The Pictorial History of England During the Reign of George the Third: 1802-1820


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Página 184 - my plan of attack, as far as a man dare venture to guess at the very uncertain position the enemy may be found in : but it is to place you perfectly at ease respecting my intentions, and to give full scope to your judgment for carrying them into effect.
Página 194 - First. That she obtained the King of Spain's letter, in 1796, to his brother, the King of Naples, acquainting him of his intention to declare war against England; from which letter the ministry...
Página 357 - It is as well as it is. I had rather it should go out of the field with me ;" and in that manner, so becoming to a soldier, Moore was borne from the fight.
Página 194 - Jervis to strike a stroke, if opportunity offered, against either the arsenals of Spain or her fleets. That neither of these was done is not the fault of Lady Hamilton; the opportunity might have been offered.
Página 407 - Cochrane communicated to me by telegraph, that seven of the enemy's ships were on shore and might be destroyed. I immediately made the signal for the fleet to unmoor and weigh, intending to proceed with it to effect their destruction.
Página 187 - A few minutes afterwards a shot struck the fore-brace bits on the quarter-deck, and passed between Nelson and Hardy, a splinter from the bit. tearing off Hardy's buckle and bruising his foot. Both stopped, and looked anxiously at each other ; each supposed the other to be wounded. Nelson then smiled, and said : " This is too warm work, Hardy, to last long.
Página 189 - but I bargained for twenty." And then in a stronger voice he said, "Anchor, Hardy, anchor.
Página 137 - France only a secondary object ; and does not your majesty already possess more than you know how to preserve ? If your majesty would but reflect, you must perceive that the war is without an object, without any presumable result to yourself. Alas ! what a melancholy prospect, to cause two nations to fight merely for the sake of fighting...
Página 184 - ... two-deckers. The second in command, having the entire direction of his line, was to break through the enemy, about the twelfth ship from their rear : he would lead through the centre, and the advanced squadron was to cut off three or four ahead of the centre.
Página 52 - J ask to be allowed to display the best energies of my character; to shed the last drop of my blood in support of your majesty's person, crown, and dignity ; for this is not a war for empire, glory, or dominions, but for existence.

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