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quire into

leged in.


Ibid $ 10.

insane per

pointed to in- mediately appoint a committee consisting of a physicase of al. cian and two other persons, one of whom shall be an sanity. attorney-at-law, judge, or justice of peace, who, after such person has been notified according to the order of such judge of the superior court, shall inquire into such complaint, and report to him the facts of the case and their opinions thereon; and if, in their opinion, such person should be confined, such judge shall issue an order therefor.

18. The judge before whom any of the proceedings provided Ibid 8. for in the preceding section are had, shall tax rea

sonable costs, at his discretion, and issue execution therefor. 19. If any dangerous insane person shall go at large, a jus

tice of the peace and the first selectman of the town, of dangerous where he belongs or resides, on such certificate of a sons. respectable physician of such town as is required in the sixth section of this chapter, shall order him to be confined in some suitable place; and if the person under whose care he shall be, or who is bound to support him, shall not confine him to such place and manner as they shall direct, they shall provide for his confinement and support in some suitable place.

20. When any insane person shall go at large in any town, Ibid $11. any person may complain to any selectman or jus

in. tice of the peace of said town, and if he do not, ns within three days thereafter, provide for the confine

ment of such insane person, agreeably to the preceding section, the complainant may complain in writing, under oath, to any justice of the peace in said town, informing him that such insane person is unfit to go at large; and such justice shall thereupon issue his warrant to any constable of such town, commanding him, forthwith, to bring such insane person before some justice of the peace residing in the same town, who upon finding that such insane person is unfit to go at large, may order him to be confined in some suitable place for such time as he shall deem proper; but he may, at any time thereafter, for just cause, order his discharge; and the superior court, on the petition of any person so confined, or of his relatives, to which petition the town where he belongs shall be made respondents, may make any proper order with respect to his future disposal. All expenses incurred under this and the

Proceedings concerning in sane persons going at large.

a mended by act of

Price for keeping

as amended by act of 1878 and act of 1879 ch. 71, $ 2. Support of insane paupers

preceding section shall be paid out of the estate of such insane person, if he has any; if not, by his relatives liable by law to support him, if of sufficient ability; and if there be none such, then by the town to which he belongs.

21. The price for keeping any pauper or indigent person shall be fixed by the trustees, and shall not Tit. 8, ch. 4, § 8, as exceed the sum of four dollars per week, and 1878, ch. 103, 5, 3. shall be payable quarterly.

indgent patients. 22. There shall be taxed monthly by the comptroller, one dollar and fifty cents for each week's board at said this hospital, and two dollars for each week's board at any other hospital or asylum for the insane, of all an. 11,48 2. insane paupers belonging to towns in this state committed in pursuance of the first section of this " ho act, and two dollars for each week's board at said hospital and one-half of the expense of each week's board at any other hospital or asylum for the insane of all insane indigent persons committed in pursuance of this act; and the superintendents of each of said institutions shall make the bill therefor and present it to the governor, upon whose approval it shall be paid from the state treasury.

23. The selectmen of any town may contract in its behalf with the officers of the Retreat for the Insane at Tit. 3, ch. 3, Hartford, for the support of any insane poor belong- May contract ing to such town.

24. Any sum paid by any town for the support of an insane person under the provisions of chapter 103, public acts of 1878, or prior to the passage of said act, may be recovered by such town from such insane person, or out of his estate, in an action of assumpsit, and the statute of limitations shall not be pleaded against any portion thereof.

25. It shall be the duty of the governor to cause to be transferred from time to time, and it shall be the duty Act of 187; of the trustees of the Connecticut hospital for the ch. 147, § insane from time to time to transfer from said hospital to the hospital at Mansfield, all cases of chronic insane paupers that are considered incurable, or not needing special medical treatment.

26. Persons in charge of any place of detention for the

part 2, $ 2.

for support of insane pour.

Act of 1879,
ch. 101, p. 452.
Towns may
money paid
for support
of insane


part 4, $ 4, as amended by

19, $1. Insane convicts, how disposed of.

Overseer of such person,

insane may discharge persons placed therein, at Tit.8, ch. 5, $ Discharge. their pleasure.

27. Any superior court, city court, or police court in this 20. ch. 13, state, before which any person shall be tried on any

as criminal charge, and acquitted on the ground of inact of '81, ch.

sanity or dementia, may order such person to be confined in the Connecticut hospital for the insane for

such time as such court shall direct, unless some person shall undertake before said court, and give bond to the state, conditioned to confine such person in such manner as such court shall order; and said court shall appoint

of 'an overseer to such person, if he have any estate, such person with the same powers and duties as conservators appointed by courts of probate, such overseer giving suitable bonds to the state, conditioned for the faithful performance of his trust; and if such person have no estate, and belongs to Expenses of any town in this state, the expense of his confinehis support. ment, support and treatment shall be paid by such town and the state, in the same manner as is by law provided in the case of pauper patients committed by courts of probate; and if such person have no estate and does not belong to any town in this state such expense shall be paid by the state.

28. The superior court of the county in which any person Act of 1875, may be confined, who shall have been at any time dition to $4, heretofore tried on any criminal charge, and acCriminals" quitted on the ground of insanity or dementia, acquitted on may order him, or her, to be confined in the sanity may be Connecticut hospital for the insane, upon the same confined in conditions, and under the same restrictions, as are for insane. herein before provided in the section to which this act is an amendment, in the case of persons who may hereafter be tried on any criminal charge, and acquitted on the

ch.43, in ad.

supra, pl. 27. Criminals heretofore

ground of in

ordered to be

Conn. hosp.

29. Any person who has been tried on any criminal charge

ch. 146, $ 1.

nals from asylum.

Discharge of mentia, and confined in the Connecticut hospital insane crimi

mi- for the insane, may petition, or the officers of said

institution may petition, the superior court of the county in which he is confined for his enlargement, and the petition shall be served like civil process on the selectmen

of the town to which he belongs, and said court shall make such order as to his disposal as it shall deem proper, and the state's attorney for such county shall appear and oppose such application, and if such person so confined shall be unable to defray the expenses of said petition, the court before which the same is heard may tax the expenses of such petition against the state as in criminal cases.

30. Whenever any jailor or county commissioner shall be of the opinion that any person confined in jail Act '83. c upon the commitment of a justice of the peace, in any cause within the final jurisdiction of such in justice, is insane or an idiot, it shall be the duty of committed by the county commissioners to appoint some reputable a ju physician to make an examination of such prisoner, and if such physician shall be of the opinion that such prisoner is insane or an idiot, he shall make and sign a certificate to that effect, and deliver the same to said commissioners.

31. Said commissioners, on the receipt of such certificate, may give notice in writing to the selectmen of the Ibid $ 2. town where said prisoner belongs, that he has been such insane found to be insane or an idiot and transmit to prisoner. them a copy of such certificate, and said selectmen shall thereupon forthwith remove such prisoner from the jail and provide for him in some suitable place.

Examination of supposed insane or idi. otic prisoners committed by a justice.

Disposal of

or idiotic



GOVERNMENT OF YANKTON ASYLUM. | 37. Special care at expense of relatives. 1. Establishment.

38. Care of insane when asylum is filled. 2. Board of trustees, appointment,

| 39. Care of insane out of asylum. term of office.

40. Inquiry into condition of insane 3. Their compensation.

out of asylum. 4. Officers of, records and reports.

41. Restraint of insane to be under au5. Number of copies printed.

thority of law. 6. Annual and special meetings.

42. Cruelty to insane, penalty for. 7. Board of trustees, powers and du

43. Transfer of insane to asylum. ties; superintendent, qualifica

44. Interrogatories to be answered. tions; assistants; salaries.

45. Preferences, when given. 8. Seal of the asylum.

46. Petition for discharge; appoint9. Land may be held by trustees.

ment, investigation, and finding 10. Additional buildings, power to con

of commission; order of judge. struct.

47. New commission granted in six 11. Interest in contracts forbidden.

months. 12. Trustees not eligible to other offices.

48. Habeas corpus, when granted. 13. Inspection of asylum.

49. Escape from asylum, proceedings 14. Supplies to be advertised for.

upon. 15. Superintendent, powers and duties;

50. Discharge on recovery, patients supappointment of employes.

plied with clothing and money, 16. Steward, bond, shall draw warrants.

relatives may remove when not 17. Accounts of, control of ground.

dangerous. 18. Purchase of supplies and care of

51. Dangerous insane, when removed property.

by relatives. 19. Auditing of his accounts.

52. Notice of discharge to commission20. Assistant physician, qualifications. 21. Matron, general duties.

53. Support; liability of insane and 22. Asylum grounds not to be used for

relatives. a cemetery.

54. Fees for services, by whom paid. 23. Expenditures beyond appropria

55. Neglect of duties, penalty for. tions forbidden.

56. Physician's certificate absolves su24. Additional wing, appropriation for.


57. Seal of asylum to be affixed to JAMESTOWN ASYLUM.

papers. 25. Establishment, appropriation for. 58. Definition of insane and idiot. 26. Apportionment of counties. 27. Government of asylum.

CRIMINAL INSANE. ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 59. Non-liability of insane to law. 28. Commissioners of insanity, appoint 60. Jury to try insanity. ment of.

61. Postponement of trial or judgment. 29. Oath and organization.

62. Order of trial for insanity. 30. Chairman, duties of.

63. Duties of court and jury. 31. Applications for admission, sub 64. Resumption of proceedings in case mitted to

of sanity. 32. Application for admission, must 65. Proceedings suspended in case of contain what.

insanity; commitment. 33. Examination, physician's certificate 66. Bail, exoneration of, on commit34. Finding of commissioners, commit

ment, expenses. 35. Commissioners to be furnished with

to sanity. blank forms.

68. Support, expenses of, borne by 36. Care of patients to be impartial,

county; reimbursement of counprivate patients may have special

ties. care.


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