A Postal Telegraph Essential to the Freedom of the American Press and the Prosperity of the American People: Speech of Hon. John A. Anderson, of Kansas, in the House of Representatives, Saturday, March 1, 1884


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Jul 4 2:10 PM
Hey handsome
Jul 4 3:09 PM
Happy Independence Day
Jul 4 3:09 PM
Thank you, same to you! May not one more monarchy rise up, may not one more country be annexed, may the spirit of a government run for the people and by the people become the new norm in world politics, may small countries always exist and may police and politicians finally get it that acting against the people will result in coupes and hangings, speedily judged and sentenced death sentences and the spirit of human rights become first person
Jul 4 3:15 PM
Well I definitely wasn’t expecting that ❤❤❤❤❤
Jul 4 3:25 PM
Tell me I found a patriot 😁
Jul 4 3:26 PM
Lol yes you could call me that or simply say I'm a person that gets it and understands whats at stake, what the world is going through and what people deserve. The quality of life for another should never be less then that of the countries governing factor. Their can be no incentives to be in politics such as corruption, using government power to enrich the finances or assests of government workers, no expected judgement or preconceived notions that politicians are innocent or less guilty, no automatically given i just had a very valid and inportant point to make but they are using targeted magnetic pressure on my brain to stop me from making the thought aware. It was basically that politicians and government workers shouldnt be given automatic beleifs by the masses that they are above acting in ways that are treasonous, that they are too noble to selfishly choose to not have their life threatened and act in ways that strtigically dismantle freedoms, liberties, rights, and even act or not act in blatanly obvious ways that leave groups of people targeted to death and these government workers claim ignorance to 400,000 people claiming targeted individuals is real and that their being harmed by drones, secret weapons and selfish men.
Jul 4 3:50 PM
Ohhhh yeah I don’t think you’re a patriot..... without government and structure there’s chaos. The problem is certain heads of state and being the majority in the house. They create laws for the state not the president. This very day Americans fought and died to be free of kings rule. Instead we the people have a process to choose our leader. We chose our presidents we chose the life we want to live. I stand for the right to choose and my right to freedom and most importantly my second amendment right. I’m proud of my flag and I weep for the men who died to protect my rights as people rip it away by burning my flag and defacing monuments of our nation’s founders. But ok defund the police lmao Bc I’ll be there with a well formed militia protecting my country and flag.
Jul 4 4:03 PM
And in light of our conversation I just named my gun Betsy Ross
Jul 4 4:07 PM

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