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General Statutes Annotated 1935, Ch. 66, Art. 2- and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by a Railroad Track Scales—Continued.

fine of not less than one hundred nor more than five Sec. 66-260. Card giving weight of grain in car.

hundred dollars for each offense, or by imprisonThat every shipper of grain from any point in the

ment in the county jail not exceeding six months,

or by both said fine and imprisonment. [1905] state of Kansas shall fasten upon the inside of each car shipped by him a card giving car number, ini- Sec. 66–2,118. Penalty for failure to weigh coal. tial, date of shipment, and the exact weight of

Any railway company neglecting to weigh coal grain in such car as claimed by shipper. If he fails

as provided by this act (Secs. 66–2,114—66–2,118] so to do, the official weight shall be prima facie

shall be liable to a fine of one hundred dollars for evidence of the quantity of grain shipped in the

each and every car not so weighed, to be recov. car. (1923]

ered in an action brought in the name of the state Sec. 66–279. Scales at stations for livestock.

in any court of competent jurisdiction. [1905] It shall be the duty of every railway company or

1947 Supplement to General Statutes Annotated corporation owning or operating a line of railway

1935, Ch. 74, Art. 5—Receptacles for Farm Products in this state, to construct and maintain scales for the weighing of livestock at all stations where live- Sec. 74–531. Standards to be promulgated by board. stock is received for shipment: Provided, This act The state board of agriculture hereinafter re [Sec. 66-279] shall not apply to stations receiving ferred to as “the board” may

make and for shipment less than fifty cars of livestock per

promulgate standards, both for receptacles and foi annum for the two years last past. [1913]

the grade and classifications of agricultural prod Sec. 66–2,114. Weighing coal cars.

ucts, by which their identity, quantity, quality, and That each and every railway company operating

value may be determined, and recommend the same a railway wholly or partly within this state shall

for voluntary use by producers, distributors, vendor weigh each and every car of coal intended for

and others as the standards, grades, or classifica shipment over their line before and after being

tions to be adopted for the marketing of same loaded. (1905)

Such standards, grades or classifications shall no

be lower in their requirements than the minimun Sec. 66–2,115. Manner and time of weighing cars.

requirements of the official standards for corre The empty car or cars to be loaded shall be de- sponding standards, grades, and classifications com tached from the engine and other cars and weighed monly known as United States grades promulgater within twenty-four hours before loading, and after from time to time by the secretary of agricultur the said car is loaded it shall be detached from of the United States. Such rules and regulation the engine and other cars and weighed within shall be duly promulgated and filed as required by forty-eight hours after being loaded. [1905]

law. (1947) Sec. 66–2,116. Certificate of weight.

Laws 1949, Ch. 242, Art. 2—"Kansas Liquor Contro A certificate of the weights of each car

Act." weighed, showing the date of weighing said car empty and the weight of same, and the date of

Sec. 16. Rules and regulations for fixing form, capacity an

marking of packages. weighing said car loaded and the weight of same, and the net weight and number of the said car, shall

The rules and regulations established by the d be issued by the weighmaster and attached to the

rector (state director of alcoholic beverage control waybill covering the said shipment. At the destina

among other things, shall include regulations: (1 tion this certificate shall be attached to the freight

Fixing and determining the nature, form and a expense bill and shall become a part of the same,

pacity of all containers used for alcoholic liquor and shall be delivered to the consignee on the pay.

(2) determining the nature of and the representi ment of all the freight charges. [1905]

tions to be shown upon the labels attached to th

containers: Provided, That the director shall r Sec. 66–2,117. Weighmaster: Oath and bond; penalty. quire that the labels attached to all original coi

A competent weighmaster shall be employed by tainers or packages of alcoholic liquors sold or o said railway companies, and said weighmaster shall fered for sale in this state shall set forth in plai subscribe an oath or affirmation before an author- and legible print in the English language the quai ized officer and give good and sufficient bond in the tity of such liquors in full gallons, quarts, pints sum of one thousand dollars to his employer that half-pints, exclusive of the package or cask contain he will perform his duties in accordance with this ing it or in fractions or multiples thereof: Provide act [Secs. 66–2,114—66–2,118] in every particular; further, That no original package of alcohol and any weighmaster or person so employed under liquor sold or offered for sale in the original pac this act who shall violate any of the provisions of age in this state shall contain less than one-ha this act shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, pint;



General Statutes Annotated 1935, Ch. 21, Art. 11

False Advertising

Sec. 21-1112. Unlawful acts; penalty.

That any person, firm, corporation or association, who, with intent to sell or in any wise dispose of any merchandise, securities, service or anything offered by such person, firm, corporation or association, directly or indirectly, to the public for sale or distribution, or with intent to increase the sale or consumption thereof, or to induce the public or any person in any manner to enter into any obligation relating thereto, or to acquire title to or an interest therein; who makes, publishes, disseminates, circulates or places before the public, or causes the same to be done, either directly or indirectly, in this state, whether by newspaper publication or otherwise, as herein provided, any label, notice, handbill, poster, bill, circular, pamphlet, or letter, or in any other way, any advertisement of any kind or character regarding merchandise, securities, service, or any other

thing or commodity offered to the public, which advertisement contains any assertion, representation or statement which is in fact untrue, deceptive or misleading, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction in any court of competent jurisdiction, shall be punished by a fine in any sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one year, or by both such fine and imprisonment for every such offense, and each day such publication or communication shall be published or disseminated shall constitute a violation of the provisions of this act (Secs. 21-1112_21-1114] and shall be deemed a separate and distinct offense: Provided, also, That the provisions of this act shall not apply to the publisher of any newspaper or other publication, who publishes or causes to be published, disseminated or circulated any written or printed statement prohibited by the provisions of this act, without knowledge that it is false. [1915]

Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXIX, Ch. 363—Weights and Measures

Page Sec. 363.010 Standards of weights and measures

376 363.020 Duplicates furnished counties

376 363.030 Hundredweight; ton

376 363.040 Bushel weights

376 363.050 Barrel for Irish potatoes

376 363.060 Wheat: Standard apparatus for determining test weight per bushel

376 363.070 Wheat flour, standard measures of; labeling of packages

377 363.080 Corn meal, grits, hominy and corn flour:

Standard packages; marking requirements 377 363.090 Coal: Unscreened not to be sold for screened 377 363.100 Millers: Regulations and tolls

377 363.110 Definition of terms used in KRS 363.120 to 363.140

377 363.120 Tolerances allowed on pumps dispensing gasoline or kerosene

378 363.130 Testing and sealing of pumps and measur.

ing devices used in dispensing gasoline,

kerosene and lubricating oils; adjustments 378 363.140 Powers of cities not affected

-- 378 363.150 Periodic inspection of weighing and measur

ing devices at stockyards; tobacco ware-
houses and grain warehouses; notice of in-
accuracy; correction of defects

378 363.160 Department of Agriculture to assign inspectors for duties under KRS 363.150

378 363.990 Penalties


Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 83—Cities of the

First Class Sec. 83.170 Supervision of weights and measures. 379 83.310 Protection against defective weights and


Revised Statutes 1946, Title XVIII, Ch. 218–Narcotic

Pago Sec. 218.100 Marking requirements

380 218.190 Enforcement

380 218.210 Penalty for violations

380 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XX, Ch. 244-Alcoholic

Sec. 244.230 Marking requirements

381 244.990 General penalty

881 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 248—Tobacco

Warehouses Sec. 248.280 Weighing

381 248.300 Enforcement

881 248.310 Duties of inspectors; inspecting and sealing of weights and measures

381 248.390 Maximum height and weight of baskets of tobacco

381 248.410 Weighmen must be bonded

381 248.420 Inducement of false report by weighman prohibited

381 248.990 Violations; penalties

382 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 250_Commercial

Feeding Stuffs Sec. 250.010 Definition

382 250.260 Marking requirements; size of containers -- 382 250.350 Enforcement; rules and regulations

382 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 250—Commer

cial Fertilizer Sec. 250.360 Prohibited sales

382 250.370 Container to be labeled

382 250.390 Registration

382 250.400 Director to furnish labels

382 250.480 Enforcement; rules and regulations

382 250.990 Penalty for violations

382 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 260_Standard

Apple Barrel
Sec. 260.040 Enforcement; rules and regulations

383 260.070 Dimensions

383 260.990 Penalty for violations

383 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 260—Milk and

Cream Sec. 260.200 Fraudulent manipulation of weights and unfair sampling prohibited

383 260.210 Falsifying Babcock tests prohibited

383 260.220 Standard and approved testing apparatus required; inspection fee

383 260.230 Standard milk test bottles

383 260.240 Standard cream test bottles

384 260.250 Standard pipette

384 260.260 Standard weight

384 260.990 Penalties

384 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXI, Ch. 261–Stockyards

and Stockyard Weighmen Sec. 261.010 Definitions

384 261.020 Enforcement; supervision of scales

384 261.060 Scales to be kept in good condition_

385 261.070 Inspectors

385 261.080 Functions of inspector

385 261.090 Only bonded weighmen may weigh livestock

385 261.100 Weighmen to be bonded; forfeiture of bond 385 261.110 Stockyards to send lists of weighmen to department

385 261.990 Penalty for violations



Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 84—Cities of the

Second Class Sec. 84.200 Scales; weights and measures; inspection and regulation

379 Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 85—Cities of the

Third Class Sec. 85.160 Weights and measures; inspection and regulation


Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 86—Cities of the

Fourth Class Sec. 86.130 Weights and measures; inspection and regulation


Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 87—Cities of the

Fifth Class Sec. 87.170

Appointment and term of city weigher----- 379 Revised Statutes 1946, Title IX, Ch. 88—Cities of the

Sixth Class Sec. 88.180

Appointment and term of town weigher---- 380 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XVIII, Ch. 217—Food Sec. 217.010 Definition

380 217.030 When deemed misbranded

380 217.060 Manufacture or sale of misbrtanded food prohibited

380 217.110 Inspectors; right of entry

380 217.160 Guaranty protection

380 217.990 Penalty for manufacture and sale of mis- • branded food


Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXIV, Ch. 278—Public

Page Sec. 278.210 Test and examination of meters; fees

385 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXVIII, Chs. 351, 352—

Coal Mine Scales Sec. 351.020 Enforcement

385 351.090 Inspectors of mine weights; appointment; oath; bond

385 351.180 Inspection of mine scales; fee

386 352.520 Operator to furnish scales; inspection and testing

386 352.530 Check weighman

386 352.990 Penalty for violations by inspectors, etc., weighman or checkweighman

386 Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXVIII, Ch. 354—Clay

Mine Scales Sec. 354.010 Definitions

387 354.020 Enforcement


Page Sec. 354.130 Inspection of mine scales; fee

387 354.990 Penalty for violations Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXIX, Ch. 359—Grain Ware.

houses Sec. 359.070 Weigher for grain warehouses in city having

board of trade; inspection standards and

359.080 Weigher in county not having board of

359.090 Breach of duty by weigher; improper in-

387 359.990 Penalty for improperly influencing weigher Revised Statutes 1946, Title XL, Ch. 434-False Ad.

vertising Sec. 434.270 Unlawful acts; penalty



Revised Statutes 1946, Title XXIX, Ch. 363—

Weights and Measures.
Sec. 363.010. Standards of weights and measures.

The weights, measures and balances received from the Government of The United States shall be in the custody of the Secretary of State, and shall be the standard weights and measures in this state. [1881] Sec. 363.020. Duplicates furnished counties.

The Governor shall cause duplicates of the standard weights, measures and balances to be made for counties that do not have them, and upon the Governor's written certificate of the cost, the Department of Finance shall draw a warrant on the State Treasury therefore. (1881) Sec. 363.030. Hundredweight; ton.

A hundredweight consists of one hundred pounds, and a ton consists of two thousand pounds. All contracts shall be construed accordingly, unless the contrary is stipulated. [1881) Sec. 363.040. Bushel weights.

The following weights constitute a bushel of the article named:1

Pounds per

Buskel Flax seed

56 Ground peas

Hemp seed
Hungarian grass seed
Irish potatoes

60 Millet seed

50 Oats, shelled

32 Onions

57 Orchard grass seed

14 Peas

60 Plastering hair


56 Salt

50 Sweet potatoes

55 Timothy seed

45 Turnips

60 Unslaked lime

35 Wheat

60 White beans

60 [1881]

1 A slight rearrangement has been made for convenience of reference. Sec. 363.050. Barrel for Irish potatoes.

One hundred and sixty net pounds of Irish potatoes shall constitute a merchantable barrel. (1869– 70] Sec. 363.060. Wheat: Standard apparatus for determining test weight per bushel.

(1) Any person buying wheat by grade shall follow the following procedure and use the following standard apparatus for determining the test weight

per bushel:

Pounds per

Bluegrass seed
Bottom onion sets
Castor beans
Clover seed
Corn in the ear:

From November 1 to December 31 inclusive

At all other times of the year
Corn meal
Corn, shelled
Dried apples
Dried peaches
Ear corn in the shuck
English bluegrass seed
Fine salt

70 68 50 56 24 39 75 14 55

(a) Use an accurate quart or one-half gallon size weight-per-bushel testing apparatus, the kettle of which must have a capacity of exactly 67.2 and 134.4 cubic inches respectively.

(b) A round hopper shall be above the quart or one-half gallon size kettle and the opening at the boftom shall be exactly 1/4 inches in diameter.

(c) The bottom of the hopper must be held exactly 2 inches above the center of the kettle.

(d) A stroker made of hard wood, with smooth

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