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"If goods are wanted quick, send to Pouder."

Please Consider This

I have a business proposition to make you which will be mutual and profitable. If you will place your orders for Bee Supplies early I can save money for you; and what I can save in this way I am more than glad to turn over to you, because it gives us employment during the dullest season and relieves us during the rush season, and there will be no complaints, no delays, and no disappointments, and you may as well save the money. In ordering Bee Supplies during October you may deduct six per cent. This discount will decline one per cent per month. You will readily understand the convenience of securing your supplies early, and then having the opportunity of assembling them at your convenience. To be available, the order must be accompanied with remittance. The goods offered are the Root quality, and I do not know of any displeased patrons; but I am fortunate in having hundreds of letters commending the goods and my method of handling the business.

Ladoga, Ind., Aug. 6, 1912.

Walter S. Pouder, Indianapolis, Ind.

This honey is the finest that I have ever received-even
finer than your previous shipment. From experience in buy-
ing from different houses I have learned to come to you when
I want the best in honey or bee supplies. I find that you give
better goods and better service than any other house in the

South Barre, Vt., Aug. 24, 1912.

Walter S. Pouder, Indianapolis, Ind.

Your paper honey-jars are perfection for local trade.


If you are in need of more honey for your local demands I am prepared to supply you promptly with very finest quality.

If my catalog has been misplaced, write me and another will be sent.

Walter S. Pouder, Indianapolis, Ind.

859 Massachusetts Avenue

The season for honey is drawing to a
close and you will now be in need of


We carry them in stock at Syracuse, N. Y.,
and can make prompt shipment, having just
purchased a motor truck for delivering goods
to the railroads. We have heretofore de-
pended on a truckman, who did not always
happen to be on hand.

Syracuse, N. Y.



To those who buy now for next season, sending remittance with the order during the month of October subject to the conditions named below, we allow 6 per cent discount.

This discount will apply on all articles listed in our regular catalog at current corrected prices to date except as follows:

Tinned wire, paint, Bingham smokers, Porter bee-escapes, glass and tin honeypackages, scales, bees and queens, beebooks, papers, labels, printed matter, bushel boxes, seeds, and specialties not listed in our general catalog. Where any or all of these articles in a general order do not exceed fifteen per cent of the whole order, the discount may be deducted from the whole order, including these items which are otherwise excepted.


Your money in the savings bank is drawing 3 per cent, or at most 4 per cent interest. Here is an opportunity to invest it at 12 per cent-8 per cent more than it is now earning.

In most localities this has been a good season for honey and for making increase. Prospects were never better than for the coming season, and you are almost certain to be needing supplies in the spring. If you wait until the first of April or later, you must pay full catalog prices. If your order and remittance are sent in during October, a discount of 6 per cent will be allowed. Six per cent on money invested for six months is equivalent to 12 per cent per annum, figured for six months' time. It looks good, doesn't it? Why not effect this saving by ordering now, and thus also secure the peace of mind that will result from having your supplies all ready when you need them most? Your order can be sent in now, and the goods will be shipped at any time to suit your convenience.

Best goods, best service, best treatment, are insured by sending your orders to OHIO'S BEESUPPLY CENTER-special headquarters for beekeepers in Ohio, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. If you haven't a catalog, ask for it.


THE A. I. ROOT CO., MEDINA, O. 136 West Main St.,

Zanesville, Ohio




Goods We



For years we have followed the example of the factory, and allowed our customers the benefit of the discounts offered by the Root Company for orders placed during the fall months for supplies for use the following season. This discount for October is six per cent for cash with orders, and diminishes one per cent per month as the season advances. We are sure many of our beekeeping friends will want to take advantage of this discount, not only because of the actual cash saving, but because of the convenience of getting goods before the rush of the busy season.

We have said so much about the quality of Root's goods, and they are already so well known by beekeepers, that it hardly seems necessary even to mention the fact, except to remind you that we carry always a full and complete stock of Root's goods only. If you have tried others and they haven't given just the satisfaction they should, send us a trial order this season. For quality of material and accuracy of workmanship you will find them unexcelled.

Each season we aim to make some improvement in the service we can give our customers. We aim to keep our stocks always complete, and to allow no order, large or small, to drag through our establishment. The shipping facilities at our command enable us to get goods started to you by direct routes at once. Whether your order is large or small it will have the most careful attention at our hands from the time it reaches us until the goods are in your hands.

Full information on any point regarding beekeeping in the Southwest cheerfully given on request.

Toepperwein & Mayfield

Corner Nolan and Cherry Streets

San Antonio, Texas



and bees an improved superior strain of Italians is what QUIRIN RAISES. All yards winter on summer stands with practically no loss. Our stock is hardy, and will ward off brood diseases.

In the spring of 1899 we sent fifty nuclei to J. D. Nixon, Lafarge, Wis., and on July 20th (same year) he wrote us, saying they did just splendid, as at that writing they had already filled their supers, and that he would have to extract them. We have files of testimonials similar to the above.

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Please use coupon below, checking the numbers of items wanted. The pamphlets and booklets listed below are of more than ordinary interest:






My First Season's Experience with the Honey-bee. By the "Spectator," of the Outlook, of New York. A ten-page leaflet detailing the experiences of this wellknown writer. You will read the leaflet through before you lay it down. Free.

The Bee-keeper and Fruit-grower. A 15page booklet giving actual facts regarding the value of bees to fruit, and show. ing how bee-keeping may be doubly prof itable to the fruit-grower. Fruit-growers are realizing as never before the neces sity of having honey-bees in close prox. imity to their blossoming fruit. Free.

Bee-keeping for Sedentary Folk. A 24page leaflet reciting the actual expertences of an amateur bee-keeper, showing what equipment is best, points derived, etc. Free.

Catalog of Bee-keepers' Supplies. Our complete catalog will be mailed free to any address on request.

Habits of the Honey-bee. By Dr. E. F. Phillips. A somewhat scientific handling of the habits and anatomy of the bee. Price 10 cts.

How to Keep Bees. A book of 228 pages 9 detailing in a most interesting manner the experience of a beginner in such a way as to help other beginners. Price $1.00 postpaid.


The A B C of Bee Culture. A complete encyclopedia of bees, of 576 pages, fully illustrated, $1.50 postpaid; half leather, $2.

Gleanings In Bee Culture. A 64-page 11 illustrated semi-monthly magazine, the leading exponent of bee culture in this country. Ten cents per issue, but to new subscribers we will furnish it six months for 25 cts.

Back-yard Bee-keeping. Six interest12 ing lessons written in readable newspaper style. Many facts to encourage the "City Bound" man or woman with the back-tothe-land longing. Free.

Truth About Sweet Clover. Interest15 ing booklet of nearly 100 pages. Tells of value of sweet clover for honey, for plowing under, as fertilizers of the soil, and food for horses, cattle, swine, sheep, etc. Free.

The coupon below may be used as an order sheet by properly checking the numbers of items wanted and adding your signature, and remittance, if required.

Cut Coupon Here The A. I. Root Co., Medina, Ohio. Please send me the items checked.

to cover the cost.

I enclose

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