International Conference on Safety of Life at Sea: Messages from the President of the United States Transmitting an Authenticated Copy of the International Convention Relating to Safety of Life at Sea, the Detailed Regulations Thereunder, a Final Protocol, and the "voeux" Expressed by the Conference, All Signed at London, January 20, 1914; and a Report from the United States Commissioners ... Together with the Report of Andrew Furuseth, Submitted to the President After His Resignation as Cmommissioner ... Memorial of International Seamen's Union of America

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1914 - 142 páginas

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Página 85 - Openings in Watertight Bulkheads (a) The number of openings in watertight bulkheads shall be reduced to the minimum compatible with the design and proper working of the ship; satisfactory means shall be provided for closing these openings.
Página 93 - That in every case of collision between two vessels it shall be the duty of the master or person in charge of each vessel, if and so far as he can do so without serious danger to his own vessel, crew, and passengers...
Página 6 - ... is bound to communicate the information by all the means at his disposal to ships in the vicinity, and also to the competent authorities at the first point on the coast with which he can communicate.
Página 101 - Certificates Certificates issued under the authority of a contracting government shall be accepted by the other contracting governments for all purposes covered by the present convention. They shall be regarded by the other contracting governments as having the same force as the certificates issued by them to their own ships.
Página 58 - All the life buoys and life jackets shall be so placed as to be readily accessible to the persons on board; their position shall be plainly indicated so as to be known to the persons concerned.
Página 46 - A survey, either general or partial, according to the circumstances, shall be made every time an accident occurs or a defect is discovered which affects the safety of the ship or the efficiency or completeness of its life-saving appliances or other equipments, or whenever any important repairs or renewals are made.
Página 53 - I into four equal parts. (The areas corresponding to the two ends of the boat are considered negligible.) The areas A, B, C shall be deemed to be given in square feet by the successive application of the following formula to each of the three...
Página 7 - The Contracting Governments undertake, each for its national ships, to maintain, or, if it is necessary, to adopt, measures for the purpose of ensuring that, from the point of view of safety of life at sea, all ships shall be sufficiently and efficiently manned.

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