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as being existing legal obligations on June 20, 1874, 80.—Continued.

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TABLE No. 1.—Contracts and extensions of board of public works recognized


Name of contractor.

Description of work.


Number of contract.

ary sts.

Aug. 4, 1875 770 Commissioners' ex. Set curbs, lay brick pave- 8th st., bet. Grant ave. and tension,

ments, gravel roadway, Boundary st., n. w.
make house and sewer con-
nections where ordered, in.
cluding drops and traps.
(Additional work given in
lieu of wood pavements re-

linquished.) Oct. 25, 1875 *770 Commissioners' ex. Grade, cobble-stone gntters, 8th st. ex., bet. Grant ave. and tension. and gravel roadway.

Colored Orphans' Home. July 17, 1873 770 John S. Baldwin... Lay Taylor & Filbert wood R. I. ave., bet. 7th and Bound.

pavement. Nov. 20, 1874 770 Commissioners' ex- Consents to substitute gravel tension.

for wood pavement on Rhode

Island avenue. July 17, 1873 770 John S. Baldwin... Lay Taylor & Filbert wood R. I. ave., bet. 9th and 13th

pavement, grade and set

sts., n. w.

curbs. Sept.24, 1875 1770 Commissioners' ex- Lay 18-inch-pipe sewer. I st., bet. 7th and 8th sts., n. w.


Grade, relay old material, and Q st., bet. 12th st. and N.J.
lay necessary sewers where

ave., n. w.
ordered. (Canceled Q street
between Twelfth street and

Rhode Island avenue.)

Square 395..
Graveling carriage-way. R st., bet. 7th and 9th sts.,

(This work was given as n. W.
compensation for damages oc-
casioned by delay of improve-
ment of Eighth street be.
tween Rand Boundary streets.)

Square 276..
July 19, 1873 774 Samuel Strong .... Construct three-ring brick Boundary st., bet. 11th and 15th

sewer, 9 feet inside diameter. sts., n. e.
Sept. 16, 1875 774 Commissioners'ex. Alter and extend the gravel-

pit at the head of Eighth
street extended, according to
plans of the engineer. (Octo.
ber 23, 1875, assigned to E.

C: Ingersoll )
July 19, 1873 775 Page & Fletcher .. Set curbs and lay wood pave- Md. ave., bet. 1st and 3d sts.,


8. W. Set curbs and lay wood pave. 3d st., bet. Md. ave. and B st.,

ment. Set curbs and lay wood pave- B st. south, bet. Md. ave. and ment.

1st st. w. Set curbs and lay wood pare. 20 st., bet. E st. and Md. ave.,

ment. Sept. 4, 1875 / 775 Commissioners'ex. Lay 12-inch-pipe sewer ........ B st., bet. 1st and 3d sts., s. w..

tension. Aug. 13, 1673 777 D. M. Davis, W. H. Grade, lay brick pavement, W st., bet. 14th and 15th sts., Brainard.

construct 12-inch-pipe sewer with man holes and traps. (September 15, 1873. Can celed.) Grade, set curbs, and lay brick N st., bet. Conn. ave. and 21st pavements.

st., n. w. Grade

R st., bet. 19th and 20th sts., Aug. 10,1875 777 Commissioners'ex- Lay brick pavement on N st, bet. 16th and 18th sts..

tension. July 19, 1873 779 Joseph H. Fletcher Park, cut, and lay flaz foot. Botanical gardens, on 1st and

ways around the

3d sts., and Md. ave. July 25, 1873 787 M.J. Laughlin Lay brick pavements and park. 20th st., bet. Pa. ave. and K st.,

Grade, set curba, lay brick and I st., bet. 25th st. and river...

cobble-stone pavements. * See foot-note No. 1.

Extra work 6599, E. 0. 1875.

8. W.

8. W.

n. W

n. W.

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n. W.

as being existing legal obligations on June 20, 1874, 8c.-Continued.

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See below

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Table No. 1.-Contracts and extensions oj' board of public works recognised


Name of contractor.

Description of work.


Number of contract.

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July 25, 1873 787 M. J. Laughliu .... Grade. (October 22 1874. Re- F st., bet. Va ave. and river...

linquished in consideration of

work to be given on N street.) Mar. 31, 1875 787 Commissioners'ex. To complete the unfinished tension.

work under this contract pre

relinquished, the work upon V street being aban. doned on account of striking

rock. (See contract No. 313.) July 25, 1873788 James Reynolds... Lay brick pavements and R. I. ave., bet, 7th st. and X. J.

park on the north side.

ave., n. w. Construct 12-inch-pipe sewer, R. I. ave., bet. 6th st. and

with man-holes and traps, Bonndary, n. w.

on south siile. July 19, 1875 788 ' Commissioners'ex- Lay brick pavement

R. I. ave., bet. 13th and Boundtension.

ary sts., n, w. Oct. 17, 1875 788 ...

Grade and pare with cobble- Alley, square 210. .....

stone. July 25, 1873 792 Albert Gleason....Grade and deposit earth in old II st., bet. 7th and 10th sis.,


8. W. May 4, 1875 792 Commissioners'ex Reset curbs and relay brick* tension.

pavement July 28, 1873 795 F. H. Fiuloy

Lay two ring brick barrel. K st., bet 1st and N. Cap. sts. $pwer, 3 feet 6 inches inside

n. W. diameter, op north side of Construct two ring brick sew. K st., bet. 1st st.and N. J. ave.,

er, 3 feet inside diameter, n. W.

on north side of Construct 18-incb-pipe sewer, K st., bet. 1st and 3d sts., n. w.

with man-holes and traps, on

the north side of Construcc 18-inch-pipe sewer, K st., bet. 3d and N. Cap. sts.,

with man-boles and traps, on n. W.

the south side of Construct 12-inch-pipe sewer, K st., bet. 4th and 7th sts., n.w

with man-holes aud traps, on

both sides of
Grade, reset curbs, park, re- K st., bet. 7th and N. Cap. sts,

lay brick pavements, flag D. W.
gutters, and lay blue-stone
pavement. (September 26,
1873, canceled so far as re.
lates to blue-stone pavement
between Third and Seventh

streets, northwest ) Apr. 25, 1874, 795 Extension board of Coucrete entrances to alleys .. K st., bet. 3d and 7th sts., A.

public works. May 19, 1875 7931 Commissioners'ex. Grade...

E st., bet. 2d st. and N. C.ave., tension.

8. e. .. do .

2d st., bet. Pa. are, and F st.,

8. e.

Va. ave., bet. N. J. are, and

6th st., 8. e.

Ist st., bet. N. C. ave. and F

st., 8. e. June 29, 1875 795

Grade, reset curbs, and relay 1st st., bet. C and E sts., s. e..

brick pavements. Sept. 27, 1875 795

Macadamize road-way. (No- 1st st., bet. Cst, and N. J. ave.,

vember 17, 1875, gravel sub. 8. e.

stituted for macadam.) July 12, 1873 799 Thomas Lucas .... Grade and set curbs

Green st., bet. Water and

Bridge sts., Georgetown. Grade, set curbs, and lay cob. Jefferson st., bet. Water and ble-stope pavement.

Bridge sts., Georgetown. July 26, 1875 799 Commissioners'ex. Lay brick pavement

* None on the street betweon these limits.

See foot-pote No. 1.

as being eristing legal obligations on June 20, 1874, 8c.—Continued.

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