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By-laws in

insane crimi

§ 4154.

Name of asylum.

government, discipline and management of the $ 4118. asylum, and not inconsistent with this chapter, shall force. remain in force until altered, modified or repealed in the manner provided by law.

18. For the purpose of erecting and furnishing a suitable building for the accommodation and treatment of Act of 1881, insane criminals upon the premises of the state Asylum for lunatic asylum at Fulton, the sum of fifteen thou- Dals. sand dollars is hereby appropriated out of any money in the revenue fund in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be expended for that purpose under the authority of the board of managers of said institution, subject to the approval of the governor, and it shall be the duty of the state auditor, on the requisition of said board of managers, to issue his warrant on the state treasurer in favor of the treasurer of said institution for the above amount for the purposes herein mentioned.

19. The state lunatic asylum located near St. Joseph, Missouri, shall be known as “State Lunatic Asylum No. 2."

20. The governor shall, immediately on the passage of this act, by and with the advice and consent of the $ 4155. senate, if in session, appoint managers for said in- of managers. stitution, to consist of seven discreet persons, of whom at least two shall be or shall have been practitioners of medicine. The secretary of state shall at once notify said managers of their appointment, and they shall, on the first day of March, 1874, meet at such asylum, organize, and take charge of the same, subject, however, to the present possession and rights of the builders and contractors, and architect and superintendent; and upon the organization of such managers as a board, the officers of the present commissioners, and upon the completion of the present contract for the building of the edifice for said asylum, the office of the architect and superintendent, shall cease to exist and become void.

21. The managers of said asylum shall hold their office for the term of four years from the first day of March, 1874, and until their successors are appointed and Lea urejanath qualified. If, however, said managers be appointed ration. in the recess of the senate, then they shall only serve until the


$ 4156.

$4157. Vacancies.

succeeding meeting of the general assembly, and until their successors are appointed and qualified. The managers shall, before entering upon the duties of their office, severally take an oath or affirmation faithfully to discharge their duties as such managers, and to obey all laws in force in relation to the asylum. On the organization of the board of managers, as herein provided, they shall have all the powers, rights and privileges, in the same manner and to the same extent and effect, in all respects, as to the enforcement and settlement of existing contracts and other duties, as are enjoyed by or have been conferred on the commissioners under the provisions of the act to which this act is amendatory, and which have not been repealed by this act. As soon as the buildings and improvements for said asylum, now under contract, are finished and accepted, the board of managers shall take such measures as they may deem proper to protect them from loss or injury, and may

have the same insured. 22. If any person appointed refuse to serve as manager, the

governor shall appoint another, and if any vacancy

shall occur by death, resignation or otherwise, the governor shall fill the same by appointment; but the person so appointed shall only act as manager until the next succeeding session of the general assembly, and until his successor shall be appointed and qualified. 23. Any person, who shall, after demand made, knowingly

refuse to pay over or deliver to the managers of said asylum, any money, property or thing belonging

thereto, or any person who shall knowingly convert to his own use any money appropriated by law, or any money or property donated or given to said asylum, or to the state for its use and benefit, shall, in addition to his civil liability, be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not less than six months in the county jail, or by both such fine and imprisonment. 24. The managers of said institution shall have all the

powers, rights and privileges given to, and perform all the duties required, of the “ board of managers

of the state lunatic asylum," and said asylum shall, in all respects not inconsistent with the five preceding

4158. Penalty for couverting property.

$ 4159. Powers and duties of managers.

$ 4113,


Terms of ad

sections, be governed by and be conducted according to the provisions of this chapter, with like powers, privileges and immunities.

25. Persons afflicted with any form of insanity may be admitted into the asylum, when the superintendent deems it probable that their condition can be im- Patients

, how proved by the care and treatment of the institution; and any patient may be discharged by the superintendent whenever he may believe that the condition of such patient cannot be improved by a longer stay in the asylum.

26. Pay patients, or those not sent to the asylum by order of the court, may be admitted on such terms as $4119.

Pay patients, shall be, by this chapter and the by-laws of the how admitted. asylum, prescribed and regulated.

27. Preparatory to the admission of such patient, the superintendent shall be furnished with a request, of the $4120. form seen in section 4121, under the hand of the mission. person by whose direction he was sent, stating his age, and place of nativity, if known, his christian and surname, place of residence, occupation and degree of relationship, or other circumstances of connection between him and the person requesting his admission; and, second, a certificate of the form seen in section 4122, dated within two months, under oath, signed by two physicians, of the fact of his being insane. Each person signing such request or certificate shall annex to his name his profession or occupation, and the township, county and state of his residence, unless this appear on the face of the document. Before any private patient shall be received into the asylum, there shall be produced to the superintendent a receipt from the treasurer of the asylum, acknowledging the payment to him of at least thirty days' charges in advance, and a sufficient bond to said treasurer, conditioned that the obligor or obligors will secure the payment of charges incurred in behalf and on account of said patient; said bond, with satisfactory securities, shall be of the form and contain the provisions as provided in section 4123. No part of said thirty days' payment shall be refunded if the patient making such payment shall be taken away, within that period, uncured, and against the consent of the superintendent.

28. The request for the admission of a patient into the asy

4121. Form of request for admission.


$ 4122.



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lum shall be in writing, and of the following

form, with all blanks suitably filled : To the superintendent of the Missouri state lunatic asylum:

The undersigned, of the county of is desirous of placing in the state lunatic asylum, at Fulton, and hereby requests the admission therein, of a resident of the county of who is aged and has been (here state what the occupation of the person has been). He (or she) is a native of in the state of and is (here state what the relationship or circumstances of connection may be) of the undersigned (then should follow a written history of the case, including the alleged cause of insanity, when it commenced, and all the particulars thereof). Dated

day of 29. The certificate of two physicians shall be substantially

of the following form, with all blanks suitably Physicians'

State of
County of

and of the county and state aforesaid, physicians, do hereby certify that we have this day seen and examined (here insert the name of the patient,) of the county of and believe to be insane, and a proper patient to be sent to the state lunatic asylum.

(Signed) The above named being duly sworn, say that they are practicing physicians of the county aforesaid, and that the facts stated in the above certificate, by them subscribed, are true according to the best of their knowledge and belief.

(Signed) Sworn to and subscribed before me, this


J. P. 30. The bond provided for in section 4120, shall be of the

following form, with blanks appropriately filled :

Know all men by these presents, that we, of the county of are held and firmly bound unto treasurer of the Missouri state lunatic asylum, and his successors in office, in the sum of five hundred dollars, for the payment of which we, jointly and severally, bind ourselves firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated this day

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day of

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$ 4123.
Form of bond.

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, 18

The condition of this obligation is such that, whereas, of the county of in the state of and who is insane, has been admitted a patient in the Missouri state lunatic asylum, at Fulton; now, therefore, the condition of this obligation is, that if the said obligors shall pay to the said treasurer, or his successors in office, the sum of dollars and cents per week, for the board of said patient, so long as he shall continue in said asylum, with such extra charges as may be occasioned by requiring more than ordinary care and attention, and shall provide for suitable clothing, and shall pay for all necessary articles of clothing as shall be procured for by the steward of said asylum, and shall remove from said asylum, whenever required to do so by the superintendent; and if he shall be removed by either of us, or by any one, before the expiration of three calendar months after reception, then, if said obligors shall pay board for thirteen weeks, unless should be sooner cured; and if they also pay not exceeding fifty dollars, for all damages said

may do to the furniture or other property of the asylum, and for reasonable charges in case of death, such payment for board and clothing to be made in advance, quarter annually, on the first day of October, January, April and July of each year, and at the time of removal, or in case of death, within one month thereafter, with interest on each bill from and after it becomes due, then this obligation to be void; otherwise, to remain in full force.

[L. S.]

[L. S.] Those that take private patients to the asylum must be prepared to give such bond, and, if strangers, evidence must be taken of their responsibility.

31. Before pay patients shall be received into the asylum, they shall be provided, by those accompanying $4124

Clothing of them, with suitable changes of raiment, of the kind, patients. quantity and quality specified in section 4126 of this chapter, to be provided for the insane poor; and whenever pay patients shall be in need of clothing, the steward of the asylum shall, under the direction of the superintendent, furnish the same, at the cost of those executing the bond provided for in the last preceding section.

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