Notice of Change in Control of Management of Insured Banks: Hearing Before ... , 88-2 on H.R. 12267 ... H.R. 12268 ... , August 12, 1964


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Página 14 - The appropriate place for such reports is the Comptroller of the Currency in the case of national banks, and the State authorities in the case of State-chartered banks.
Página 40 - ... such association is established, or if there is no newspaper in the place, then in the one published nearest thereto in the same county, at the expense of the association; and such proof of publication shall be furnished as may be required by the Comptroller. The Comptroller shall also have power to call for special reports from any particular association whenever in his judgment the same are necessary in order to a full and complete knowledge of its condition.
Página 41 - Each such report of an affiliate shall be transmitted to the Comptroller at the same time as the corresponding report of the association, except that the Comptroller may, in his discretion, extend such time for good cause shown. Each such report shall contain such information as in the judgment of the Comptroller of the Currency shall be necessary to disclose fully the relations between such affiliate and such bank and to enable the Comptroller to inform himself as to the effect of such relations...
Página 36 - Whoever fraudulently possesses, passes, utters, publishes, or sells, or attempts to pass, utter, publish, or sell, or brings into the United States, any such coin, knowing the same to be altered, defaced, mutilated, impaired, diminished, falsified, scaled, or lightened — "Shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.
Página 41 - Each bank admitted to membership under this section shall obtain from each of its affiliates other than member banks and furnish to the Federal reserve bank of its district and to the Federal Reserve Board not less than three reports during each year.
Página 41 - ... according to the form which may be prescribed by him, verified by the oath or affirmation of the president or cashier of such association, and attested by the signature of at least three of the directors.
Página 40 - Control" (including the terms "controlling", "controlled by", and "under common control with") means the possession, directly or indirectly, of the power to direct or cause the direction of the management and policies of a...
Página 36 - ... may hereafter be, coined at the mints of the United States, or any foreign gold or silver coins which are by law made current or are in actual use or circulation as money within the United States...
Página 41 - Governors of the Federal Reserve System or the Comptroller of the Currency, as the case may be. may waive such requirements with respect to any such report or examination of any affiliate if in the judgment of the said Board or Comptroller, respectively, such report or examination is not necessary to disclose fully the relations between such affiliate and such bank and the effect thereof upon the affairs of such bank.
Página 5 - ... (3) The reports required by paragraphs (1) and (2) of this subsection shall contain the following information to the extent that it is known by the person making the report: (a) the number of shares involved, (b) the names of the sellers (or transferors), (c) the names of the purchasers (or transferees), (d) the names of the beneficial owners if the shares are registered in another name, (e) the purchase price, (f) the total number of shares owned by the sellers (or transferors), the purchasers...

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