Downsizing the U.S.A.

Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing, 1997 - 289 páginas
In this trenchant analysis of American society, Thomas H. Naylor and William H. Willimon take an unabashed stance against the belief that "bigger is better" and warn that size and technological complexity are not risk free. There is a grave price to be paid for our uncritical affirmation of bigness, universal solutions to problems, dehumanizing uniformity, and standardized mass production.

Naylor and Willimon argue that our government, our cities, our corporations, our schools, our churches, our military, and our social welfare system are all too big, too powerful, too intrusive, too insular, and too unresponsive to the needs of individual citizens and small local communities. They propose specific strategies for decentralizing and downsizing virtually every major institution in America, including America itself. The authors audaciously call for the peaceful dissolution of the United States through secession and provide a thoughtful game plan for achieving this controversial objective.

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The State of the Union
The Meltdown of Corporate America
Urban America ModernDay Tower of Babel
Rural America Our Last Hope
Digitizing Americas Schoolkids
The Crisis in Higher Education Metaphor for America
Give Me That OldTime Religion
Our Moribund Welfare State
Mighty Morphin Superpowers
Our States Toothless Paper Tigers
Dissolution Not Devolution
Empowering the Powerless
Index of Names
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Will Willimon is Professor of the Practice of Christian Ministry and Director of the Doctor of Ministry at Duke Divinity School, Durham, North Carolina. He is an internationally renowned preacher and widely read author noted for his humor, his insight into the Christian faith, and his theological commitment. His many books have sold over a million copies.

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