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perfectly surcharged with assurances. A the Rochester knockings and the meliorative few days before Zachary Taylor's death, he mission of Mr. George Thompson? . No assured the Baltimoreans that nothing in doubt, assurances have been given; and in history was equal to Buena Vista, excepting antagonism to assurances from such an amAgincourt. Scarcely was General Taylor bassador, homo factus ad unguem, a comdead, ere he assured Mr. Webster of his plete gentleman, as he is, * how could a simple abyssmal respect; and assured him further republican editor, were he even the steersof the joy that would be felt by British man of a party, place any reliance-place “Public Opinion,” (the same fat gentleman the smallest reliance, upon the fact of a who, as he formerly assured Mr. Clayton, public treaty being publicly ignored; upon would be so very much displeased with any the facts with reference to the British flag alterations we might choose to make for our over “Greytown," ci-devant San Juan de own good, in our own tariff,) on hearing of Nicaragua; with reference to the seizure, ranhis advent to office. Till Mr. Webster left sacking and detention of the steamer Director, Washington to recruit his overtasked health, an American ship in American waters, and the assurance of Sir Henry Lytton Bulwer the imprisonment of its officers, citizens of followed on his heels; and when Mr. Webster the United States-how, we say, could any journeyed North, Sir Henry L. B. brought his of these facts, being merely facts, and not assurances North, too. A polite English gen- assurances, be believed ? tleman who would travel from Washington For years now the British policy of conto Marshfield merely to dine-who would verting Central America into a Transatlanmake it his business to wait on the Great tic Hindostan, having “factories" on its Expounder in his almost native city of Bos- coasts to control the trade of the Pacific, ton—who would, on his journey home to and police organizations in the interior to Washington, seize two public opportunities, grow cotton and other products for British at a Scotch dinner, to attempt a glorifi- manufacture, has been publicly avowed, and cation of Mr. Webster at the expense slowly but consistently practised. The preof Mr. Webster's country, (a glorification sent possession of either coast of Central doubtless highly gratifying to that gentle- America would insure, in the future, these man ;) who could muster coolness enough, objects ; insure further the “ annexation” while he was dishonestly breaking a treaty to the Mosquito Kingdom (capital "Greyhimself had made, and dishonestly plunder- town”) of Mexico, and the golden sands of ing a weak and friendless Republic of its the Sacramento; would insure still further to noblest territories—and in so doing avowed Great Britain on our southern flank, that he was pursuing the policy of his Govern- position in military strategies, which in ment-who could, we say, muster sufficient two wars she has already used to the decoolness, in flagrante delictu, to assure some struction of our commerce and shipping inhabitants of New-York of his earnest wish and the slaughter of our citizens, from that, over the doors of the Augean stable in Canada on our northern flank, and from Downing street, were inscribed the words, Newfoundland, the Bermudas, and the West “ Honesty is the best policy”—an urbane man Indies in our front; in fact, would give her of such whole-souled assurances, of such af- the command of our whole frontier, north, fable attentions, of such straightforward de- east, and south. This future British Amerportment, and of such extravagant duplicity, ican empire is now embosomed in Greymust be a very seductive person—and withal worthy of belief. And if by such arts he

* Vide Bailey on “The Formation of Opinions.” was enabled to hold up Mr. Clayton to the We used at college, long ago, to translate this derision of his country, and, at the same time, passage, “ An ambassador done to a turn;" but, make it appear that he enjoyed the unlimited unfortunately, the ambassador is not done in this confidence of men in power—whom we all translation stand. It is good—the only objection

Therefore let the present know to be astute lawyers, stern repub- we can make to Horace's phrase, as regarus Sir H. licans, and ardent patriots, enjoying the L. B., is that the “nail,” which this person (Şir H. confidence of the people—how is it to be L. B.) is at present using, should be regarded, as it wondered that even a wink from one of his is, "a talon.” However, we leave the matter to subordinates in Barclay street should mis- Bailey' on the formation of Opinions. The above

Heyne, Dacier, Fenelon, McCaul, Anthon, and lead an unsophisticated editor, pledged to translation is good—you will find it in Anthon,

town, to spring thereout, extending bit by kept from the people; hence journeyings to bit over this vast continent; or to be therein Marshfield, we doubt not with similar requests scotched and trodden to death. Already it and assurances, and the like. Starting with a has extended its flag or its protection over the claim so insulting to common sense and deentire Atlantic coast from Yucatan to the ceney, that an American should only answer Isthmus; and one great portion of the it with a blow, the claim of protecting the territory now virtually held by it, viz., head of a diseased Indian with a crown, the former Republic of Costa Rica, has whose posterior region they should first been seized, or, which is the same, taken protect with a garment, the English have under “Greytown” protection, since the claimed and seized the whole Atlantic seaWhigs have assumed the executive rule of board of Nicaragua, seized and held its the United States, and since the ratification capital,“ Greytown,” and laid hold, by means of the Clayton treaty, and in defiance of that of suborned traitors and pensioned spies, of treaty. So far the policy practised has the entire Costa Rican Republic—to say been precisely that formerly adopted with nothing of the open seizure and lawless possesreference to Madras and its surrounding sion of Rotan, the strongest naval post between kingdoms. One by one, each in turn was New-Orleans and the Isthmus. These acts protected and swallowed up, till after the have been followed up by gross outrages on lapse of but one hundred and fifty years, the persons of our citizens, and on our shipthe flag which once but dared to show its ping; by insult to every man, whether face on an insulated “ factory” on the coast, United States or Nicaraguan citizen, whom now floats despotic from Cape Comorin the English wished to make feel and recognize over all India, to Cashmere and the Ilim- their usurped authority. They have been malayas. So of Ireland, too--starting ori- followed up, too, by public outrages against ginally in " protection," the English estab- our country on the part of the English ambaslished a mere outpost: for a hundred years sador at our“ court”; by his publicly declaror more the people of that island looked, ing his intention to break a treaty he had without uneasiness, on a little coast ter- himself signed; by his writing a private disritory, called "the Pale," whose garrison creditable letter to one of his underlings in they could have crushed at a blow, till bit Nicaragua; by this underling publicly writby bit their island, too, was swallowed up ing an official letter to the President of in the Maelstrom of British voracity. At Nicaragua, re-echoing the sentiments of his this present moment, having utterly ex- superior, and representing us to our ally as hausted both Ireland and India, the same men incapable of perfecting our pledged British policy is in full operation against two faith, and as men, aforethought, treacherous territories on different continents; but the ob- to our honor—as powerless at best, and in ject in attaining the control of one is only reality“ pretended friends." The salutary of value when accompanied with that of the experience Sir IIenry Lytton Bulwer acother. Hong Kong is but the comple- quired in Spain, prevented him from perment of Greytown. Having established a petrating against this country in his own “ factory" on the coast of China, the Eng- person these impertinent outrages; but it lish have doomed to slaughter, robbery, ex- ill becomes Republican simplicity, or sturdy haustion, and death, a nation of some four Republican manhood, or Republican faith, hundred millions. But to be enabled to to retain at our capital, or receive at our secure to the Chinese that beneficent doom; private tables, or permit to be cheered at to be enabled to transport to the Empire of the public banquets in our chief city, an amSun marauding armies and police agents; bassador so utterly forgetful of the and from it, wealth, teas, rice, silver, raw cot- dition which protects his person from punishton, and food, the passage by the Isthmus ment, as to treacherously belie our country of Central America must be held. Hence to a faithful, though weak ally, and so Greytown; hence Chatfield; hence Bulwer; cowardly as not to dare to do it with his hence speeches at Scotch dinners, polite own hand, but to employ that of an irreassurances to Mr.Clayton, polite requirements sponsible underling. These outrages, from upon that gentleman, that Palmerston let- the protective" seizure of Costa Rica to the ters and other information, furnished to the pillaging of the Director, and the insulting

ole by editors, should be suppressed, and fulschood of "pretended faith” on our part,

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have been, one and all, perpetrated, we re- British aggression upon the southern shores peat, within the past two years. Once of our continent, which has been played already has the American nation been before the people through the first hali of held up to the jeers of mankind, as a na- the Whig official term, and which, if contion so devoid of Republican firmness, that tinued, must make the nation, its government, it dared not assert its dignity or its rights; and its manhood supremely ridiculous. as a people so devoid of diplomatic skill, But assurances that these British aggresordinary shrewdness, and the tact of a com- sions will cease have been given by British mon lawyer, that, when it did stoop to agents. Well-granted. Assurances may treaties, it agreed to such as were worthless have even been given that the entire British to our aims, and hostile to our interests. usurpation over Central America will be utterThe Whig party has it now in its own power ly and for ever withdrawn. All these assurto restore the honor and character of our ances were given before to Mr. Clayton; were country, and save Central America, and publicly given, and by public treaty were finally a large section, if not all of this con- publicly ratified. But the treaty has been tinent, from the fate of India—a fate to equally publicly broken, and the assurances which the Chinese people are already des- denied or laughed at. Not once or twice tined, and in which we see grovelling the or thrice only, have these foul falsehoods Hindoos of India, and the Celts of Ireland. deceived a minister, and been foisted

We speak thus plainly and openly what on the public ear-again, and again, and we know to be the sentiments of a large and again, have they been repeated, with the far-seeing portion of the American people. same result. How often must an American Whatever be its name, that party will com- be deceived, ere he is aware of the mendacity mand the American people which governs the of the deceiver? How often must our counCountry, for the Country's good. More than try be held up to the derision of the world, one American party already has been rent to by the machinations of an unprincipled atoms by British wiles—has yielded to the diplomatist? “Quousque tandem, Catiarts of diplomacy, unworthy of a republican, liva, abutêre patientia nostra ?"-Quousque, and fallen from office amid the execrations quousque ? Not once again will the Ameriof its own supporters. From the Alien laws can people submit to such base deception. of the elder Adams, to the surrender of our Not once again will they place the smallest territory on the Northwest by President reliance on private assurances, while the Polk, this lesson has been often enough broad facts of a broken treaty, and a dozen given, to prevent the necessity of the Amer- similar assurances from the same quarter ican nation receiving it again at our expense. publicly belied, stand staring them in the If the Whig party is to be driven from office, face. The only assurance the American let it not. be, in God's name, on grounds it public will take is this very plain one, the would make an American blush to defend transportation of Mr. Chatfield to the Colet them not be doomed in partisan defeat to lonial Office, with his "Greytown," his the obloquy of political dishonor-let not flag," his "British supremacy,” his “prothe alternative be put to its members, of tective treaties," his war sloops, his "poremaining faithful to mistaken friends or lice," his “Mosquito” crown, and the imperhood-winked leaders, or faithful to the inter- tinent letters of himself and Sir Henry Lytton ests and honor of their country. For now Bulwer along with him. The British Gyvtwo years that party have held the reins of ernment and its reckless representative here, office, having matured in opposition a na- utterly mistake the spirit of the American tional policy and a commercial system, by people at the present day, if they fancy for the establishinent of which alone our coun- an instant that our country will finally pertry can ever assume the consistency of a mit any European monarchy to re-plant its nation, or attain the glory of an empire. accursed tyrannies on this soil. The princiDuring that time a single principle of its ple of non-interference is one the United policy has not been mooted ; and now, with States have steadily and in good faith prachalf its term of office expired, we cannot, tised towards all nations, whether American we dare not begin the second half with the or European; and European monarchies are renewal of that game of clap-trap, diplo- grievously at fault if they fancy, becaure inatic push-pin, and the longer sufferance of Ithey have been enabled to disregard it

Europe and Asia, they will be permitted to property of American citizens,) is to quote infringe it on this continent. To the estab- the law againsi trespass, to prevent a man lishment of that principle the United States shooting down a ruffian who is about setting owe their existence, and for its maintenance your very next-door neighbor's house on fire. against any and all aggressors the people of To re-establish the principle of “non-interthis country have already more than once ference on this continent, we must drive staked their national sword and their national the English out of " Greytown” and its honor; and are ready to do so again. It dependencies. The principle on which they may suit the pay-masters of the London assert their right to be there, is one which Times, to exhibit printed schemes for the the United States will never recognize as a creation of a “balance of power” on this part of the law of nations. If the British continent; to make such disposition on paper had a right to enter the territory of Nicaof the territories of America as will reduce ragua with an aggressive force and against to a nonentity the present power of the the declared will and protest of the NicaUnited States, and endanger their future raguan government and people, and crown existence; it may suit the agents of the therein a semi-Indian savage as their recogBritish press and Government in this coun- nized King over that territory, they have an try to raise the hypocritical cry about our equal right to cross the Canadian frontier and “non-interference in Nicaragua," while they crown on our soil any Indian of the Northare seizing acre after acre, and city after city west, and take him under their protection ; of Central America, establishing therein nay, they might recognize to-morrow “Wildforts and police systems, and subjecting our cat,” or a young Tecumseh, and protect citizens journeying there upon the territory either as King of Mississippi, or Monarch of of a sister Republic, and upon their proper Oregon. The principle strikes at the very and just business, to outrages unprovoked foundation of our Republic, and is incomand unpardonable ; but the American peo-patible with our existence. It has been used ple, as a people, can afford to laugh at the for the purposes of plundering an ally, and ridiculous scheme, and the transparent hy-raising up against ourselves, upon our southpocrisy, and are able too to resent and punish ern frontier, a power hostile to us; a power the outrage. The principle of non-interfer- to " balance" us, bless the mark ! in peace, ence is a sound democratic principle, is the and hurl invaders and slave insurrections only d-mocratic principle in the law of na- upon us in war. Principle, justice, friendtions; but it is a part of the law of nations, ship, our honor, our right to our own soil, is to be respected by every nation equally, our future safety, are involved in this issue, and, if not respected by any one, is to be and it must be maintained. To recapitulate; maintained by the others with the weap- the American people will not permit the ons recognized by the law of nations, and tools of an European monarch to interfere the law of manhood and right. The United in the internal affairs of this continent; States have pledged themselves by treaty to they will not permit a fire to be lighted observe it towards Central America : they against their side-wall avowedly to burn desire neither dominion nor control there; down the roof above them, and be told that they desire only to see their allies, the Re- they must not interfere ; they will not perpublics of Central America, preserved in mit the wedge which has been used to split their integrity and freedom, and they are asunder the Central American Confederation determined that no European nation shall to be driven up between the territories won interfere there to their injury, much less by the blood of our bravest soldiers and wrest away the territory of our allies for its this Republic; they will not permit citizens sole gain, and avowedly for our injury. If travelling from one State of this Union to “ non-interference " is to be maintained, it another to be disarmed by British police, must be equally maintained ; and to quote imprisoned, searched like common felons, that principle in this instance as a ground and spat upon; they will not permit, in why we should permit British outrages in short, a British flag to blacken with its shadCentral America to pass with impunity, ow another inch of American soil; and if (throwing out of consideration altogether the English desire peace and not war, the the violation of the Clayton treaty, and the sooner they understand us the better for mon recent outrages on the persons and them. Peace or war are alike to us.



We will not evade any present trouble to an ultra-Republic hostile to her on insure future peril to our country; and hand, and an empire which will require to whatever be the consequences, the American baptize itself in a new Jena, and crase the people are determined, and have heretofore memory of Waterloo, before it can attain expressed their determination, not to permit the glory, or efface the fall of its prototype, a foreign power to acquire a territory, from on the other, no new provocations may which, by hedging us in on the south, as given to this nation, by outrages like that she already does on the north and east, she on the steamer Director, like that of the would be enabled at any time to dictate to seizure of San Juan, or of the conduct of the United States the terms of a dishonor- Mr. Bulwer : but assuredly, whenever the able and ruinous peace. As we now stand, present “European difficulty” is got rid of, with the finite position of England in Cen- they will be resum cd, and perpetrated with tral America, and her exhaustion at home, tenfold atrocity and adroitness. But if in she dare not peril her existence with a the meantime we are foolish enough to per" blast of war." By the arts of diplomacy mit the hornets' nest to remain fixed to our alone, by unscrupulous falsehood and des- gable wall, because, being in the somnolent picable chicanery, with naked treason to as- season, they for the present instant do not sist her, can she attain any new footing on ily into our windows, and sting us to deaththis continent. And if any such assurances if we are foolish enough, because no more have been given by England as those above Directors” are at present to be plundered, referred to, we are confident they were not to permit the Cabinet of Greytown to exgiven with a view to their fulfilment, but to tend and consolidate its police and empire appease by small sops the American people, over Nicaragua and Costa Rica—we deserve to hide under the cloak of good-will the the consequences. It will then be necessary dagger and the brand, while, and while to relinquish for ever all claim to national only, the league of Russia, Austria, and honor, republican faith, or American manFrance, against her dominion in Europe, hood; or by the blood of thousands of our threatens to drag her into a European war, citizens, to be poured out on the plains of and to throw her for her home defence, on the Isthmus, re-establish once

more the all the available funds and forces she can right of Americans to America, the hitherto muster. While the European cauldron untarnished honor of American faith, and the preserves its present heat; while the “Ger- hitherto unstained glory of the arms which man question” remains unsettled; while won the war of Independence, and scattered “ constitutional monarchy" and Prussia re- to the winds, in 1812, the boasted commerce main in peril; while France wavers between of Great Britain.

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