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democracy of America we are compelled strength of the navy would be trebled, the to throw the blame of an inactivity, and a troops would furbish up their bayonets—the cruel indifference, as unnatural and unconge- people would throng the parks and market nial as it is mischievous.

places to hear military orations—the inLet us imagine for a moment, that neither truding foreign power would be notified, our clothes nor our opinions came to us that, as the American Union was originally from abroad; that, in a word, we were founded upon a compact of many indethoroughly independent of foreign com- pendent sovereignties, and existed solely by merce, and could not only supply ourselves, the continued recognition of State individubut all the world, with the luxuries and alities and liberties, according to the laws necessities of life. Let us suppose that of nations, compact or no compact,-it the Abolition party of New-England did felt itself bound to enforce that law upon not exist, or did not look to foreign lec- this continent, as it hoped for salvation, turers to propagate their doctrines, and that and desired the respect and friendship of Southern slaveholders, those champions of the world ; and that, all things considered, the rights of individual States, those testy without any farther examination of treaties, guardians of sovereignties, did not look to it was decidedly the best policy, and the a foreign power to sustain their withdraw- safest for both parties, that the free States of al from the Union. With what a shout the North American Continent should not be of execration would they have received seized upon by foreigners; and that, too, with the news of the seizure of the naval station of the highest consideration and esteem, and Rotan, midway between New-Orleans and at your earliest convenience,-phrases at once the Isthmus, and of the establishment of a diplomatic and business-like. But these, new British protectorate in Central America, alas ! are the sentiments of ’76, and in days and over the Isthmus State of Costa Rica! of railroads laid with foreign iron, and With what a violent military enthusiasm laws based on foreign opinion, they fall flat would not the entire martial population of and tame upon the ears of an enlightened the South and West be affected! News- Democracy. American honor has grown papers would teem with exhortations to the gray, and lives retired, while American shame Government, petitions would flow in upon builds palaces on the shores of the Atlantic, Congress, hundreds of thousands of volun- and with his merchant navies wafts away to teers would register their names at Wash- England the profits and the honor of the ington for the defence of the Isthmus, the people.



People talk Sentiment, but do they live it?
The lips are echoes of the mocking heart,
And that false subtlety which takes its start
From its dark chambers—they are first to give it.
Oh, our two natures--they are rank deceivers,
The inward Counsellor, the outward Act--
The gilded Sentiment, the iron Fact-
Befooling all but practised unbelievers.
True wisdom this-doubt the fair words of men,
Hear promises, advice, with cautious ears;
Being deceived, be not deceived again,
And watch the deep monitions of your fears.

So shall Success, that well-fed imp, abide
Through an obsequious world, attendant at your side.

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