New Cases Selected Chiefly from Decisions of the Courts of the State of New York, Volumen6

George S. Diossy, 1879
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Página 53 - ... duty of the executive authority of the state or territory to which such person has fled to cause him to be arrested and secured and to cause notice of the arrest to be given to the executive authority making such demand or to the agent of such authority appointed to receive the fugitive and to cause the fugitive to be delivered to such agent when he shall appear.
Página 61 - But if the Governor of Ohio refuses to discharge this duty, there is no power delegated to the general Government, either through the judicial department, or any other department, to use any coercive means to compel him.
Página 491 - By the constitution of the United States the president is invested with certain important political powers, in the exercise of which he is to use his own discretion, and is accountable only to his country in his political character, and to his own conscience.
Página 37 - ... no person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on presentment or indictment of a grand jury.
Página 279 - All the stockholders of every company incorporated under this act, shall be severally, individually liable to the creditors of the company in which they are stockholders, to an amount equal to the amount of stock held by them respectively...
Página 492 - It is not by the office of the person to whom the writ is directed, but the nature of the thing to be done, that the propriety or impropriety of issuing a mandamus is to be determined.
Página 492 - ... cents ; if it be no intermeddling with a subject over which the executive can be considered as having exercised any control; what is there in the exalted station of the officer, which shall bar a citizen from asserting, in a court of justice, his legal rights, or shall forbid a court to listen to the claim, or to issue a mandamus directing the performance of a duty, not depending on executive discretion, but on particular acts of congress, and the general principles of law?
Página 466 - And it is a part of this contract that any person other than the assured who may have procured this insurance to be taken by this company, shall be deemed to be the agent of the assured named in this policy, and not of this company under any circumstances whatever, or in any transaction relating to this insurance.
Página 293 - Dues from corporations shall be secured by such individual liability of the corporators and other means as may be prescribed by law.
Página 466 - the use of general terms, or anything less than a distinct specific agreement clearly expressed and indorsed on the policy, shall not be construed as a waiver of any printed or written condition or restriction therein.

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