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American produce or foreign produce imported from the United States, with the exception of salt, gunpowder, and tobacco, allowed to pass in transitu from the free port of Genoa to the inland frontier, and vice versa, on payment of such duties only as are necessary to meet the expense of precautionary measures.

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No duties chargeable on American produce which shall not be imposed on similar articles of other countries, including St. Bartholomew.


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The following, viz: tobacco, salt, saltpetre, and gunpowder, being articles of Government monopoly, may be imported for sale to the Government or its contractors by special license.

One-tenth of the duty on importations and exportations by sea returned to national vessels; the same privilege denied to foreign vessels of the most favored nations.

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American possessions East India possessions

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Foreign merchandise, imported in national vessels of foreign build, enjoys a reduction of 10 per cent. on the duties; the same imported in national vessels, built in Chili, enjoys a reduction of 20 per cent. on the amount of duties. Opium, salt, and gunpowder, prohibited.

A transit duty is, imposed on all goods passing between Hamburg and Lubec; on rice, the transit duty is about 4 per cent.; on cotton, about 1 per cent.; and on tobacco, about 1 per cent.

The trade is restricted to certain enumerated ports; with France, reserved to national vessels; exportation of colonial productions to foreign countries limited to sirups and tafias.

Direct trade with France reserved to the national flag.

Trade confined to certain enumerated ports; that with the mother country restricted to national vessels. Restricted to direct trade with the United States, and from the United Kingdom to the "principal settlements."


Ten per cent. more is exacted on importations in vessels of the United States than in those of other foreign nations. In Hamburg all imports pay a duty of three-eighths per cent., and in Bremen two-thirds per cent., with the exception of wheat, wool, linen, yarn, twist, copper, gold and silver coins or bullion, &c., which are wholly free.

Confined to direct trade between the United States and Netherland ports.

Five per cent. discrimination on import and export duties against foreign bottoms.


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duties on importation according to the tariff. All grain and bread stuffs, including potatoes, are prohibited importation; rice and barley are excepted, being liable to the

An additional charge of one-eighth per cent. on the amount of tariff and quarantine duties is levied upon all imports. Discriminating duties in favor of Sardinian vessels retained upon importation of grain, olive oil, and wine, from the Black sea and the Mediterranean.

Discriminating duty of one-third (in most cases) against foreign bottoms.
Large discriminating duty in favor of Spanish vessels.

Discriminating duty largely in favor of Spanish vessels; for tonnage duties and port charges, see page 36.

Forty per cent. discrimination in favor of the importation of United States produce in Sicilian bottoms.


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