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203. Rushes, vegetable hair, cane, osiers, fine straw, palm, genista, esparto and other analogous materials unmanufactured, N. W......100 kilos.. $1.20 204. The same, manufactured into articles of all kinds not specially mentioned, including wickerwork or furniture, N. W. .100 kilos.. 10.00

CLASS X.-Animals and animal wastes employed in industry.

[blocks in formation]

Provided that articles classified under paragraphs 205, 206, 207, and 208 shall be admitted free of duty until January 1, 1904.

209. Pigs

210. Sucking pigs

211. Sheep, goats, and animals not specially mentioned. 212. Singing birds, parrots, etc


213. Pelts, in their natural state or dressed for trimmings, G. W.... 214. Hides and skins, green, or not tanned, G. W

(a) The same, wet salted, G. W

(b) The same, dry salted, G. W.

215. Hides tanned with the hair on, G. W
216. Hides tanned without the hair:

(a) Cow, and other large hides, whole, G. W
(b) Other, and backs of large hides, G. W..

[blocks in formation]



.100 kilos..


[blocks in formation]

217. Hides and skins curried, dyed or not: (a) Sheepskins (basils), N. W

(b) Calf or goat skins, N. W.

(c) Kid, lamb or young calf skins, N. W

(d) Cow and other large hides, whole, N. W.


(e) Backs of large hides, and skins not specially mentioned, N. W.,


[blocks in formation]


218. Hides and skins, varnished, satiny, grained, dulled, and hides and skins

with figures, engravings, or embossed, N. W


Leather cut out for boots and shoes or other articles shall pay 20 per cent additional to the duty on the material.

219. Chamois leather or parchment, of all kinds, and gilt or bronzed hides and skins, N. W.

220. Gloves made of leather or skin, N. W

[blocks in formation]

(a) Common baseball, fencing, and boxing gloves, N. W......kilo..

[blocks in formation]

223. Shoes or gaiters of calfskin, with elastic or buttons or for lacing:

[blocks in formation]

(b) of other materials, and common shoes worn by the Chinese,
per pair..


. 15 .30

228. Saddlery and harness:

(a) Draft harness, and parts, other than for carriages, N. W ..kilo..
(b) Carriage harness and parts, N. W

(c) Other saddlery and harness makers' wares, including saddles,
valises, hat boxes, and traveling bags, wholly or in part of
leather, N. W..




229. Other manufactures of leather or covered with leather, not elsewhere specially provided for, N. W


230. Feathers for ornaments, in their natural state or manufactured, N. W., kilo.....


231. Other feathers and feather dusters, N. W.
232. Stuffed or mounted birds or animals not specially provided for in para-
graph 401 N. W.





233. Intestines, dried, N. W.



234. Animal wastes, unmanufactured, not especially mentioned, G. W., 100 kilos...


CLASS XI.-Instruments, machinery, and apparatus employed in music,

235. Pianos:

agriculture, industry and locomotion.


[blocks in formation]

Other musical instruments shall be dutiable according to the principal component part thereof, and in addition thereto, a surtax of 100 per cent. 238. Watches, watch cases of all kinds, watch movements, and parts of watches, per centum ad valorem.

(a) Parts of watches and clocks commonly known as watch and clock
materials and suitable for repairs only, including watch crystals,
per centum ad valorem....



239. Clocks:

(a) Common, with weights and springs; and alarm clocks....each.. $0.25 (b) Works for wall clocks, finished, without cases


Cases, stands, glasses, shades and other accessories not parts for repairs
will be dutiable as manufactured articles, according to their component

240. Works for tower clocks, whether set up or not
241. Chronometers in cases or boxes for marine or professional use, too large
to be carried on the person..


242. Weighing machines:


...each.. 12.50

...each.. 7.00

(a) Machinery and apparatus for weighing goods in bulk, N. W.,
100 kilos.....

(b) Platform scales and weights, and counter scales having platforms,



and steelyards and detached parts of same, N. W...100 kilos.. 3.00 (c) Balance and spring scales, with weights and scoops, N. W..kilo.... 243. Marine engines and steam pumps; hydraulic, petroleum, gas, and hot or compressed air motors, N. W

244. Boilers:

(a) Sheet iron, G. W.

(b) Other, G. W

.100 kilos.. 1.50

.100 kilos.. ..100 kilos..

245. Agricultural machinery and apparatus, machinery and apparatus for pile
driving, dredging, hoisting, making or repairing roads, for refrigerating
and ice making, for making sugar, preparing rice or hemp, and other
vegetable products of the islands for the markets, G. W
....100 kilos..
246. Locomotives, including tenders, and traction engines of all kinds using
steam or other power, G. W




100 kilos.. .100 kilos..



247. Turntables, hydraulic cranes, and columns, G. W. 248. Apparatus and appliances (not machinery) for electric lighting and power: (a) Switches, cut-outs, lamp sockets, shade holders, rosettes, plugs, brushes of copper and carbon, wet and dry batteries complete, tapes and compounds for winding wires, testing sets, testing bells for current, arc lamps and fittings for same, fuse boxes, insulating coils; and all insulating materials not elsewhere expressly provided for, N. W.......... 100 kilos.. 3.00

(b) Galvanometers, amperemeters, voltmeters, N. W .100 kilos.. 25.00 Only articles used exclusively in the generation and distribution of electric currents for light or power shall be classed under this number. 249. Storage batteries for lighting or power, N. W. .100 kilos.. 25.00

250. Dynamos, generators, exciters and all other machinery for the generation of electricity for lighting or for power, also transformers, N.W., 100 kilos...

251. Sewing machines and detached parts thereof, N. W.

252. Bicycles:

(a) Complete, except lamps...


100 kilos.. 3.00

.each.. 5.00


.each.. 2.00

.each.. 4.00

(b) Detached parts and accessories thereto, including lamps, N. W.,

[blocks in formation]

.kilo.. .25

kilo.. .50

(b) Others, not prohibited, N. W

.kilo.. 1.25

.100 kilos.. $4.00

257. Other machinery and detached parts not otherwise provided for:
(a) Of copper and its alloys, N. W ..
(b) of other material, N. W

.100 kilos..

Provided, that none of the articles classified under paragraphs 252, 253, 254, 255, 256, and 257 shall pay a less rate of duty than 20 per cent ad valorem.


258. Fine coaches and berlins, new, used or repaired:

(a) With four seats, with or without hoods...

(b) With two seats, with or without folding seats

259. Omnibuses, diligences, Concord or similar coaches, new, used or repaired, each.


..each.. 50.00

..each.. 35.00


260. Other common four-wheeled carriages, with four or more seats, new, used or repaired

..each.. 20.00

261. All other carriages not specially mentioned, new, used or repaired: (a) With one seat .

..each.. 10.00

[blocks in formation]


267. Small boats, launches, lighters, and other water craft, imported complete, either set up or knocked down, measuring less than 500 cubic feet, per cent ad valorem....

CLASS XII.-Alimentary substances.


268. Poultry and game, dressed or undressed, N. W.
269. Meat, salted or in brine, and jerked beef, G. W
270. Hams, bacon and other meats, smoked or cured, also sausages not in
cans, N. W...

271. Lard (however contained), G. W

272. Cottolene and all imitations of lard, G. W 273. Salted cod and stockfish, G. W..


.kilo.. $0.03

..100 kilos..


[blocks in formation]

274. Fish, other:

(a) Fresh, with the salt indispensable for its preservation, G. W.,
100 kilos

(b) Salted, smoked or pickled, not in cans, G. W.


.100 kilos.. 1.50

275. Oysters, clams and shellfish not in glass or canned, G. W.....100 kilos.. 2.50 GROUP 2.-GRAIN, DRIED FRUIT, AND VEGETABLES, AND PREPARATIONS OF THE SAME. 276. Rice:

(a) Unhusked, G. W

(b) Husked, G. W.

(c) Flour, G. W

100 kilos.. .40


.100 kilos..
.100 kilos.. 1.50

277. Wheat, rye, and barley:

(a) In grain, G. W.

(b) In flour, N. W

.100 kilos.. $0.25

.100 kilos..

278. Corn (maize), oats and other cereals not mentioned elsewhere:

(a) In grain, G. W. .

(b) In meal or flour, G. W....

279. Millet:

(a) In grain, G. W

(b) In flour, G. W


[blocks in formation]

280. Malt, G. W

281. Hops, G. W..

282. Cereals prepared for table use, such as oatmeal, cracked wheat, cornstarch, avena, and all other preparations of cereals for table use not elsewhere specially provided for, N. W..............

..100 kilos.. 2.00

283. Bread, biscuit, crackers and wafers made of flour from cereals or pulse: (a) Unsweetened, N. W.

(b) Sweetened, N. W

.100 kilos.. 3.00 .100 kilos..


284. Vermicelli, macaroni, and pastes for soups, N. W.
285. Dried raisins, dates, figs and citron, put up in small packages, N. W.,
100 kilos

.100 kilos..



286. The same fruits in bulk and all other dried and desiccated fruits, N. W., 100 kilos

[blocks in formation]

288. Dried or desiccated vegetables, not elsewhere specially provided for, G. W

[blocks in formation]

(b) Ground, in paste, powder and cocoa butter, N. W ...100 kilos.. 10.00

[blocks in formation]
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