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digent insane, and for li. brary.

Guardian for

Guardians of

ne, many as the governor may from time to time ap

prove; not less than two-thirds of which sum shall be applied annually to the support of private patients, exclusive of paupers maintained at public charge; and the sum of one hundred dollars is annually appropriated toward the support and increase of the library for the insane.

28. Upon application of any relative or friend of any insane Ch. 186, $ 1.. person, or of the overseers of the poor of the town determined." where he lives, made to the judge of probate for the county, that a guardian may be appointed over such person, the judge shall cause inquisition, with notice, to be made by three suitable persons by him appointed.

29. If, upon the return of such inquisition and due examiIbid $ 2... nation had, it is decreed that such person is insane, insane. the judge shall appoint a guardian over him; but no such decree or appointment shall be made until he has been cited to appear and show cause against the same.

30. Every guardian of an insane person or spendthrift shall Ibid $5. immediately upon his appointment give public noinsane or tice thereof, in some newspaper circulated in the to give notice. vicinity, or in such newspaper as the judge shall direct, and in all cases post a notification thereof in the town where his ward resides.

31. If any insane person is confined in any jail, the supreme Ch. 10, § 13. ...court may order him to be committed to the asybe committed." lum, if they think it expedient.

32. Any insane person committed to the asylum by order of Ibid 5 16... the supreme court, such person having been charged of asylum for with an offense the punishment whereof as preod by state. scribed by law is death or confinement in the state prison, shall, during his confinement in the asylum for the insane, be supported therein at the expense of the state. Any insane person committed to the asylum by any court, except as herein provided, or by any judge of probate, shall be supported by the county from which he was committed.

33. The governor, with advice of the council, may remove Ibid $ 27.

to the asylum, to be there kept at the expense of

- the state, any person confined in the state prison prison to asylum. who is insane.


Insane in jail to

What inmates

insane support

Insane convicts re- the tota moved from state


COUNCIL OF STATE CHARITIES AND | 28. Inspections of asylum by managers, CORRECTION.

reports. 1. Commissioners, appointment.

29. Books and records exhibited to 2. Term of office.

managers by resident officers. 3. Meetings, by-laws, powers; inspec

30. Treasurer, powers and duties, statetion of charitable and correctional

ments and audits.

31. Treasurer, powers of. institutions.

32. Actions for money due asylum. 4. To receive no compensation. 5. Appointment of committees to as

33. Steward, powers and duties, absist in inspection.

stracts, accountability, 6. Delegates to attend national con

34 Notice of completion of Morristown ference, reports, expenses.

asylum; superintendent's circu

lar. 7. Executive officers to keep records

35. Managers to receive no compensaof patients, abstract submitted to

tion. clerk of council.

36. Purchases to be made for cash, 8, Annual report of council.

vouchers to be taken.


ADMISSION AND DISCHARGE. 9. Managers, appointment, vacancies.

37. Application for admission, contents 10. Powers and duties, residence.

of; physician's certificate.

38. Records of admission. 11. To furnish and equip asylum, and

39. Proportion of patients from counappoint officers.” 12. Treasurer need not be resident.

ties, regulated by managers. 13. Additional physician, appointment.

40. Indigent insane, proceedings for


41. Private patients, proceedings for MORRISTOWN ASYLUM.

admission. 14. Commissioners to locate and erect 42. Continuance in asylum on certificate asylum, appointment; not to be

of superintendent. interested in contracts.

43. Admission to asylum, not to be for 15. Commissioners to become managers.

less than six months. 16. Additional members appointed. 44. Admission by special agreement, 17. Term of office, vacancies, how filled.

in case of vacancies. 18. Sale of liquor near asylum pro 45. Patients applying for admission to hibited.

be supplied with clothing. 19. Apportionment of insane.

46. Support of indigent insane, charges. 20. Adoption of rules for apportion: 47. Support, liability for. ment.

48. Clothing and supplies, expenses of, 21. Patients removed to Morristown how borne. asylum, how supported.

49. Removal expenses, how borne. 22. Support of such persons, to whom 50. Support, reimbursement of counties. chargeable.

51. Powers of chancellor not abridged. 23. Managers may hold property in 52. Discharge, on superintendent's certrust.

tificate of sanity, or incurabil24. By-laws, appointment of officers, ity; criminals excepted. regulations for asylum.

53. Discharged patients to be supplied 25. Superintendent, powers and duties. with clothing and money. 26. Exemption of officers from militia | 54. Definition of terms. and jury service.

55. Support of indige at insane, borne 27. Records of board of managers.

in part by staie.

56. Transfer of insane paupers from 65. Insane paupers may be committed almshouse to asylum.

to county asylums. 57. Patients, when continued in asylum. 66. Indigent insane may be committed 58. Transfer of patients from one asy

to county asylum. lum to another.

67. Private patients admitted to county 59. Commission of lunacy, appoint

asylums. ment of guardians by court. 68. County asylums, rules for, appoint60. Dangerous insane, arrest and de

ment of officers. termination of settlement. 61. Overseers of the poor to furnish

CRIMINAL INSANE. lists of insane.

69. Insane before indictment or on ac62. Examination, and commitment. 63. Board of freeholders may act by

quittal, examination, commitcommittees.

ment; expenses borne by county. 70. Insane convicts, inquisition of in

sanity, transfer to asylum. SUPPORT OF INSANE IN COUNTY ASY

71. Insane acquitted of misdemeanors, LUMS.

similar proceedings for. 64. Support of indigent insane in coun- 72. Discharge, on order of judge.

ty asylum, expenses, how borne. | 73. Insane not to be committed to jail.

of commis.

Ibid $ 2.


COUNCIL OF STATE CHARITIES AND CORRECTION. 1. The governor of the state shall appoint, by and with the Act of 1853, advice and consent of the senate, six suitable perAppointment sons, who shall constitute a council of state charities sioners and correction, of which the governor of the state for the time being shall be president and a member ex-officio.

2. The persons first appointed shall serve for one, two, three,

$2 four, five, six years respectively, and all subsequent Term of office. appointments shall be for six years, except to fill vacancies which occur through death, resignation or removal.

3. The said council shall hold regular meetings quarterly at Ibid Ş 3. the state house, Trenton, and there or at such other powers. places as it may designate, as often as may be necessary; it shall keep a book of minutes, and shall make such rules and regulations as to its own proceedings as it may deem necessary; it may investigate the system of public charities and correctional institutions of the state, and examine into the condition and management of all prisons, penitentiaries, jails, reform schools or other places of correctional detention, whether state, county, township, city, town or borough, and the same as to all lunatic asylums, hospitals, infirmaries or other public institutions of charity or care, and persons therein detained, and recommend in writing, such changes and additional provisions as it may deem necessary or desirable for the economical and efficient administration of any one or all of them, which recommendations shall be laid before the officers, directors and overseers of such institutions.

Members to

compensation unless assiga. ed to special

bid 6 6.

persons to aid

May appoint

national con

4. The members of the said council, unless assigned to some special duties by the vote and special provi- ibid $ 5. sion of said board, shall receive no compensation receive no for their services, but their actual expenses incurred unless assigain the performance of their duties shall be paid by duties. the treasurer of the state when audited by the comptroller and certified by the governor.

5. Said council may appoint from their own number, or from any county in which such institution exists, thia not to exceed two persons, to aid them in inquiry May appointa into any county, township, city or town institution in inquiry. of charity or correction in said precincts, who shall, in such case, be duly authenticated by the certificate of said council, signed by the president thereof; no inspection of any state institution shall be had by any inspector appointed by this council outside of its own members.

6. The council may, each year, appoint one from its own number, and one from the officers of any correc- Ibid $ 7. tional or charitable institution of this state, as a del- delegates to egate to the annual meeting of the national confer- forence. ence of charities and correction; and it shall be their duty to make full report in writing for use by said council of charities and correction; and upon the auditing of said council and approval by the governor, the treasurer is authorized to pay their bill for actual expenses to an amount together not exceeding one hundred dollars.

7. The warden, physician, steward or other officer in charge of any institution of charities or correction in this Ibid $ 9. state, whether state, county, township, city, town or charge of any borough, shall keep an exact register, in a form to be charities, etc. prescribed by the council of charities and correction, ter of name, in which he shall enter the name, age, sex, nationality, each person. orphanage or half orphanage, condition (whether married or single) of each person in his charge, and other facts throwing light upon the former heredity and history; also the dates of receipt and discharge, the time and authority of commitment, by whom committed and discharged, the cost of maintenance per day of each person, and the amount earned by each if employed in productive labor, and the hours of labor, with the amounts paid to or received from each; and on or before the first day of October of each year, as the council may direct, each state institution of charities and correction, and each county, township, city, town or borough shall send to the clerk of said council, at Trenton, an abstract of the same, for which the directors of any state charity or correctional institution may order payment, and for which each county, township, city or town governing board of any such local institution of charity or correction shall pay what they shall regard as adequate for the service rendered; said returns shall be uniform, on blanks furnished by the state, corresponding as nearly as possible with the books kept; and these facts shall be so studied and arranged by the council of charities and correction as may be necessary to aid in a knowledge of the cause of dependency, pauperism and crime.

Officer in

institution of

to keep regis

age, etc, of

8. The council of charities and correction shall annually Ibid § 10. prepare and present for the use of the legislature a to be made to report of all their doings during the year, stating lature. the expenses incurred, the names of officers and agents employed, and showing the actual condition of the institution into which they have, by inspection, by statistics or by correspondence, inquired, and make such suggestions as they may deem necessary; and the council shall either accompany or give full information to any legislative committee that may from time to time be appointed to visit any such institutions.

Annual report

the legis


1877, p. 607, $1. Managers,

ed and vacan

9. [Ten persons who are named are appointed managers, two Revision of to go out of office every year], and they shall hold

their office until others are appointed in their stead, bow.appoint subject to being removed by the supreme court, at cios filled. any time, upon the recommendation of the governor; their successors shall be appointed by the supreme court, at the January term, and shall hold their offices for five years and until others are appointed in their stead, and subject to be removed in the manner aforesaid ; the supreme court, at any term, may fill vacancies in the board, but the person appointed to fill a vacancy shall only serve under such appointment for the unexpired time of the person whose place he is to supply.

10. The government of the state lunatic asylum shall be

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