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The Writer, 1915

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Página 34 - Faithfulness to the truth of history involves far more than a research," says Parkman, " however patient and scrupulous, into special facts. Such facts may be detailed with the most minute exactness and yet the narrative, taken as a whole, may be unmeaning or untrue.
Página 115 - And in the third place, your Ellipses are quite Unconscionable: before one can get through ten lines, one has to patch you up in twenty places, wrong or right, and if one hasn't much stuff of one's own to spare to patch with! You are worse than the worst Alpine Glacier I ever crossed. Bright, & deep enough truly, but so full of Clefts that half the journey has to be done with ladder & hatchet.
Página 32 - I perceived that the country, from its very constitution, could not fail of affording in a few years a larger proportionate amount of readers than any upon the earth. I perceived that the whole energetic, busy spirit of the age tended wholly to magazine literature...
Página 52 - The Essential Place of Religion in Education with an Outline of a Plan for Introducing Religious Teaching into the Public Schools.
Página 114 - I cannot at all make up my mind about these poems of yours : and so far as my mind is made up, I am not sure whether it is in the least right. Of their power there can of course be no question — nor do you need to be told of it ; for everyone who has power of this kind, knows it — must know it. But as to the Presentation of the Power, I am in great doubt. Being hard worked at present, & not being able to give the cream of the day to poetry — when I take up these poems in the evening I find...
Página 52 - April 1, 1915. Essays will be limited to ten thousand words and must be in the possession of the Secretary by June 1, 1915. Six typewritten copies must be furnished in order that the preliminary reading may be done independently. The right is reserved by the Association to publish not only the prize essay, but any others which may be omitted in competition, copyright privileges to be vested in the Association for all such.
Página 32 - I saw, through a long and dim vista the brilliant field for ambition which a magazine of bold and noble aims presented to him who should successfully establish it in America.
Página 32 - Magazinist [illegible] bearing, not only willingly but cheerfully, sad poverty and the thousand consequent contumelies and other ills which the condition of the mere Magazinist entails upon him in America...
Página 165 - ... of the guineys, and the clickin' of the hens, And the rooster's hallylooyer as he tiptoes on the fence; O, it's then the time a feller is a-feelin' at his best, With the risin...
Página 147 - A short story must contain at least two characters, for otherwise there would be no contrast or struggle. A situation must be depicted in which there are two opposing forces. A short story must be a picture out of real life which gives the reader a definite sensation, such as he gets upon looking at a masterpiece of painting. While it must be complete in itself, the art of it lies in what it suggests to the reader beyond its own limits. That is to say, it must convey an idea much larger than itself.

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