble. *88 Bon Ton

Mr. Emery. 30 Recruiting Officer

Mrs. Mardyn. 89 Two Gentlemen of Verona.. Miss Hallande, 31 Bold Stroke for a Wife... Mr. Bannister. 90 Tempest..

Miss M. Tree. 32 Road to Ruin..

Mr. Mathews.
*91 Liar

Mr. Gattie. 33 Beaux' Stratagem

Mr. Jones.
*92 Blue Beard

Mr. Suett. 34 As You Like it

Mr. Fawcett.
93 Cato

Mr. Kemble. 35 King John Mr. C. Kemble. *94 Padlock

Mr. Pearman. 36 Country Girl Mr. Russell. *95 The Wedding Day

Mr. Terry. 37 Jane Shore

Mrs. Bupn,
96 George Barnwell

Mr. Cooper. *38 Critic

Mr. Terry.
97 The Travellers

Mr. Fitzwilliam. 39 Coriolanus

Mr. Kean.
98 Wallace...

Mr. Macready. *40 Rosina

Miss Carew.
99 King Henry V.

Mr. Blanchard. 41 Suspicious Husband

Mrs. Egerton. *100 Sylvester Daggerwood Mr. Reeve. *42 Honest Thieves

Mr. Dowton. 101 Much Ado about Nothing Miss Chester,
Mr. Russell.

102 The Gamester *43 Mayor of Garratt

Mr. Cooke. Mr. Wewitzer. 103 Rich and Poor 44 Merry Wives of Windsor

Mr. Horn. 45 Stranger

Mrs. Siddons. 104 The Chapter of Accidents Mr. Liston. *46 Three Weeks after Marriage.. Mrs. Faucit.

105 The Wood Dæmon ........

Miss Kelly. 47 King Lear Mrs. W. West. 106 King Henry VIII.

Mrs. Siddons, 48 Inconstant

Mr. De Camp.
107 The Winter's Tale

Mrs. Bunn. *49 Shipwreck

Mrs. Bland.
108 Kenilworth

Mrs. Bunn. *50 Rugantino Mr. Wallack. 109 Pizarro

Mr. Kemble. 51 Wild Oats Mr. Knight. 110 Trip to Scarborough

Mr. Browne. 52 Rule a Wife and Have a Wife Mrs. Glover. *111 The Devil to Pay.

Mrs. Jordan. *53 Magpie..

Miss Kelly
112 All in the Wrong

Mr. Jones. *54 Quaker.... Mr. Incledon. 113 Tamerlane....

Mr. Macready. 55 Merchant of Venice

Miss Povey.
114 Lodoiska

Mrs. Crouch. 56 Wheel of Fortune Mr. Kemble. *115 Love à la-mode

Mr. Johnstone. 57 Rob Roy

Miss Stephens.

116 A Roland for an Oliver Miss Foote. *58 Citizen.. Mrs. Davison. 117 Bertram...

Mr. Pope. *59 Deserter

Mr. Wilkinson. 118 Artaxerxes................ Miss Love.


2 vols. 12mo. 9s. bds., or separately, Is. each.

vis. The Jew of Malta. Edward the Second. Dr. Faustus. Lust's Dominion, The Massacre at Paris, Tamburlaine the Great, in Two Parts.


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