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inet of insects

To make reports.

mology of the state of Illinois, and particularly in studying

the history of the insects injurious to the products of the To collect and horticulturist and agriculturist of the state, and shall collect preserves cabs. and preserve a cabinet of insects, to be deposited with the

Illinois industrial university.

$ 2. Said entomologist shall prepare a report of his researches and discoveries in entomology for publication by

the state, annually. Appropriation

§ 3. Said state entomologist shall receive from the state, as full compensation for his services, the sum of two thousand dollars per annum.

APPROVED March 9, 1867.

for salary

In force March

9, 1867.

AN ACT to procure the portraits of Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A.


Governor to contract for


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the

governor of this state be and he is hereby authorized to portraits of a contract for and procure full length portraits of Abraham Lincoln and S. Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas, at a cost not exceeding Appropriation one thousand dollars each, for the use of the state house.

And upon the certificate of the governor that said portraits have been executed to his full satisfaction, the auditor of public accouts shall draw his warrant upon the treasurer for the payment of the same, and the treasurer shall


the same out of any money in the treasury not otherwise appropriated.

82. This act to take effect and be in force immediately. APPROVED March 9, 1867.

Auditor to draw

warrant. Treasurer to pay.

AN ACT to renew the Great Seal of State.

In force March

7, 1867.


SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of state to be re. Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the

secretary of state is hereby authorized and required to renew the great seal of state, and to procure it as nearly as prac

ticable of the size, form and intent of the seal now in use, Design ito coin: and conforming with the original design, as follows :

“American eagle on a boulder in prairie—the sun rising in distant horizon," and scroll in eagle's beak, on which shall be inscribed the words : "State Sovereignty," "National Union," to correspond with the original seal of state, in every particular.

form orig inal.

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§ 2.

state to certify

The accounts of the costs of the making and trans- Secretary of portation of the great seal of state, in the foregoing sec- to cost of seal. tion ordered to be procured, shall be certified by the secretary of state, and shall be paid from the public treasury, Auditor to issue out of any moneys not otherwise appropriated; and the auditor of public accounts is hereby required to issue warrants for the same, upon the presentation of the said accounts properly certified by the secretary of state.

$ 3. This act to be in force from and after its passage. APPROVED, March 7, 1867.

AN ACT in aid of the Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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for two years.


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SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That the appropriation treasurer of the state of Illinois pay annually, for two years, to the treasurer of the Chicago Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, on or before the first day of March of each year, the sum of five thousand dollars, to be expended by said infirmary for the support of the poor from every portion of the state of Illinois, while receiving treatment at the infirmary for diseases of the eye or ear. The above payment shall Condition of be niade upon the express condition, first, that said infirm ary maintain, at all times, comfortable accommodations for Infirmary to acat least forty patients, and that the surgeons perform their forty patients. services without compensation ; second, that an exact account of the manner in which the above sums of money tain how mon

to are expended, be printed in the annual reports of the ey was expendinfirmary, and, third, that all accounts, records and docu- Accounts to be ments whatsoever, pertaining to said infirmary, be always tion of officers. open for inspection by such officers as the general assembly may appoint. It shall be the duty of said officers to Duty of officers. examine, from time to time, the condition of the infirmary, and if they shall find that the funds granted by this act are in any way misapplied, to report at once to the treasurer of

misapplied, the state, who shall then and thereafter cease paying such payments to funds to the treasurer of said infirmary.

§ 2. For the purpose of extending the knowledge of the Report on eye existence of the infirmary among the people of the state of ary to be bound

with report of Illinois, the annual report of the infirmary shall be bound blind Teinstituwith each biennial report of the institution for the educa- tion. tion of the blind, at Jacksonville, in the state of Illinois.

$ 3. Poor patients, having diseases of the eye or ear, Poor from the state of Illinois alone, shall be maintained at the alone infirmary while under treatment, from the said five thou- ofits of approsand dollars granted annually by the general assembly, but priation. poor patients, with such diseases, from other states, may

If funds are


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patients Illinois to re



cost maintenance if there are cant rooms.

firmary exempt from taxes.

Patients from receive gratuitous treatment on paying the cost of their

of maintenance, while at the infirmary, whenever there may va- be rooms 110t occupied by poor patients from the state of

Illinois. Property of in- $ 4. The real and personal property of the Chicago

Charitable Eye and Ear Infirmary, not exceeding seventy thousand dollars, shall be exempt from all state, county, city and town taxes.

§ 5. In the name and the title of the infirmary, the for "Chicago.” word “Illinois may be substituted for the word “Chi

cago," if at any time this change may seem desirable to the trustees of the infirmary.

§ 6. This act shall be deemed and taken to be a public act, and be in force from and after its passage.

APPROVED March 6, 1867.

“ Illinois" may be substituted

AN ACT for the Reformation of Juvenile Offenders and Vagrants.

in force March 5,

section 28. State Reform School.



SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the People of the State of

Illinois, represented in the General Assembly, That for the 15th and 18th discipline, education, employment and reformation of juve

nile offenders and vagrants in the state of Illinois (Cook 1867; for other county excepted, there being a reformatory already estab

lished there,) between the ages of eight and eighteen years, an institution, to be known as the “State Reform School, shall be and is hereby established.

§ 2. The management of said reform school shall be vested in a board of trustees, consisting of seven male citizens of the state of Illinois, five of whom shall constitute a quorun, to do business.

§ 3. The members of the board of trustees shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the consent of the senate. Within thirty days from their appointment, the board shall convene in the capitol, at Springfield, where they shall draw lots for their respective terms of office, one for one year, one for two years, one for three years, one for four years, one for five years, one for six years, and one for seven years; and thereafter at the expiration of one year from the date of the regular annual meeting, one member shall be appointed by the governor aforesaid, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, at the next meeting of the legislature. In case of the death or resignation of any member of the board aforesaid, the vacancy shall be filled, for the unexpired term, by the governor aforesaid, uutil the next session of the general assembly, subject to the approval of the senate,

§ 4.



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At the first meeting of the board they shall organ- Board ize by electing of their own number, by ballot, a president, vice president and an executive committee of three members, also a treasurer not a member of the board ; said

. officers to hold their offices for one year, or until their successors shall be duly elected and qualitied.

§ 5. After the organization of said board they shall Location. proceed to select a suitable site, on which shall be erected the state reform school for juvenile delinquents; and the said trustees shall, within four weeks from the time of their appointment, proceed to examine and determine upon the site aforesaid, and shall locate the same at some suitable place in or near the central portion of the state. In determining such location, the said trustees shall take into consideration any proposition which may be made to them, and of the performance of which they shall have satisfactory assurance, to give to the state the lands necessary for the site of said house of refuge or any materials or money to aid in the erection thereot'; and any bond or other obligation executed to the people of this state, and delivered to said trustees, to secure any such site, money or materials for the purposes aforesaid, shall be valid and binding upon the parties executing the same. If the said trustees shall procure by purchase (or voluntary cession) the site for said house of refuge, the deed thereof shall be duly executed in fee simple to the people of this state, and delivered to the auditor of public acconnts, and thereupon the treasurer is hereby directed to pay to the grantor on the warrant of the auditor of public accounts, of whom the said site shall be purchased, such sum or sums of money as may be required to pay for the site, agreeably to the contract of the said commissioners, not exceeding five thousand dollars. $ 6.

The members of the board shall take the usual oath to discharge the duties incumbent on them faithfully and in accordance with this act. The board shall make all needful rules and regulations concerning their meetings and the mode of transacting their business; they may erect all necessary and suitable buildings, not exceeding the amount herein specified; they shall take charge of said institution to see that its affairs are properly conducted, that strict discipline is maintained, and that employment and education are provided for the inmates; they are authorized, with the consent of the governor, to make all contracts, not herein specified, for furniture, apparatus, stock, tools, and everything necessary to equip the institution and furnish it for the purposes herein specified, and to maintain and operate the same, said contracts and chases to be paid by the treasurer of the board, in their order, properly certified; they shall appoint a superintendent and such other officers as the wants of the institution

Oath and powers.





Treasurer's bond and duties.

shall, from time to time, require, and prescribe their duties

and determine their salaries. Traveling § 7. No member of the board shall receive compensa

tion for his services as trustee, but may be allowed traveling expenses while on the necessary business of the reform

school, to be paid from the funds of said reform school. Meetings of 8. There shall be quarterly meetings of the board board.

each year at such times as the board shall appoint; special meetings may also be held when the exigencies of the in

stitution demand them. Executive com- $ 9. The executive committee may be empowered by

the board to co-operate with the superintendent in executing the plans of the board, in erecting buildings, organizing the institution, and in doing whatever is necessary to pro mote its efficiency. The executive committee shall prepare a written report concerning the affairs of the institution, and present it to the secretary of the board, at or before each regular meeting.

§ 10. The treasurer shall take charge of the funds of the institution, receiving and disbursing the same under the direction of the board or their executive committee. He shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, execute a bond to the board of Trustees, with sureties approved by the board, in at least double the sum of money for which he may be responsible as treasurer, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties. He shall account to the board in such manner as they may require for all moneys intrusted to him from all sources. His books shall be open at all times to the inspection of the board or their executive committee, who shall at least once in every six months, carefully examine said books and accounts, the vouchers and documents connected therewith, and make a record of the result of such examination, in a book provided for the

purpose. Annual report. $ 11. The board shall prepare an annual report of its

proceedings, showing the condition and wants of the reform school, with a financial statement of all moneys received and disbursed, which shall be forwarded to the governor of

the state, to be by him transmitted to the general assembly. Superintendent § 12. The board shall elect a superintendent for the said

reform school, who shall be ex officio the secretary of the board, taking charge of all its books and papers. He shall have charge of the land, buildings, furniture, tools, stock, provisions and every other species of property belonging to the institution. He shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, execute a bond to the board, with sureties approved by the board, in a sum to be fixed by the trustees, conditioned for the faithful performance of his duties as superintendent. He shall account to the board in such a manner as they may require, for all the property entrusted to him, and for all moneys received by him from all sources.


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