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TABLE No. 3.—Contracts and extensions of board of public works, &c.—Continued.

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Mar. 20, 1874 1045 Thomas A. Tolson... Lay 12-inch-pipe sewer, with man-holes and traps, west 7th st., bet. G and I sts., s. e..

side of -
Mar. 27, 1874 1053 George Boswell.... Lay footwalks, crosswalks, and parks, south side of.... Md. ave., bet. 1st and 3d sts., 8. W...
Apr. 10, 1874 1060 Henry C. Bolden ... Grade and lay cobble-stone pavement in west alley.... Square 510....
Apr. 20, 1874 1065 W. A. Wroe... Lay 12-inch-pipe sewer, with man-holes and traps, in Square 515...

Apr. 21, 1874 1067 Hamilton & Whit Lay 12-inch-pipe sewer on both sides..

13th st., bet. B and C sts., 8. w.....
Lay 15-inch-pipe sewer on both sides..

13th st., bet. C and Md. ave., s. w .....
Lay 18-inch-pipe sewer on north side.

Md. ave., bet. 13th and 13 sts., 8. w....
Lay 20-inch-pipe sewer on north side.....

Md. ave., bet. 13 and 14th sts., s. w.

(All with man holes and traps.) Apr. 21, 1874 1068 Joseph Smolinski... Lay footwalks and crosswalks, and park..

2d st., bet. Pa. ave. and D st., 8. o..
Apr. 25, 1874 1068 Extended..... Grade, footwalks, and parking....

2d st., bet. Pa, ave. and D st., s.o....
Apr, 22, 1874 1069 John H. Clark.... Lay foot walks and park, south side of.....

T st., bet. 14th and 15th sts., n. w.
May 12, 1874 1078 John G. Stafford .... Relay cobble-stone pavement in alley .....

Square 467.....
May 12, 1874 1079 Charles Stewart Grade and lay cobble-stone pavement, alley... Square 495....
May 16, 1874 1080 W. H. Collins ... Grade and lay cobble-stone in 10 and 15 foot alleys.... Square 274...
May 22, 1874 1082 E. M. Draney .... Clean and pave 160-foot alley ........

Square 484....
May 23, 1874 1085 George H. Boston... Grade, lay cobble-stone pavement, and repair alleys in. Squareg 397 and 398...

Square 366..
Square 365...

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May 29, 1874 1089
June 2, 1874 1090
June 8, 1874 1092

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William Byrne ..... Grade and pave with cobble-stone alley.....
Barker & Maxwell.. Park, trim facing with marble, 7th street front.....

Lay flag footway inside of fence and remove débris...
Jacob Vondelerlehr. Lay brick footwalk in front of reservation..

Set curbs aud lay footwalks.....

Square 311...
Square 559...
Patent-Office ....

I st., bet, 5th and 6th sts., n. w.
6th st., bet. I and Mass. ave b...

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Measurement made by the engineer of the District of Columbia of work done under the board of public works by Samuel Barber, for resurfacing concrete pavement
$11.385.25 was charged by the board of audit against the balance remaining to the credit of Charles E. Evans, president Evans Concrete Company.

Voucher No. 41, measurement of work done under permit to C. F. E. R cbardson, was originally issued for $459.97, which amount was subsequently increased, as per
schedule forwarded to board of audit, to $764.82. The board of audit allowed both amounts in full, less $167.76 for inferior work, being an excess over engineer's measurement
of $459.97.

Voucher 301.-$410,492.04 reported to board of audit as over-measurement of contract 796 of board of public works. No action taken by board of audit.
Sundry additional credits allowed by board of audit, based upon other evidence than measurements of engineer, 88,668.67.
Total allowances of board of audit in excess of engineer's measurements of contracts contained in this table, $36,187.67.



Expenditures for repair of contract-work under section 9 of the original contracts.

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Cranford & Hoffman. $3,801 28

Sept.18, 1871 39 C. E. Evans, presid't Lay Evans concrete pavement ........ 15th st., bet. Pa. ave. and H $3 20 )
Evans Concrete Co.

st., n. w.
Sureties : Chas. E.
Erang and Martia

W. Evans.
Nov.23, 1871 | 39 Extension ...... Grade and lay Evans concrete pare. 15th st., bet. I st. n. w.and 3 20

Vt. ave., at intersection of
K st., westwardly to the

building.line of Vt. ave.
Lay Evans concrete pavement ... Through Scott Square and on 3 201

· west side of Scott Square.
Aug.13, 1875 39 Commissioners' ex- Resurface concrete pavement ..

Nov. 23, 1871 | 39 | Extension board of Lay Evans concrete pavement ........ On the space between the 3 20
public works.

building-line of Vt. ave,
and east building line of
15th st. n. w. and Madison
Place to the north side of

H st. n. w.
Nov.23, 1871 39

F st. n. w., bet. 18th and 21st 3 20

July 26, 1872

Take up and relay sidewalks.......... F st. n. w., bet. 21st and 220 ......
Oct. 3, 1973
Lay Evans concrete pavement ... ...

3 20 )
Aug.13, 1875 39 Commissioners' ex- Resurface coucrete pavement ......... F st. 1. W., bet. 18th and 220

sts. Nov.23, 1871 39 Extension board of Lay Evans concrete pavement ........ st. n. w., bet. 17th and 18th 3 201 public works.

sts. Oct. 3, 1873 39 ..........

G st. n. w., bet. 18th and 228 3 201 sts.

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Aug.13, 1875 39 Commissioners' ox. Resurface concrete pavement......... st. 1. w., bet. 17th and 220 ........ ...Cranford & Iloffman. 13, 582 32

tension. Sept. 18, 1871 42 Lonis S. Filbert. Lay Filbert vulcanite pavement ...... N. Y. ave., bet 14th and 15th 3 201 Surety: Lewis

Nov. 23, 1871 42 Extension board of ..... do

N. Y. ave., bet. 14th and 9th 3 20
public works.

Apr. 23, 1872 ...
Modified to embrace the laying of the N. Y. ave., bet. 9th and 15th

3 20
Scharf concrete pavement instead of sts, except the north half
the vulcanite pavement.

of carriage-way, bet. 14th

and 15th sts.
Grade and set park curbing.

N. Y. ave., bet. 9th and 15th

109, 678 28

sts. Set curb .........

N. Y. ave., bet. 9th and 13th

Lay vulcanite pavement on foot ways.. N. Y. ave., bet. 13th and 15th 1 35

sts., n. w., north side.
Lay brick footwalks .

N. Y. ave., bet. 9th and 15th


N. Y, ave., bet. 9th and 14th

Oct. 30, 1875 42 Commission Resurface and repair concrete carriage N. Y. ave., bet. 9th and 15th

William C. Murdock.
way and sidewalks.

Apr. 23, 1872 42 Extension board of Redress and set curbs, lay brick pave- H. st., n. w., bet., 13th and 3 20
public works.

ment and Scharf concrete pavement. 14th sts.
Lay Scharf concrete pavement .... Alley, square 250......

3 20
Sept. 18, 1871 44 H. H. Bingham. Grade, set curbs, lay footwalks, con- K. st., n. w., bet. 9th st. and 3 50

Sureties: James struct 12-inch sewer, with man-holes, circle, n. w.
McManus and Al traps, and laterals water services,

150, 052 36
bert H. Roberts. and lay Keystone wood pavement.
June 27, 1872 44 Relinquished ....... All work except paving carriage-way.. ..00... ......
• Sept. 18, 1875 44 Commissioners' ex. Lay Scharf concrete pavement.......

... K st., n. w., at intersection

William C. Murdock. 3, 845 25

of Vt. av.
Oct. 14, 1875 44 ...

Take up wood pavement and replace Kst., n. w., bet. 9th and 18th
same with vulcanite concrete pave- sts.

Cranford & Hoffman. 82, 654 41
Repair wood pavement with sound K st., n.w., bet. 18th st. and
blocks removed as aforesaid.

Sept. 25, 1871 150 Thos. Lewis. Sure-Lay Parisen pavement ...

9th st., n. w., bet. K and 3 201
ties: Derrick F.

Boundary sts.
Hamlink, Thomas
A. Brown.

9th st., n. w., bet. K st. and
May 16, 1872 150 Extension board of .......

320103, 561 60
public works.

Pa, ave.
Aug. 14, 1873 150 Relinquished ....... So far as relates to-

9th st., n. w., bet P st. and

May 20, 1875 150 Commissioners' ex. Resurface concrete pavement

9th st., bet. Pa. ave. and P

W. C. Murdock..... 5, 245 81 tension.

st., n. w. Apr. 10, 1872 2303 George W. Linville. Grade, set carbs, lay footwalks, park 3d st., n. w., bet. Ind. and N. 3 50)

Surety: John 0. and lay Ballard wood pavement. Y. aves. Evans.

Construct sewer on west 3d st., n, w., bet. N st. and side.

N. Y. ave.

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Expenditures for repair of contract-work under section 9 of the original contractsContinued.

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Apr. 10, 1872 230) George W. Linville. Construct 12-inch-pipe sewer on both 3d st., bet. N. Y. ave. and L
Surety: John 0. sides.


Construct 15-inch-pipe sewers, with 3d st., n. w., bet. L and K

man-holes and traps, both sides. Construct gewer-laterals and water. 3d st., bet. Ind. and N. Y. services.

aves. Build drops ......

3d st., bet. Ind. are. and I

st., n. w.
Aug. 7,1875 (230) Commissioners' ex. Take up the wood pavement for one or 3d st., n. w., bet. D st. and
more squares as may be directed, and

directed, and N. Y. ave.
replace the same with Scharf concrete
pavement- the defective places in the
remaining part of the wood pavement
to be repaired with the sound blocks

of wood so removed.
Apr. 10, 1872 230) George W. Linville. Construct 12-inch-pipe sewer on south K st., n. w., bet. 3d and 4th

side, and 20-inch on north side-all sts.

with man-holes and traps.
Apr. 30, 1872 270 Lewis Clephane. Take up cobble-stone pavement, set D st., n. w, bet. 6th and 11th

Sureties: John 0.1 curb, lay brick pavement, and lay sts.
Evans, Thomas Ballard 'wood pavement.

Aug. 23, 1872 270 Extension board of Take up cobble-stone pavement and 7th st. w., bet. D st. n. and
public works.
lay Stowe wood pavement.

Pa. ave.
Oct. 14, 1875 270 Commissioners' ex. Take up wood pavement and roplace 7th st., bet. Det. and la. ave.,

the same with vulcanite concrete n. w.

May 6, 1072 275 C. E. Evans, prosi. Grade, set carbs, lay brick pavement.. 17th st. n. w., bet. I and KHA,

dent Evans Con. Lay Evans concrete pavement.... 17th st. n. w., bet. I st. and
crete Company

Mass. ave.
Sureties: Charles
E. Evans, Martha
W. van.

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