The California Teacher: A Journal of School and Home Education and Official Organ of the Department of Public Instruction, Volumen10

California Educational Society, 1873

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Página 207 - The education of the child must accord both in mode and arrangement with the education of mankind as considered historically; or in other words, the genesis of knowledge in the individual must follow the same course as the genesis of knowledge in the race.
Página 441 - Except in cases where a different punishment is prescribed by this code, every offense declared to be a misdemeanor is punishable by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding six months, or by a fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by both.
Página 441 - ... was presented, and on that day, or some other subsequent day not more than twenty days from that on which the...
Página 174 - Natural History and Popular Science. Elementary Treatise on Physics, Experimental and Applied, for the use of Colleges and Schools. Translated and edited from GANOT'S ' Elements de Physique ' (with the Author's sanction) by E.
Página 384 - ... instincts of mothers, and the faculties with which young children are endowed by Nature. He never lost his own childhood from memory, and being denied the blessing of an infant of his own, regarded all the little ones with equal love. The direction of his boys...
Página 307 - Continuing observations of this nature during the remaining part of the year, and especially at the beginning of Winter, similar facts will be developed in regard to the sun's rising and setting, the height and length of the curve it describes, length of shadow at noon-day, etc. The tropics can here be well explained. Difference of temperature at different parts of the day, and at different seasons of the year. (¿>.) The Moon, (c.) Observation of the stars, (d.) Observation of weather.
Página 177 - ... for a school. I heard of a school, but my old certificates were not current in California, and the flattering letters of Prof. Russell, who taught me how to teach, availed me nothing. I had to be "examined" before I could be patented to be "fit to teach a common school in the State of California, for one year," and a miserable little school of half-Spanish children at that.
Página 186 - ... life diplomas to experienced teachers of the highest rank, and certificates of lower grades to younger teachers of lower rank, these diplomas and certificates to be issued only upon actual examination in writing, and the record of examination to be indorsed upon the certificates. There ought, also, to be a system of broad and liberal legislation in all the states, by means of which a professional teacher holding a diploma or certificate in one state should be guaranteed a legal recognition in...
Página 394 - Without entering into disputable points, it may be asserted without scruple, that the aim of all intellectual training for the mass of the people, should be to cultivate common sense; to qualify them for forming a sound practical judgment of the circumstances by which they are surrounded.
Página 181 - ... drop out of the occupation in five years. Most of our schools outside of our large cities, and many of the lower classes within our cities, are " kept," not taught, by unskilled and untrained labor, at the wages of unskilled labor. The pay of these unskilled "school-keepers" is less than that of any class of artisans or mechanics in any occupation that requires a trained apprenticeship.

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