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He filled the Nation's eye and heart,

An honored, loved, familiar name;

So much a brother, that his fame
Seemed of our lives a common part.

His towering figure, sharp and spare,
Was with such nervous tension strung,
As if on each strained sinew swung

The burden of a people's care.

His changing face what pen can.draw?

Pathetic, kindly, droll, or stern;

And with a glance so quick to learn The inmost truth of all he saw.

Frme found no idle space to spawn

Her fancies in his busy mind;

His worth—like health or air—could find No just appraisal till withdrawn.

He was his Country's—not his own!

He had no wish but for her weal;

Nor for himself could think or feel
But as a laborer for her throne.

Her flag upon the heights of power,
Stainless and unassailed to place-
To this one end his earnest face

Was sent through every burdened hour.

Charles G. Ihratpine.

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