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Mr. READ, of Washington.-Gentlemen, as Chairman of the Banquet Committee, I would like to announce that the dinner of the organization will be served to-morrow evening at 7.30 o'clock, in the red dining room of this hotel. Tickets can be obtained at Room 938, from my friend, Mr. Tibbitts, who is acting for me, as I shall have to be absent part of the time. The price of each ticket is $7.50, and the quicker you get your tickets the sooner I shall be able to announce to the hotel management the number it will have to care for. If those of you who wish tickets-and I suppose all of you do--will get them to-day, it will be of very great help to the committee.


Mr. CARHART, of New York.—I move that the calling for committee reports be in the order in which they are printed on our committee list, and if, when a committee is called it should not be ready, then the name of that committee shall go to the foot of the list.

The PRESIDENT.-Would not the effect of that be rather to retard business than to hasten it? Would it not be better to take up committee reports by unanimous consent?

Mr. CARHART.-This is the method that was pursued last year. I make the motion in the interest of expedition of our business.

The PRESIDENT.-In the interest of order and expedition, Mr. CARHART offers the motion that when the Secretary calls for reports from the various committees, he shall call

them in the order in which they are printed on the official list of committees, and if, when a committee is called, the Chairman of the committee is not ready to submit his report, the next one in order shall be called, and the committee which was not ready will have to go to the bottom of the list. Is that a correct statement of the motion, Mr. CARHART? Mr. CARHART.-That is correct.

Mr. FAHEY, of Boston.-Would it not be better to proceed by unanimous consent?

The PRESIDENT.-Mr. CARHART's motion is now before the Board.

The motion was agreed to.


Mr. VIAUX, of Boston.-It has been suggested to me that the list of committees is not complete, lacking a Committee on Nominations of Officers for the ensuing year. I move such a committee.

The motion was agreed to, and the Chair announced the Committee on Nominations, as follows:

F. H. VIAUX, of Boston, Chairman; W. T. ROBINSON, of Philadelphia; J. C. F. MERRILL, of Chicago; CHARLES J. ENGLAND, of Baltimore; A. J. LOGAN, of Pittsburg; ACHILLE STARACE, of New York.


The PRESIDENT.-We have always had a little trouble about getting the council nominated, in consequence of the rush and suggestion of business on the last day of our meeting. The Chair ventures to suggest, therefore, that as the Secretary calls the names of the Boards, delegates will nom

inate the man they want, and the nominees in each case will be appointed on the council by the Chair.

The Secretary proceeded to call the roll for the purpose of having nominations made for members of the council. The following-named are the members of the council, as selected by the Board and appointed by the President, as provided in Section 2, Article VI, of the Constitution:

American Seed Trade Association, CHARLES H. BRECK.
American Warehousemen's Association, ALBERT M. READ.
Baltimore Board of Trade, JOHN M. NELSON.
Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, Louis MULLER.
Boston Chamber of Commerce, FREDERICK P. FISH.
Central Supply Association, GEORGE H. GORTON.
Chester Board of Trade, J. C. TAYLOR.
Chicago Board of Trade, B. FRANK HOWARD.

Chicago Open Board of Trade, CLARENCE G. BOGART.
Cigar Manufacturers' Association of America, A. M. Jen-


Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, A. T. ANDERSON.
Galveston Chamber of Commerce, JENS MOLLER.
Hoboken Board of Trade, EDWARD H. HORWOOD.
Italian Chamber of Commerce, ACHILLE STARACE.
Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, EDWARD J. FURLONG.
National Hardware Association, T. JAMES FERNLEY.
National Irrigation Association, GEORGE H. Maxwell.
Newport News Chamber of Commerce, Walter B. Live-


New York Board of Trade and Transportation, G. WALDO SMITH.

New York Produce Exchange, JOHN P. TRUESDELL. Norfolk Board of Trade and Business Men's Association, WM. T. ANDERSON.

North Side Board of Trade, CHARLES E. REID.
Philadelphia Board of Trade, E. R. WOOD.
Philadelphia Bourse, PHILIP GODLEY.

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, FINLEY ACKER.
Philadelphia Commercial Exchange, E. L. ROGERS.

Philadelphia Commercial Museum, Wм. S. HARVEY.

Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce, W. H. STtevenson.
Scranton Board of Trade, F. L. HITCHCOCK.
Washington Board of Trade, A. P. FARDON.
West Virginia Board of Trade, HENRY G. DAVIS.
Wilmington Board of Trade, WM. D. MULLEN.


Mr. STARACE, of New York, offered the following resolutions, which were adopted unanimously:

WHEREAS, We have learned with regret of the death of Mr. EGISTO MARIANI, who was a conspicuous participant in the National Board of Trade, rendering his valuable co-operation to the interests of this organization; and

WHEREAS, Mr. MARIANI, who was the Vice-President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce at New York, was an upright business man and an honor to America, his adopted country;

Resolved, That the National Board of Trade offers its condolence and sympathy for the loss sustained by his family and the Chamber of Commerce; and

Resolved, further, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to his wife and to the President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of New York.

Mr. STARACE.-The eloquent sentiments of sympathy expressed by our esteemed President, Mr. LA LANNE, concerning the death of one of our members have touched me deeply, and I wish to offer you, Mr. President, my heartfelt thanks in behalf of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of New York, which I have the honor to represent here, and of which Mr. MARIANI was the worthy Vice-President.

Mr. MARIANI was a good father; he was honest and active in business; in fact, he was a self-made man, which I believe is saying everything.

Mr. MARIANI was a native of Italy, and, of course, he loved his country, but above all, he had the greatest love and admiration for America, his adopted country, where he lived for nearly half a century.

I now thank you again.

At 2.10 o'clock P. M. the Board took a recess until 8 o'clock P. M.



The PRESIDENT.-Gentlemen, the business before the meeting is to receive reports from committees.

The SECRETARY.-The order of business adopted was to call for the reports and those that were not ready were to go to the foot of the list, unless otherwise ordered.

The PRESIDENT.-The Chair is ready now to hear reports under the order of business adopted on motion of Mr. CARHART, of New York.

The Secretary proceeded to call the committees.


Mr. ACHILLE STARACE, of New York, submitted the following report from the Committee on Bankruptcy :—

Your committee, to whom were referred sugestions from the Italian Chamber of Commerce of New York, in regard to sundry matters pertaining to the present National bankrupety law, respectfully recommend to the National Bankruptcy Committee of the House of Representatives that better protection to the honest debtor and also the creditor be made, and that inequalities in the present law be so remedied that the discharge of dishonest and fraudulent bankrupts who have designedly concealed their assets be strictly guarded against, as your committee is of opinion that the present law is too liberal in this feature, and is also accelerated by the Bulk Sales Law, the law being too favorable at present to this class.



The PRESIDENT.-You have heard the report of the Committee on National Bankrutpcy Acts. Is that a unanimous report?

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