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more letters or syllables from the middle or Ab. U. s. Abbott's Reports, United States end of the word.

District and Circuit Courts.

Ab. U. S. Pr. Abbott's United States Courts The abbreviations in common use in modern Practice. times consist of the initial letter or letters, sylla Abdys R. C. P. Abdy's Roman Civil Proble or syllables, of the word. Anciently, also, cedure. contracted forms of words, obtained by the omis Abr. Abridgment. sion of letters intermediate between the initial

Abr. Cas. Eq. or Abr. Eq. Cas. Equity Cases and final letters were much in use. These latter Abridged, English Chancery. forms are now more commonly designated by the Abs. Absolute. term contraction. Abbreviations are of frequent Acc. Accord or Agrees. use in referring to text-books, reports, &c., and Act. Acton's Reports, Prize Causes, English in indicating dates, but should be very sparingly Privy Council. employed, if at all, in formal and important legal Act. Can. Monro's Acta Cancellariæ. documents. See 4 C. & P. 51 ; 9 Coke, 48. No Act. Pr. C. Acton's Reports, Prize Causes, part of an indictment should contain any abbre- English Privy Council. viations except in cases where a fac-simile of a Act. Reg. Acta Regia. written instrument is necessary to be set out. 1 Ad. Con. Addison on Contracts. East, 180, n. The variety and number of abbre Ad. E. Adams on Ejectment. viations are as nearly illimitable as the ingenuity Ad. & EU. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, Engof man can make them; and the advantages lish King's Bench. arising from their use are, to a great extent, Ad. & El. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, counterbalanced by the ambiguity and uncer- New Series, English Queen's Bench, commonly tainty resulting from the usually inconsiderate cited Q. B. selection which is made.

Ad. Eq. Adams's Equity. The following list is believed to contain all

Ad. fin. Ad finem, at or near the end.

Ad. Torts. Addison on Torts. abbreviations in

Where a

Ad. Rom. Ant. Adams's Roman Antiquities. shorter and a longer abbreviation are in com

Adams (Me.) Adams's Reports, Maine Remon use, both are given. For a fuller expla- ports, vols. 41, 42. nation of the reports in this list, see REPORTS. Adams (N. H.). Adams's Reports, New

Hampshire Reports, vol. 1. 4. American, see Am.; anonymous.

Add. Addison's Reports, Pennsylvania. A, a, B, 6. “A” front, “B” back of a leaf. Add. Abr. Addington's Abridgment of th

A B. Anonymous Reports at end of Benloe's Penal Statutes. Reports, commonly called New Benloe.

Add. Con. Addison on Contracts. A. C. Appeal Court, English Chancery; Law Add. Eccl. Addams's Ecclesiastical Reports, Reports Appeal Cases.

English. A. D. Anno Domini; in the year of our Lord. Add. Pa. Addison's Reports, Pennsylvania.

A. K. Marsh. A. K. Marshall's Reports, Ken Add. Torts. Addison on Torts. tucky.

Addams. Addams's Ecclesiastical Reports, A. L. J. Albany Law Journal.

A. P. B. or Ashurst MSS. L. I. L. Ashurst's Adj. Adjudged, Adjourned.
Paper-books; the manuscript paper-books of Adjournal, Books of. The Records of the
Ashurst, J., Buller, J., Lawrence, J., and Dam- Court of Justiciary, Scotland.
pier, J., in Lincoln's Inn Library.

Adm. Admiralty.
A. R. Anno Regni ; in the year of the reign. Admr. Administrator.

A. S. Acts of Sederunt, Ordinances of the Admx. Administratrix.
Court of Sessions, Scotland.

Adolph. & E. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, A. & A. Corp. Angell & Ames on Corpora- English King's Bench. tions.

Adolph. & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis's ReA. & E. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, English ports, New Series, English Queen's Bench, comKing's Bench.

monly cited Q. B. A. & E. N. S. Adolphus & Ellis's Reports, Ads. Ad sectam, at suit of. New Series, English Queen's Bench, commonly Adye C. M. Adye on Courts-Martial. cited Q. B.

self. C. Canons of Aelfric. A. & F. Fixt. Amos & Ferrard on Fixtures. Agn. Pat. Agnew on Patents. Ab. Abridgment.

Aik. Aiken's Reports, Vermont. Ab. Adm. Abbott's Admiralty Reports, U. S. Al. Aleyn's Select Cases, English King's Dist. Court, South. Dist. N. Y.

Bench. Ab. App. Dec., Ab. Ct. App. or Ab. N. Y. Ct. Al. Tel. Cas. Allen's Telegraph Cases, AmeriApp. Abbott's New York Court of Appeals De- can and English. cisions.

Al. & Nap. Alcock & Napier's Reports, Irish Ab. Eq. Cas. Equity Cases Abridged, Eng. King's Bench and Exchequer. lish Chancery.

Ala Alabama Reports. Ab. N. Y. Dig. Abbott's Digest of New York Ala. N. S. Alabama Reports, New Series. Reports and Statutes.

Ala. Sel. Cas. Alabama Select Cases, by ShepAb. N. Y. Pr. or Ab. Pr. Abbott's Practice herd. Reports, various New York courts.

Alb. Arb. Albert Arbitration, Lord Cairns's
Ab. N. Y. Pr. N. S. or Ab. Pr. N. S. Abbott's Decisions.
Practice Reports, New Series, various New York Alb. L. J. or Alb. Law Jour. Albany Law

Ab. Nat. Dig. Abbott's National Digest. Alc. Alcock's Registry Cases, Irish.

Ab. New Cas. Abbott's New Cases, various Alc. & N. Alcock & Napier's Reports, Irish New York courts.

King's Bench and Exchequer. Ab. Pl. Abbott's Pleadings under the Code. Ald. Alden's Condensed Pennsylvania ReAb. Pr. Abbott's Practice Reports, New York. ports.

Ab. Sh. Abbott (Lord Tenterden) on Ship Ald. Hist. Aldridge's History of the Courts piog.

of law.




Ald. Ind. Alden's Index of U. 8. Reports. Andr. Pr. Andrews' Precedents of Leases.

Ald. & Van Hoes. Dig. Alden & Van Hoe Andr. Rev. L. Andrews on the Revenue Laws.
sen's Digest, Laws of Mississippi.

Ang. Angell's Reports, Rhode Island Reports,
Alex. Cas. Report of “Alexandra" case, by vol. 1.

Ang. Adv. Enj. Angell on Adverse Enjoy-
Alex. Ch. Pr. Alexander's Chancery Practice. ment.

Aleyn. Aleyn's Select Cases, English King's Ang. A88. Angell on Assignments.

Ang. B. T. Angell on Bank Tax.
Alison Prac. Alison's Practice of the Criminal Ang. Carr. Angell on Carriers.
Law of Scotand.

Any. Corp. Angell and Ames on Corpora-
Alison Princ. Alison's Principles of ditto. tions.
All. & Mor. Tr. Allen & Morris's Trial.

Ang. Ins. Angell on Insurance.
All, Sher. Allen on Sheriffs.

Ang. High. Angell on Highways.
Allen. Allen's Reports, Massachusetts Re Ang. Lim. Angell on Limitations.
ports, vols. 83-96.

Ang. Tide Wat. Angell on Tide Waters
Allen (N. B.) Allen's Reports, New Bruns Ang. Water C. Angell on Water Courses.

Ang. & A. Corp. Angell and Ames on Corpo-
Allen Tel. Cas. Allen's Telegraph Cases. rations.

Alleyne L. D. of Mar. Alleyne's Legal De Ang.& D. High. Angell and Durfree on High-
grees of Marriage Considered.

Alln. Part. Allnat on Partition.

Ann. Queen Anne; as 1 Ann. c. 7.
Am. America, American, or Americana. Ann. C. Annals of Congress.

Am. C. L. J. American Civil Law Journal, Ann. de la Pro. Annales de la Propriété In-
New York.

Am. Ch. Dig. American Chancery Digest. Ann. de Lég. Annuaire de Législation Etran-

Am. Corp. Čas. Withrow's American Corpo-gere, Paris,
ration Cases.

Ann. Jud. Annuaire Judiciaire, Paris.
Am. Crim. Rep. American Criminal Re Ann. Reg. Annual Register, London,
ports, by Hawley.

Ann. Reg. N. S. Annual Register, New Series,
Am. Dec. American Decisions.

Am. Insolv. Rep. American Insolvency Re Annaly. Annaly's Reports, English. Com-

monly cited Cas. temp. Hardw., but sometimes
Am. Jur. American Jurist, Boston.

as Ridgray's Reports.
Am. L. Cas. or Am. Lead. Cas. American Annes. Ins. Annesly on Insurance.
Leading Cases (Hare & Wallace's).

Anon. Anonymous.
Am. L. Elect. American Law of Elections. Ans, Contr. Anson on Contracts.
Am. L. J. or Am, Law Jour. American Law

Anst. Anstruther's Reports, English Ex-
Journal (Hall's), Philadelphia.

Am. L. J. N. S. or Am. Law Jour. N. S. Ame Anth. Abr. Anthon's Abridgment of Black-
rican Law Journal, New Series, Philadelphia.

stone's Commentaries.
Am. L. M. or Am. Law Mag. American Law Anth. III. Dig. Anthony's Illinois Digest.
Magazine, Philadelphia.

Anth. L. S. 'Anthon's Law Student.
Am. L. Rec. or Am. Law Rec. American Law Anth. N. P. Anthon's Nisi Prius Cases, New
Record, Cincinnati.

Am. L. R. or Am. Law Reg. American Law Anth. Prec. Anthon's Precedents.
Register, Philadelphia.

Anth. Shep. Anthon's edition of Sheppard's
Am. L. Rep. or Am. Law Rep. American Law Touchstone.
Reporter, Davenport, Iowa.

Ap. Justin. Apud Justinium, or Justinian
Am. L. Rev. or Am. Law Rev. American Law Institutes.
Review, Boston.

App. Appeal. Apposition. Appendix.
Am. Í. T. or Am. Lar Times. American Law App. Appleton's Reports, Maine Reports,
Times, Washington, D. C.

vols, 19-20.
Am. L. T. Bank. American Law Times Bank App. Ev. Appleton on Evidence.
ruptcy Reports.

Appx. Appendix.
Am. L. T. R. American Law Times Reports.

Ar. Arrêté.
Am. Pl. A88. American Pleader's Assistant.

Arbuth. Arbuthnot's Select Criminal Cases,
Am. R. or Am. Rep. American Reports.

Am. Rail. Cas. Smith and Bates's American

Arch. Court of Arches.
Railway Cases.

Arch. B. L. Archbold's Bankrupt Law.
Am. Rail. R. American Railway Reports.

Arch. C. P. Archbold's Civil Pleading.
Am. St. P. American State Papers.

Arch. Cr. L. Archbold's Criminal Law.
Am. Them. American Themis, New York.

Arch. Cr. P. Archbold's Criminal Pleading.
Am. Tr. M. Cas. Cox's American Trade Mark

Arch. Cr. P. by Pom. Archbold's Criminal

Pleading, by Pomeroy.
Amb. Ambler's Reports, English Chancery.

Arch. F. Archbold's Forms.
Ames. Ames's Reports, Rhode Island Reports,

Arch. F. I. Archbold's Forms of Indictment.
vols. 4-7.

Arch. J. P. Archbold's Justice of the Peace.
Ames, K. & B. Ames, Knowles, and Bradley's

Arch. L. & T. Archbold's Landlord and
Reports, Rhode Island Reports, vol. 8.

Amos & F. Amos and Ferrard on Fixtures.

Arch. N. P. Archbold's Nisi Prius Law.
Amos Jur. Amos's Science of Jurisprudence.

Arch, P. Archbold's Practice.
An. Anonymous.

Arch. P. by Ch. Archbold's Practice, by
And. Anderson's Reports, English Common Chitty.
Pleas and Court of Wards.

Arch. P. C. P. Archbold's Practice, Common
And. Ch. Ward. Anderson on Church War- Pleas.

Arch. P. K. B. Archbold's Practice, King's
And. Com. Anderson's History of Commerce.

Andr. Andrews' Reports, English, King's

Arch. Sum. Archbold's Summary of the Laws

of England.




Archer. Archer's Reports, Florida Reports, B. C. R. Saunders and Cole's Bail Court Revol. 2.

ports, English. Arg. Arguendo, in arguing, in the course of B. C. T. Bell on Completing Titles. reasoning.

B. Ecc. Law. Burns's Ecclesiastical Law. Arg. Inst. Institution au Droit Français, par B. Just. Burns's Justice. M. Argou.

B. L. T. Baltimore Law Transcript. Ark. Arkansas Reports.

B. Mon. B. Monroe's Reports, Kentucky. Ark. Rev. Sts. Arkansas Revised Statutes. B. M. or B. Moore. Moore's Reports, English. Arkl. Arkley's Scotch Reports.

B. N. C. Bingham's New Cases, English. Arms. Elect. Cas. Armstrong's Cases of Con B. N. C. Brooke's New Cases, English. tested Elections, New York.

B. N. P. Buller's Nisi Prius. Arms. M. &0. Armstrong, Macartney, and B. P. B. Buller's Paper Books. See A. P. B. Ogle's Reports, Irish Nisi Prius Cases.

B. P. C. Brown's Parliamentary Cases. Arms. Tr. Armstrong's Limerick Trials, Ire B. P. L. Cas. Bott's Poor Law Cases. land.

B. R. Bancus Regis; the King's Bench. Arn. Arnold's Reports, English Common B. R. American Law Times Bankruptcy RePleas.

ports. Arn. El. Cas. Arnold's Election Cases, Eng B. Reg. Bankruptcy Register, New York. lish.

B. R. Act. Booth's Real Action. Arn, Ins. Arnould on Marine Insurance. B. R. H. Cases in King's Bench, temp. Hard

Arn. & H. Arnold and Hodges's Reports, vicke. English Queen's Bench.

B. S. Upper Bench. Arn. & H. B. 0. Arnold and Hodges's Eng B. Tr. Bishop's Trial. lish Bail Court Reports.

B. & A. or B. & Ald. Barnewa.. and Alderson's Arnot. Arnot's Criminal Cases, Scotland. Reports, English. Art. Article.

B. & Ad. Barnewall and Adolphus' Reports, Ashe. Ashe's Tables.

English. Ashm. Ashmead's Reports, Pennsylvania. B. & Aust. Barron and Austin's Election

Aso & Man. Inst. Aso and Manuel's Institutes Cases, English. of the Laws of Spain.

B. & B. Ball and Beatty's Reports, Irish Asp. Mar. L. Cas. Aspinall’s Maritime Law Chancery. Cases.

B. & B. Broderip and Bingham's Reports, Ass. Liber Assissarium, Part 5 of the Year English. Books.

B. & Bar. The Bench and Bar, Chicago. A88. de Jerus. Assizes of Jerusalem.

B. &C. Barnewall & Cresswell's Reports, Eng. Ast. Ent. Aston's Entries.

lish. Atch. Atcheson's Reports, Navigation and B. & H. Dig. Bennett & Heard's Massachu . Trade, English.

setts Digest. Ath. Mar. Set. Atherly on Marriage Settle B. & H. Lead. Cas. Bennett & Heard's Leadments.

ing Cases on Criminal Law. Atk. Atkyn's Reports, English Chancery. B. & L. Browning & Lushington's Reports, Atk. Ch. Pr. Atkinson's Chancery Practice. English Admiralty. Atk. Con. Atkinson on Conveyancing.

B. & L. Prec. Bullen & Leake's Precedents of Alk. P. T. Atkyn's Parliamentary Tracts. Pleading:

Atk. Tit. or Atk. M. T. Atkinson on Market B. & P. Bosanquet & Puller's Reports, Engable Titles.

lish. Ats. At suit of.

B. & P. N. R. Bosanquet & Puller's New ReAtu. Atwater's Reports, Minnesota Reports, ports, English. vol. 1.

B. & S. Best & Smith's Reports, English. Atty. Attorney.

Bab. Auc. Babington on Auctions. Atty. Gen. Attorney-General.

Bab. Set-off. Babington on Set-off. Aus. Jur. Australian Jurist, Melbourne. Bac. Abr. Bacon's Abridgment.

Aust. Juris. Austin's Province of Jurispru Bac. Comp. Arb. Bacon's Complete Arbitration. dence.

Bac. El. Bacon's Elements of the Common Austin C. 0. R. Austin's County Court Re- Law. ports, English.

Bac. Gov. Bacon on Government. Austr. Jur. Australian Jurist, Melbourne. Bac. Law Tr. Bacon's Law Tracts.

Auth. Authentica, in the authentic ; that is, Bac. Lease. Bacon on Leases and Terms of the Summary of some of the Novels in the Civil Years. Law inserted in the Code under such a title. Bac. Lib. Reg. Bacon's Liber Regis, vel The

Av. & H. B. Law. Avery and Hobb's Bank-saurus Rerum Ecclesiasticarum. rupt Law of the United States.

Bac. M. Bacon's Maxims. Ayck. Ch. F. Ayckbourns Chancery Forms. Bac. U. Bacon on Uses.

Ayck. Ch, Pr. Ayckbourns Chancery Prac Bach. Man. Bache's Manual of a Pennsylvatice.

nia Justice of the Peace. Ayl. Pan. Ayliffe's Pandects.

Bag. C. Pr. Bagley's Chamber Practice. Ayl. Par. Ayliffe's Parergon Juris Canonici Bage. Const. Bagehot on the English ConstiAnglicani.

tution. Azuni Mar. Law. Azuni on Maritime Law. Bagl. Bagley's Reports, California Reports,

B. Bancus; the Common Bench; the back of vol. 16. a leaf; Book,

Bagl. & H. Bagley & Harmen's Reports, CalB. B. Bail Bond; Bayley on Bills.

ifornia Reports, vols. 17-19. B. Bar. Bench and Bar, Chicago.

Bail Ct. Cas. Lowdes & Maxwell's Bail Court B. C. Bail Court.

Cases, English. B. C. Bell's Commentaries on the Laws of Bail Ct. Rep. Saunders & Cole's Bail Court Scotland.

Reports. B. 0. C. Lowndes and Maxwell's Bail Court Bailey Bailey's Law Reports, South Carolina. Cases, English; Brown's Chancery Cases, Eng Bailey Eq. or Bailey Ch. Bailey's Chancery lish.

Reports, South Carolina.




Bain. M. & M. Bainbridge on Mines and Min Bart. Elect. Cas. Bartlett's Congressional erals.

Election Cases.
Bak. Bur. Baker's Law Relating to Burials. Bart. Eq. Barton's Suit in Equity.
Bak. Corp. Baker on Corporations.

Bart. Prec. Barton's Precedents of Convey-
Bak. Quar. Baker's Law of Quarantine. ancing.
Bald. Baldwin's Reports, U. 3. 3d Circuit. Bat. Sp. Per. Batten on Specific Performance.

Bald. Con. or Bald. C. V. Baldwin on the Batem. Ag. Bateman on Agency. Constitution.

Batem. Ex. L. Bateman's Excise Laws. Balf. Balfour's Practice of the Law of Scot Batem. Auct. Bateman on the Law of Auctions. land.

Batem. Comm. L. Bateman's Commercial Law. Ball & B. Ball & Beatty's Reports, Irish Batem. Const. L. Bateman's Constitutional Chancery.

Law. Ball. Lim. Ballantine on Limitations.

Bates Ch. Bates's Chancery Reports, Delaware. Balt. L. Tr. Baltimore Law Transcript.

Batty. Batty's Reports, Irish, King's Bench. Banc. Sup. Bancus Superior, or Upper Bench. Baum. Baum on Rectors, Church Wardens,

Bank. Ct. R. Bankrupt Court Reporter, New and Vestrymen. York.

Baxt. Baxter's Reports, Tennessee. Bank. Inst. Bankter's Institutes of Scottish Bay. Bay's Reports, South Carolina. Law.

Bay (Mo.). Bay's Reports, Missouri Reports, Bank. Reg. National Bankruptcy Register, vols. 1-3 and 5-8. New York.

Bayl. Bill. Bayley on Bills. Bank. Rep. American Law Times Bank Bayl. Ch. Pr. Bayley's Chancery Practice. ruptcy Reports.

Bea. C. E. Beame's Costs in Equity. Bank. & Ins. R. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Bea. Eq. Beame's Equity Pleading: Reports, English.

Bea. Ne Exeat. Beame on the Writ of Ne Banker's Mag. Banker's Magazine, New York. E ceat.

Banker's Mag. (Lon.). Banker's Magazine, Bea. Ord. Beame's Orders in Chancery. London.

Bea. Pl. Eq. Beame's Pleas in Equity. Banks. Banks's Reports, Kansas Reports, Beas. Beasley's Reports, New Jersey Equity vols. 1-5.

Reports, vols. 12–13. Bann. Bannister's Reports, English Common Beatt. Beatty's Reports, Irish Chancery. Pleas.

Beaum. B. of° . Beaumont on Bills of Sale. Bann. Lim. Banning on Limitation of Action. Beaum. Ins. Beaumont on Insurance. Bar Bar Reports, in all the courts, English. Beav. Beavan's Reports, English.

Bar Ex. Jour. Bar Examination Journal, Beav. R. & C. Cas. Beavan's Railway and London.

Canal Cases. Barb. or Barb. S. C. Barbour's Reports, Su Beawes. Beawes's Let Mercatoria. preme Court, New York.

Becc. Cr. Beccaria on Crimes and PunishBarb. (Ark.): Barber's Reports, Arkansas ments. Reports, vols. 14-24.

Beck's Med. Jur. Beck's Medical JurispruBarb. Ch. Barbour's Chancery Reports, New dence. York.

Bee or Bee Adm. Bee's Admiralty Reports, Barb. Ch. Pr. Barbour's Chancery Practice. U. S. Dist. Court, South Carolina. Barb. Cr. P. Barbour's Criminal Pleadings. Bee C. C. R. Bee's Crown Cases Reserved, Barb. on Set-off. Barbour on Set-off.

English. Barb. Grot. Grotius on War and Peace, Notes Bel. Bellewe's Reports, English King's by Barbeyrac.

Bench temp. Richard II. Barb. Preff. Puffendorf's Law of Nature and Bell. (Or.). Bellinger's Reports, Oregon ReNations, Notes by Barbeyrac.

ports, vols. 1-8. Barber. Barber's Reports, Arkansas Reports, Bell Ap. Cas. Bell's House of Lords Cases, vols. 14-24.

Scotch Appeal. Barn. Barnardiston's Reports, English King's Bell C. C. Bell's Crown Cases Reserved. Bench.

Bell C. T. Bell on Completing Titles. Barn. Ch. Barnardiston's Chancery Reports, Bell Cas. Bell's Cases, Scotch Court of SesEnglish.

sions. Barn. Sh. Barnes's Sheriff.

Bell Com. Bell's Commentaries on the Laws Barn. & A. or Barn. & Ald. Barnewall & Ald- of Scotland. erson's Reports, English.

Bell. Cr. Cas. Beller's Criminal Cases, BomBarn. & Ad. Barnewall & Adolphus's Reports, bay. English King's Bench.

Bell. Del. U. L. Beller's Delineation of UniBarn. & Cress. Barnewall & Cresswell's Re- versal Law. ports, English.

Bell Dict. Bell's Dictionary of the Law of Barnes. Barnes's Practice Cases, English. Scotland.

Barnet. Barnet's Reports, Central Criminal Bell Dict. Dec. Bell's Dictionary of Decisions, Courts Reports, vols. 27-92.

Court of Sessions, Scotland. Barr. Barr's Reports, Pennsylvania Reports, Bell El. L. Bell's Election Law of Scotland. vols. 1-10.

Bell H. C. Cal. Bell's Reports High Court of Barr. 06. St. Barrington's Observations on Calcutta. the Statutes.

Bell H. L. Bell's House of Lords Cases, Barr. Ten. Barry on Tenures.

Scotch Appeal. Barr. & Arn. Barron & Arnold's Election Bell H. & W. Bell on Husband and Wife. Cases, English.

Bell Illus. Bell's Illustration of Principles Barr. & Aus. Barron & Austin's Election Bell (In.). Bell's Reports, India. Cases, English.

Bell L. Bell on Leases. Barron Mir. Barron's Mirror of Parliament. Bell Notes. Bell's Supplemental Notes to Barry Ch. Jur. Barry's Chancery Jurisdiction. Hume on Crimes. Barry Conv. Barry on Conveyancing.

Bell P. O. Bell's Cases in Parliament. Bart. Conv. Barton's Elements of Convey Bell Prin. Bell's Principles of the Law of ancing.





Bell Put. Mar. Bell's Putative Marriage Case, Big. Bignall's Reports, India. Scotland.

Big. Bills & N. Bigelow on Bills and Notes. Bell S. Bell on Sales.

Big. Eq. Bigelow on Equity.
Bell Sess. Cas. Bell's Cases in the Court of Big. Estop. Bigelow on Estoppel.

Big. Frauds. Bigelow on Fra uds.
Bell Styles. Bell's System of the Forms of Big. Jarm. Wills. Bigelow's Edition of Jar-

man on Wills. Bell T. D. Bell on the Testing of Deeds. Big. L. & A. Ins. Cas. Bigelow's Life and Bellais. Bellais's Criminal Cases, Bombay. Accident Insurance Cases.

Bellewe. Bellewe's Reports, English King's Big. Lead. Cas. Bigelow's Leading Cases on Bench temp. Richard II.

Torts. Bellewe Cas. Bellewe's Cases, temp. Henry Big. Over-ruled Cas. Bigelow's Over-ruled VIII.; Brooke's New Cases; Petit Brooke. Cases.

Bellingh. Tr. Report of the Bellingham Trial. Big. Placita. Bigelow's Placita Anglo-Nor

Belt Sup. Ves. Belt's Supplement to Vesey Se- mannica. nior's Reports.

Bigg Cr. L. Bigg's Criminal Law. Belt Ves. Sen. Belt's Edition of Vesey Senior's Bign. Bignall's Reports, India. Reports.

Bilb. Ord. Ordinances of Bilboa. Ben. or Bt. Benedict's Reports, U. 8. Dist. Bill. Aw. Billing on the Law of Awards. Court, 20 Circuit.

Bill. & Pr. Pat. Law. Billing & Price on the Ben. Adm. Benedict's Admiralty Practice. Patent Laws. Ben. Av. Beneake on Average.

Bing. Bingham's Reports, English Common Ben. Just. Benedict on Justices of the Peace. Pleas. Bench & Bar. The Bench and Bar, Chicago. Bing. Des. Bingham on Descent.

Bendl. Bendloe's, or New Benloe's Reports, Bing. Inf. Bingham on Infancy. English Common Pleas, Ed. of 1661.

Bing. Judg. Bingham on Judgments and Benet Ct.-M. Benet' on Military Law and Executions. Courts Martial.

Bing. L. & T. Bingham on Landlord and Beng. L. R. Bengal Law Reports, India. Tenant.

Beng. S. D. Bengal Sudder Dewany Reports, Bing. N. C. Bingham's New Cases, English India.

Common Pleas. Benj. Sales. Benjamin on Sales.

Bing. & Colv. Rents. Bingham & Colvin on Benl. Benloe's Reports, English Common Rents, etc. Pleas.

Binn. Binney's Reports, Pennsylvania. Benl. in _Ashe. Benloe's Reports, at the end Binn Jus. Binn's Pennsylvania Justice. of Ashe's Tables.

Bird Conv. Bird on Conveyancing. Benl. in Keil. Benloe's Reports, at the end Bird L. & T. Bird on Landlord and Tenant. of Keilway's Reports.

Bird Sol. Pr. Bird's Solution of Precedents Benl. Nero. Benloe's Reports, English Com- of Settlemente mon Pleas, Ed. of 1661.

Biret de l' Abs. Traité de l' Absence et de ses Benl. old. Benloe's Reports, English Com- effets, par M. Biret. mon Pleas, of Benloe & Dalison, Ed. of 1689. Bish. Contr. Bishop on Contracts.

Beni. & Dal. Benloe & Dalison's Reports, Bish. Cr. L. Bishop on Criminal Law. English Common Pleas.

Bish. Cr. Proc. Bishop on Criminal Procedure. Benn. (Cal.). Bennett's Reports, California Bish. Mar. & D. Bishop on Marriage and DiReports, vol. 1.

Benn. (Mo.); Bennett's Reports, Missouri Bish. Mar. Wom. Bishop on Married Women. Reports, vols. 16-21.

Bish. St. Cr. Bishop on Statutory Crimes. Benn. Diss. Bennett's Dissertation on the Pro Bisp. Eq. Bispham's Equity. ceedings in the Master's Office in the Court of Biss. Bissell's Reports, U. 8. Courts, 7th CirChancery of England, sometimes cited Benn. cuit. Prac.

Biss. Est. or Bi88. Life Est. Bissett on Estates Benn. Fire Ins. Cas. Bennett's Fire Insurance for Life. Cases.

Biss. Part. Bissett on Partnership. Benn. Prac. See Benn. Diss.

Bk. Judg. Book of Judgments, by Townsend. Benn. & H. Cr. Cas. Bennett & Heard's Crim

Bl. Black's Reports, U. 8. Supreme Court. inal Cases.

Bi. C. C. Blatchford's Reports, U. 8. Circuit Benn. & H. Dig. Bennett & Heard's Massa-Court, 2d Circuit. chusett's Digest.

Bl. Com. or Bl. Comm. Blackstone's ComBennett M. See Benn. Diss.

mentaries. Bent. Bentley's Reports, Irish Chancery. BI. D. Blount's Law Dictionary. Benth. Ev. or Benth. Jud. Ev. Bentham on

Bl. D. &0. Blackham, Dundas, & Osborne's Rationale of Judicial Evidence.

Reports, Ireland. Benth. Leg. Bentham on Theory of Legisla Bl. H. Henry Blackstone's Reports, English. tion.

Bl. & How. Blatchford & Howland's AdmiBerry. Berry's Reports, Missouri.

ralty Reports, U. 8. Dist. Court, Southern Dist. Bert. Berton's Reports, New Brunswick. of N. Y. Besson Prec. Besson's New Jersey Precedents. BI. L. D. Blount's Law Dictionary. Best Ev. Best on Evidence.

Bl. L. T. Blackstone's Law Tracts. Best Pres. Best on Presumption.

Bl. Pr. Ca. Blatchford's Prize Cases, U. S. Best & 8. Best & Smith's Reports, English Dist. of N. Y. Queen's Bench.

BI. R. or Bl. Wm. William Blackstone's ReBetts Adm. Pr. Betts's Admiralty Practice.

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