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purveyors of goosequills and foolscap to the Government stationary office, by writing lengthy and cheerful letters to Lord Lyons on the subject. Only, if Mr. Seward have any notion of equal justice, or of what is sauce for the goose being sauce for the gander, he ought certainly to remember that he justified the kidnapping of Don Jose Arguelles by the specious plea that no person accused of trading in human flesh could expect protection from the United States Government; also that America has an extradition treaty with England; and then, having recalled those facts, he should forthwith deliver up the State authorities of Delaware to the British Government, in order that they might be tried at the Old Bailey for man-stealing, which is felony. At all events, whether Mr. Kinnaird obtains any redress or not, it would be as well to lay this little story up in lavender, ready for the compensation controversy. If any noble lords or honourable gentlemen in the British parliament want any more instances of British subjects having been drugged, kidnapped, decoyed, and forced, not into negro slavery, but into the scarcely less intolerable servitude of the Federal army and navy, I dare say that her Majesty's consuls at the ports of New York, Boston, and Portland will be enabled to supply them with dozens, cut and dried."

Here is a case not only for Lord Lyons and the Episcopal Methodists of Canada, but for the President of the Wesleyan Conference, and as Mr. Thornton has already favoured Mr. Kinnaird and his

brother black delegates with such an eloquent tribute to their talents, we may fairly calculate on the eloquence of the above dignitary, if not of "Punshon's " in denouncing this American outrage on a British subject, and obtaining for him redress.


Wilsden, Nr. Bingley, Yorkshire.
August 25, 1864.


How sickening is the spectacle which America presents to the view of men in the terrible war which is now being waged with such deadly strife, producing such terrible results in the awful destruction of human life, the enormous waste of property, and the untold misery which is experienced through the disarrangement and annihilation of commerce. What a distressing and harrowing picture of the atrocities and fearful calamities of war are made manifest in the following article, published in the Old Guard, a monthly journal recently established in New York, under the heading

"HOW WE ARE REVENGING FORT SUMPTER." "The reported casualties of this war from its beginning to Jan. 1, 1863

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'They have killed twenty-two thousand eight hundred and seventy-four more of our men than we have of theirs.


'They have wounded, not mortally, thirty-nine thousand four hundred and fourteen more of our men than we have of theirs. "One hundred and fifty thousand more of our men have died of disease and wounds than of theirs.

"They have made prisoners of forty-six thousand more of our men than we have of theirs.

"Our total casualties are two hundred and thirty-seven thousand two hundred and ninety-seven more than theirs—that is, our casualties have been fourteen thousand more than as much again as theirs.

"This is the way we have 'revenged the firing on Fort Sumpter.'

"But this is not all. We have spent almost two thousand millions more of money than they have spent.

"We have made two hundred thousand of our women widows. "We have made one million of children fatherless.

"We have destroyed the constitution of our country.

"We have brought the ferocious savagery of war into every corner of society.

"We have demoralised our pulpits, so that our very religion is a source of immorality and blood.

"Instead of being servants of Christ our ministers are servants of Satan.

"The land is full of contractors, thieves, provost marshals, and a thousand other tools of illegal and despotic power, as Egypt was of vermin in the days of the Pharaohs.

"We are rapidly degenerating in everything that exalts a nation.

"Our civilization is perishing.

"We are swiftly drifting into inevitable civil war here in the North.

"We are turning our homes into charnel houses.

There is a corpse in every family.

"The angel of death sits in every door.


The Devil has removed from Tartarus to Washington.

"We pretend that we are punishing the rebels, but they are punishing us.

"We pretend that we are restoring the Union, but we are destroying it.

"We pretend that we are enforcing the laws, but we are only catching negroes.

"That is the way we are 'revenging Sumpter.'

"Selling our souls to the Devil, and taking Lincoln and Co's promise to pay. We have it in greenbacks and blood.

"That is the way we are 'revenging Sumpter.""

As our Northern people have hurled the thunder bolts of war, they have also been made to feel the effects of war.

With the same measure in which they have tried to meet out destruction to the South, it has been measured back again, pressed down, shaken together, and running over with misery, ruin, and woe.

What a fearful and tremendous responsibility rests on those who instigated President Lincoln and his cabinet to the adoption of war measures for the subjugation of the South, and also now urge their continuance under the strange hallucination that they are fighting for freedom, whilst military despotism is trampling down their own liberties and those of the people under its black hoofs, and engulphing the flower and strength and resources of the nation in the vortex of destruction!

How infatuated and blind cuch parties must be, not to see that the great call in God's providence was for the North to let the South go! And this is equally manifest in their non-recognition of, and indifference to, the retributive providences of Jehovah, which thunder in their ears the announcement which He

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