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as may be designated, and shall be called to meet upon the demand of the majority of its members. Notice of all special meetings of the Board of Managers shall be mailed to each member at least ten days in advance of such meeting. The presence of five members of said Board of Managers shall constitute a quorum.

SEC. 4. The Board of Managers shall cause to be kept a full and complete record of all its proceedings, which shall be open to the inspection of the members at any time, and it shall render a detailed report of its transactions annually or oftener, if so required, to the Council. It shall make a report and offer its recommendations to each annual convention of the association.

SEC. 5. The Board of Managers shall appoint a Secretary of this association and fix the compensation for his services. It shall be the duty of such Secretary to receive all moneys that may be paid to him by virtue of his office, carefully account for the same and promptly cover them into the treasury, taking the Treasurer's official receipt therefor; to keep a complete and accurate record of all proceedings of the association, as well as of its Council and Board of Managers; he shall have possession of its records and archives, attend to the proper publication of all reports, conduct the official correspondence, attest documents and perform such other duties as are usual for such official or as may be required of him by the Board of Managers.

Sec. 6. The Board of Managers shall appoint a Commissioner of this association and fix the compensation for his services. It shall be the duty of such Commissioner to maintain headquarters and his residence at the National Capital, devoting his time and efforts to promoting the objects of this association and extending its membership and influence. He shall endeavor to keep in close touch with national legislative and departmental affairs, keeping the membership of the association posted regarding matters of interest, and in all things complying with the directions of the President and Board of Managers.


MEETINGS. SECTION 1. The regular annual conventions of this association shall be held at such time and place as shall be determined by the Council. Special neetings may be called by the Council. Notice of all meetings shall be mailed by the Secretary of this association to the Secretary of each constituent association at least thirty days prior to the date for assembling. In case of special meeting, such notice shall state the object of the meeting and subjects to be considered.

Sec. 2. At all conventions of this association the presence of delegates from a majority of the constituent members thereof shall constitute a quorum.



SECTION 1. The President, as soon as practicable after assuming the duties of his office, shall appoint, from the list of representatives, the following committees:

A Committee on Credentials, to which shall be referred the credentials of all representatives for report and recommendation.

A Committee on Law, to which shall be referred questions of law affecting subjects under consideration.

A Committee on Finance, which shall audit the accounts of the Treasurer and Secretary and to which all subjects affecting the expenditure of moneys shall be referred.

A Committee on Ways and Means, to which shall be referred subjects relating to the means of maintenance of the organization.

And such other committees as in his judgment may be desirable, to whom may be assigned for consideration and report cognate subjects upon the programme to come before the convention.


GENERAL PROVISIONS. SECTION 1. All subjects considered or acted upon by this association shall be national in character.

Sec. 2. All propositions, resolutions or questions, except those which involve points of order or matters of personal privilege, shall be submitted for action in writing only by the constituent bodies or by the Council; provided, that by consent of two-thirds of the constituent bodies present at a meeting a subject not so presented may be considered. A constituent body desiring to present a subject to a convention of this association shall commit its proposition to writing and forward the same to the Secretary at least forty days prior to the date of the meeting at which it is to be considered.

Sec. 3. A complete programme of all propositions submitted, as provided for in the foregoing section, shall be published by the Secretary and mailed to each constituent body prior to each convention.

Sec. 4. Any constituent body may withdraw from membership by submitting to the Secretary a written resignation, accompanied by remittance in full for all dues to date.



SECTION 1. This Constitution may be amended or added to at any meeting of the association upon affirmative vote of two-thirds of the delegates present and subject to the provisions of Article X, Sections 2 and 3 thereof.

Sec. 2. The provisions of this Constitution may be suspended for a definite time, except as to the subject of quorum, at any meeting of the association, by unanimous consent of the delegates present and voting.

BY-LAWS. 1. The following shall be the regular order of business at all conventions of this association:

First. Roll call.

Second. Announcement of committee appointments; receiving report of Committee on Credentials and action thereon.

Third. Reports of officers and Council and reference thereof to committees.

Fourth. Reports of standing and special committees.
Fifth. Election of officers for ensuing year.

Sixth. Consideration of and action upon official programme and reports of committees; general business.

2. Roberts' Rules of Order shall govern deliberations of this association.

3. During conventions of this association no delegates shall speak more than ten minutes upon one question without the leave of the convention, nor longer than twenty minutes without unanimous consent.

4. On all questions before a convention of this association on which a vote is taken viva voce, or by division, each duly accredited delegate present shall be entitled to one vote, in person. In all votes by yea and nay the delegates of each constituent association who are present shall have the right to cast the full number of votes to which their association is entitled, according to its officially reported membership and last payment of dues; all yea and nay votes shall be fully recorded and published in the proceedings. A call for yea and nay votes may be ordered only on questions involving action by the association upon propositions of a public character, or such as relate to amendment of the Constitution or By-Laws, and then only upon the demand supported by one-third of the members present; on the question of such demand each constituent body represented shall be entitled to but one vote, which shall be recorded. An affirmative vote of two-thirds shall be necessary to carry the approval of the National Board of Trade upon any proposition or resolution which may appear upon the official programme or be added thereto as provided by the Constitution.

5. In all ballots for the elective officers of this association each constituent body shall cast one ballot, upon which shall be written the nanie of the association by which it is cast, with the number of votes to which it is entitled and the number of votes or fractions of a vote given to each candidate for the office.

6. These By-Laws may be amended or added to at any convention by a two-thirds affirmative vote of the members present.




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