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Chaos, was the seed of the world, 3; without form,

6; darkness on the face of, 7; resembles an un.

converted sinner, ibid.
Charity, hides the faults of others, 263.
Cherubim, the, in the garden of Eden, 94.
Children, are the chiefest of earthly blessings, 98;

often disappoint their parents, 99; should honour
their parents, 262; should not proclaim their pa-

rents' infirmities, 264.
Christ, the resurrection of, 12; the second Adam,

56; the tree of life, 68; the seed of the woman,
83; our kinsman, ibid.; his victory over Satan,
84; first promise of, 86; a satisfying portion, 98;
the great sin-offering, 112; necessity of the death

of, 153; the descendant of Shem, 272.
Church, the, God's care of, 145, 267; blessed by

God, 268; of the posterity of Shem, 271; the
dwelling-place of God, ibid.
Church of Rome, the, vainly boasts of her unity,

296; is antichristian, ibid.
Cloud, bursting of a, 203.
Commandments of God, all to be regarded, 186.
Constantine, the Emperor, the charity of, 264.
Contentions, should be avoided, 295.
Convictions, too often baffled, 132.
Covenant, of works, the, 46, 49, 107; of grace, 107;

established with Noah, 185, 249; with all crea.

tures, ibid.
Creation, the, is the work of God, 2; completed in

six days, 9, 34; should be often meditated on, 9;

God's approbation of, 31.
Creation, the new, is the work of God, 10.
Creatures, the, the book of, ix.; man's dominion

over, 29; countless number of, 33; used by God
for the safety of the pious, ibid. ; for the punish-
ment of the wicked, ibid. ; subject to vanity, 212;
made for the benefit of man, 243; which of



to be used in sacrifice, ibid.
Cruelty to animals, forbidden, 244.
Curse of God, the, is dreadful, 121; the desert of

sin, ibid.; will certainly fall on the wicked, 131 ;
is sometimes delayed, 285; the subjects of may

prosper in the world, ibid.
Day and night, manifest the power and wisdom of

God, 11; the covenant of grace compared to, ib.
Death, is the consequence of Adam's sin, 51, 53;

none exempt from, 116; spiritual, 52; natural, ib.
Deluge, the, 202; God's promise that the world

shall not again be destroyed by, 251; that pro-

mise illustrative of the covenant of grace, ibid.
Depravity, the propagation of, 149.
Despair, the awful consequences of, 124.
Disappointment, frequent from creatures, 97.
Divisions, one way of perpetuating, 12.
Dod, the Rev. John, advice of, 100; a saying of, 211.
Dove, a, sent from the ark, 227; an emblem of the

pious, ibid.
Drunkenness, is a great sin, 259; the evils of, 261.
Duty, is joined with privilege, 192.

Earth, the, true happiness not to be derived from, 7;

when created, 15; fruitfulness of, 16; cursed for
man's sin, 88, 121; deluged with water, 203;
dried after the flood, 229; will not abide always,

Eden, pleasantness of, 42; situation of, 47; the

abode of man in a state of innocence, ibid.; a

type of the church, 48.
Egyptians, the, were the descendants of Mizraim, 280
Enmity, between saints and Satan, 84; between

saints and wicked men, ibid.
Enoch, the piety of, 152; the translation of, 155.
Ethiopians, the, were descendants of Cush, 280.

Eve, tempted by Satan, 62; signification of her

name, 91; thankfulness of for Cain, 97.
Examples, good, influence of upon wicked men,

104; evil, influence of, 166.

Faith, the excellence of, 108; of Noah, 181, 186,

189; evidenced by works, 186.
Favour of God, evidence of, 177.
Fear, slavish, the companion of guilt, 128; filial,

the effect of faith, 186.
Firmament, the, creation of, 13; space between

the earth and the third heavens, ibid.; the sphere

of the planets and fixed stars, ib.; stability of, ib.
Fishes, were brought forth by the waters, 21.
Flesh, is opposed to the Spirit, 167; should be re-

strained, 168.
Flesh of creatures, may be eaten, 242.
Fruitfulness, is the effect of God's blessing, 39, 240.

Genesis, the book of, when written, X.; where

written, xi.
Gentiles, who, 269; brought into the church, ibid.
Giants, what, 170.
God, eternity of, 2; is a spirit, 27; wisdom of, 40;

power of, ibid.; cannot be deceived, 107, 217;
condescension of, 110; knowledge of, 110, 111,
118, 171; righteousness of, 111, 218; goodness of,
123, 236; judgments of, 168, 236; immutability
of, 172; when said to be grieved, 173; dwells
with his people, 191; loveth the righteous, 194;
providence of, 196, 204, 207; faithfulness of, 200,
222, 254; holiness of, 218; mercy of, 222; wor-

thy of all praise, 267.

, the, will finally prevail, 85; call of, 193.
Grace, the work of, 7; subdues sin, 224; the day

of may be ended in this life, 210.
Gratitude to God, is man's duty, 233; pleasing to
God, ibid. ; the way to obtain future blessings, 240.
Ham, the wickedness of, 262; cursed by Noah, 265.
Heart of man, is evil, 171, 236.
Heaven, the creation of, 3; is the seat of the blessed,

ibid.; the special residence of God, 4; language

of, 299.
Hell, is a place of torment, 132.
Holy Spirit, the, is the Comforter, 105, 149; strives

with sinners, 166; the evil of resisting, 167.
Honour, is due to all men, 261; due to parents, 262.
Host of heaven and earth, the, 32.
Husbandman's calling, the antiquity of the, 257.
Hypocrites, the character of, 102.
Idleness, the sin of, 48; the disgrace of, 89; is the

ruin of many, 100.
Idolatry, is a sin punished by God, 33; the first in-

timation of, 178.
Innocence, is not now the way of acceptance with

God, 94.
Japheth, the blessing of, 269; the posterity of, 278.
Jews, the feasts of the, 18; are the descendants of

Shem, 289.
Jubal, was the inventor of musical instruments, 135.
Judgments of God, how to be improved, 140.
Justice, divine, hears the calls of sin, 120; the

character of, 175.
Lamech, was the first polygamist, 134.
Languages, the origin of, 299.
Lasciviousness, the sin of, 163.
Lawson, the Rev. G., observation of, on Eve's temp-

tation, 62.
Life, God is the sovereign of, 128; human, short-

ened, 303.
Liyht, creation of, 9; is necessary to the comfort of
life, 10; divine, is the work of the Holy Spirit, ib.
Light and darkness, were equally divided, 11; ir-

reconcileable, ibid.
Lightfoot, Dr., remark of respecting the first sacri-

fice, 92; upon the offering of Cain, 113; respect-

ing the ark, 183.
Luminaries of heaven, creation of, 17; use of, ibid.
Luther, a saying of, 111.

Magistracy, institution of, 247.
Magistrates, power of, 247.
Man, the creation of, 25, 147; was made in the image

of God, 27, 147, 247; immortality of, 27, 248;
fall of, 28, 247; dominion of, 29, 198, 241; pro-
vided for, 30; origin of, 39, 91; the special ob-
ject of God's care, 42; impenitence of, 78; a
child of wrath, 90; cannot justify himself, 92;

not to be tyrannical, 243; preserved by grace, 260.
Mankind, universally corrupt, 179.
Marriage, was instituted in innocency, 57; first

transgression of, 134; with unbelievers, a sin, 164.
Mediator, the necessity of a, 95.
Mercy, is mixed with judgment, 89.
Methuselah, signification of his name, 157; age of,

ibid.; death of, 158.
Ministers, wicked, awful state of, 216; work of, 270.
Monarchy, the rise of, 283.
Moon, the, why called one of the great lights, 20.
Murder, the sin of, 28, 120, 245; frequent cause of,

115; punishment of, 246.
Musical instruments, the inventor of, 135.

Names of the creatures, given by Adam, 55.
Nations, the origin of, is uncertain, 276.
Nature, the course of, is founded on the promise of

God, 237.
Nimrod, was a mighty man, 280; a hunter, 281; a

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