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A treasure of material, quotes, and information, from a man who watched it all happen.
He exposed what Jefferson Davis and David Atchison were doing in Kansas - as they did from 1855 on, kill
and terrorize to stop people from even speaking against slavery.
This book, with Davis Atchison's own speech, and Jefferson Davis boast that Kansas must accept and respect slavery (even though Kansas voted against slavery 98% -2%) should dispell the goofy but oft repeated myths that Southern leaders cared about "State Rights" These men killed and terrorize to destroy Kansas ability to exercise their state rights.
ANd the violence was not just for a few raids against Lawrence -- these men set up a fraudulent legislature, arrested or killed anyone to speak out, that could reach. But people finally started to fight back - literally, Atchison could not kill enough, though he tried.
Just the words from Atchison, transcribed at the time, are astonishing admission that spreading slavery --by the most violent means necessary -- is what Jefferson Davis was doing, and his man on the scene was David Atchison.

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