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Review Questions

Review Questions

I. Find Wordsworth's sonnet written on Westminster Bridge and write a description of its meter, its rhyme scheme, and compare it carefully with Milton's sonnet On His Own Blindness.

2. Write of Lycidas an analysis similar to that which in your text precedes Gray's Elegy.

3. Compare the ode, the sonnet, and the elegy in : (a) form and structure, (b) purpose.

In which class do you find the more beautiful poems?

4. Compare the ballad on Robin Hood with The Ancient Mariner : (a) in form, (b) in purpose, (c) in power and beauty of expression.

5. What contrast can you find in character between James Russell Lowell and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow?

6. Can you find in Burke's speech On Conciliation any passages which you would call poetic ? What are the characteristics that make you so term them ?

7. Compare the poems of Wordsworth with those of Milton and determine which makes the greater number of allusions to birds and flowers.

8. Compare Milton's Lycidas with Shelley's Adonais and determine which makes the greater use of his classical knowledge as shown by his mythological allusions.

9. Search Lamb's Dream Children for evidences of an affectionate disposition in the writer. Can you prove by what you have read that

poetry is more apt to show the real sentiments of the writer than is prose ?

10. What to you are the greatest attractions of In Memoriam ? Do you feel that Tennyson is more sincere in his grief than Milton was when he wrote Lycidas ? What evidences can you find to sustain your opinion?


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