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TABLE No. 1.—Contracts and extensions of board of public works recognized

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July 22, 1872 | 414* Robert H. Ryan ... Grade, set curbs, lay brick N.J. ave., bet. B st. and river,

pavements and sewer laterals. 8. e.
18-inch stone walls at open. N.J.ave., bet. D and E sts.,
ings of the two culverts and 8. e.
pipe-sewers to the embank.
Lay wood pavement ......... N. J. ave., bet. B and E sts.,

8. e.
Construct stone steps and cop N.J. ave., bet. B and D sts.,

8. e. July 15, 1875 414 Commissioners'ex: To complete the unfinished N.J. ave., bet. B st. and river, tension. work under contract 414.

S. e. Nov. 18, 1875 414 ...... | Lay trap-rock pavement. N.J.ave., bet. D st. and canal,

8. e. July 24, 1872 415t Peter McNamara..

Cst., bet. 4th and 15th sts., n. e. Do......

D st., bet. 4th and 15th sts., n. Apr

5* Commissioners' ex. Grade an equivalent amount 8th st., bet. Md. ave. and Cat

of grading to the amount re- | n. e. 1
linguished on Cand Dstreets,
viz, grade.
Reset curbs and relay brick

9th st., bet. Md. ave. and C st.,

n. e.
Grade. ........
10th st., bet. Md. ave. and C

st., D. e.
Reset curbs and relay brick

Grade and pave...

Square 727 ..............
Oct. 22, 1875 415 ......... Grade, gravel, and relay old Ast., bet. 3d and 9th sts., s. e..

Reset curb and relay footwalk. 7th st., bet. East Capitol and

A sts., S. e.
July 12, 1872 447 D. A. Connolly...

Grade ............

3d st., 'bet. Md. ave. and I

sts., D. e. May 4, 1875 | 447 Commissioners' ex- Reset carb and relay brick tension.

pavement. July 27, 1872 448 James Alman..... Set curbs, lay brick and cob- 14th st., bet. B st. and Md.

ble-stone pavements.

ave., 8. W. Aug. 14, 1873 448 Extension board of Lay 15-inch pipe-sewer, with 14th st., bet. B and D sts., S.W.. public works. man-holes and traps, ou east

side of-
Lay 18-inch pipe-sewer, with 14th st., bet. D st. and Md.
man holes and traps, on east ave, s. w.

side of Aug. 7, 1872 459T Charles E. Evans, Grade and set curbs......... Conn. ave., bet. I st. and P-st. president Evans

circle. Concrete Com Lay brick pavements on....... Conn. ave., bet. H and K sts., pany.

n. w.
Concrete pavements on west Conn. ave., bet. K and L sts.,

side and artificial stone paven. W.
ment on east side.
Lay 18-inch pipe-sewer, with .......

man holes, traps, and laterals.
Water-services................ Conn. ave

Conn. ave., bet. H and L sts.,

n. W.
Lay Evans concrete pavement Conn. ave., between 1 and
on the carriage-way,

Boundary sts., n, w.
Curb and concrete sidewalks ../ 18th st., bet. Mand Psts., 2. w.


* See foot-note No. 1.
+ Extra work, 8898, engineer's office, 1875.

All claims under this contract, except payment of balanco due, extinguished by terms of contract No. 37, new series.

as being existing legal obligations on June 20, 1874, &c.—Continued.

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Table No. 1.Contracts and extensions of board of public works recognized


April 7, 1872 4594 Charles E. Evans, Concrete carriage-way ........ 18th st., bet. L and P sts., 12. W

president Evans Rejoint and reset curbs, relay L st., bet. 17th st. and Conn.
Concrete Com. concrete or brick sidewalks, ave., n. w.
pany-Contin'd. sewer laterals and water-

services, and concrete the

carriage-way. Grade and set curbs.......... Mass, ave., bet. 14th st. and P.

street circle. Park and concrete sidewalks.. Mass. ave., bet. 14th and 15th

sts., n. w. .........

Mass, ave., bet. 17th st. and P.

street circle, n, w. Concrete carriage-way ........ Mass. ave., between 14th st.

and east side of Scott statue

Mass. ave., bet. P-street circle

and west side of Scott statue. July 16, 1875 459 Commissioners' ex. Complete the parking and ne- Mass. ave., bet. 14th and 15th tension, John cessary work.

sts., n, w.
Sept. 8, 1875 459

Relay pavement in alley ... ... Square 408.........
Reset curb and relay pave- Intersection of 5th and B sta.,

S. e.
Grade and lay cobble-stone Square 195.......

pavement in alley.
Set curbs and relay brick Defrees st., bet, North Capit

and 1st st., west.
Grade, set curbs, lay foot- South Capitol st., bet. B and
walks and gutters.

Set curbs, lay footwalks and B st., bet. 6th and 7th st., 8.

Grade and lay footwalks on Pa. ave., bet. 14th and 15th st.,
south side.

n. w.
Grade and lay cobblestone Square 212...........

pavement in alley.
Lay brick pavement on north O st., bet. 4th and 5th sts., D.

side of.

Lay brick pavement on ... O st., bet. 7th and 8th sts., D. Aug. 24, 1872 486 James G. Naylor .. Build market-house on ........ K and 21st sts., fronts of

square 78. Aug. 28, 1872 492 William Fletcher Grade alley..

Square 37... Sept.20, 1872 536 David Keppell .... Grade and lay cobble-stone Gay st., bet. Montgomery and


Monroests., Georgetown, DC Oct. 2, 1872 551 Morris Murphy ... Grade..........

6th st., bet. Md. ave, and K st.


Set curbs and gravel foot-walks 6th st., bet. Md. ave, and Est.. May 1, 1875 551 Commissioners' ex Reset curbs and relay brick 6th st., bet. E and K sts., 1. e..

Set curbs and lay brick pave- 6th st., bet. Md. ave. and Est,

ments. Oct. 5, 1872 557 R. G. Campbell ... Construct a 12-inch-pipe sewer C st., bet. 6th and 7th sts., 5. W.

Construct a 12-inch-pipe sewer Square 462........

in alley. .....

Square 463...
Construct a 15-inch-pipe sewer Square 492.........

in alley.
Construct a 15-inch-pipe sewer Reservation D......

inOct. 7, 1872 558 Delaware Hudnell. Set curbs and lay brick pave-Qst., bet. N. J. ave, and 5th st.,


n. w. July 17, 1875 558 Commissioners' ex Grade,setcurbs,andrelay brick 5th st., bet. O and Qsts., n. w.. tension,

Construct 12-inch-pipe sewer.. 5th st., bet. O and P sts., . ..
Sewer on P street as outlet 5th st....

for sewer on-
* For work done under the original contract, see Table No. 4.

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as being existing legal obligations on June 20, 1874, 8c.-Continued.

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* See foot-note No. 1. $7,500 not included in footing. All claims under this contract, including pay. ment of balance due, extinguished by terms upon which work was subsequently completed.

TABLE No. 1.-Contracts and extensions of board of public works recognized


Oct. 8, 1872 561 John J. Shipman.. Clean gutters, trim, construct

four 15-inch sewer-pipe cul.
verts, 30 feet long, with ma-
sonry head walls.
One 18-inch sewer-pipe cul.
vert, with head-walls and ma-
Four 18-inch sewer-pipe cul.
verts, with head walls and Canal road, bet. Aqueduct

and Chain Bridge.
Three stone cnlverts, 20 feet
span, with head-walls and
One stone culvert, 10 feet span,
with retaining walls and grad.

Repair culvert No. 5...

Macadamize roadway.. Apr. 17, 1875 *561 Commissioners' ex. Build retaining and parapet Little Falls road, bet. Aquetension.

walls at such points as may duct and Chain Bridge.
be directed, and lay cobble.
stone gutters on east side of

the carriage-way.
Grade and macadamize........ A connecting road bet. Little

Falls road and Aqueduct road. Construct stone culvert, ex- New Cut road ....

cavation and refilling.
Oct. 19, 1872 570 Tompkins & Ruck- Construct a two-ring brick

barrel-sewer, 9 feet inside
diameter, beginning at North
Capitol street and F street,
northeast and running thence
along F street, northeast, to
the east building.line of Third
street, northeast.
(March 17, 1875. This contract
was not completed. Charles
C. Tompkins assigned his
rights, title, and interest in
said contract to Thomas

Oct. 23, 1872 582 James W. Walsh.. Grade....

... 11th st., bet. Pa. ave. and H

st., n. e. Dec. 7, 1874 582 Assignment and To complete the grading

extension to Wil.

liain Hussey. Apr. 8, 1875 582 Commissioners' ex- Grade an amount of grading Tenn.ave., bet. Lincoln Square tension,

equivalent to grading relin and 15th st., east.
quished on Eleventh street, 15th st., bet. I and East Cap-
and reset curb and relay brick itol sts., n. A.
pavements where directed. 5th st., bet. H and K sts., 1. e.

6th st., bet. H and K sts., n. e.
F st., bet. N.J. ave. and 7th

st., n. e. Boundary st., bet. 1st and 15th

sts., east. July 9, 1875 582

Reset curbs, relay brick and 11th st., bet. C st. and S. C.
and cobble-stone pavements, aves., 8. e.
construct a 12-inch-pipe sewer
on east side, and a 15-inch-
pipe sewer across.
Construct a 12-inch-pipe sewer 11th st., bet. Pa. ave. and S.C.
on east side.

ave. July 28, 1875 582 ..

Lay macadam pavement be. 11th st., bet. Pa. ave, and Mass.
tween gutter and cobble-stone ave.

pavement in center of.
* Claimed as oral contract with board of public works.

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