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tions, he has not ventured to do more in this direction than to give such teachers as may agree with him an opportunity of carrying out this system. For the rest, the Declensions and the Conjugations are presented and distinguished in the customary manner.

“ The subject of the Third Declension has been much more fully treated than in former editions of the Grammar. In this, more than elsewhere, the immense advantage of the stem-system is perceptible. But the far greater number of words declined at length must prove advantageous to all, whether they work on that system or in the ordinary method.

“ The conjugation of the verb has been subjected to an elaborate analysis, which will, it is hoped, render the whole subject one of scientific interest, as well as greatly to facilitate its thorough comprehension. Here, again, the utility of the stem-system is shown; and the editor is convinced that if teachers who are fortunate enough to have intelligent and earnest pupils will use the tables on pp. 134-137, to impart the conjugations, before giving them the same conjugations to learn in the ordinary way, they will be amazed at the clearness and the rapidity with which the whole subject will be mastered.” THE BIBLE READER; being a new selection of Reading Lessons from the

Holy Scriptures, for the use of Schools and Families, by William B. Fowle, 12mo, pp. 283. New York: A. S. Barnes & Co.

The author's aim in this selection is well indicated by the following passage from his Preface :

“ The author of this compilation has endeavored to furnish such a selection of Scripture lessons as may be used in schools and families, without subjecting the teacher or reader to the trouble of making a selection at the time of reading. That some selection was called for, no one will deny who has attempted to read the Bible in course to his pupils, or to his family; and whence is it that the Scriptures are so little read in our schools, when the conviction is so general that the Bible ought to be a school-book, if it be not that a suitable selection could not be found ? After reading the Scriptures more than seventeen years in his own school, where are female children of all ages, and of every denomination of Christians, the compiler has endeavored to meet his own wants, after waiting in vain to have them better supplied.

“ The work is divided into Three Parts: the first containing selections from the Old Testament; the third, selections from the New, in chronological order, so that a correct general outline of Scripture history may be impressed upon the mind by the perusal of this compend; and the second part contains such miscellaneous passages as most forcibly exhibit the precepts of our religion, arranged under suitable heads." Harper's PictoRIAL History of THE GREAT REBELLION, by A. H. Guern

sey and H. M. Alden. Part I, to the close of the Peninsular Campaign of 1862, folio, pp. 380. Harper & Bros.

A solio volume, profusely illustrated with maps, plans, and innumerable woodcuts of actual scenes and incidents, and the text based throughout upon authentic documents. Such a book is destined for many years to come to be a source of interest and entertainment by many a fireside, and we hope also in many a school library. A second volume will complete the work.

A NARRATIVE OF ANDERSONVILLE, drawn from the evidence elicited on the

trial of Henry Wirz, the Jailor, with the argument of N. P. Chipman, the Judge Advocate; by Ambrose Spencer. New York: Harper & Bros. 12mo, pp. 272.

To any one who may have a lingering feeling that there can be any notion of true heroism or true chivalry attaching to the basest rebellion and the vilest cause men ever fought in, we would prescribe the reading of this horrible story. Mr. Spencer has done well to add to it the argument of Col. Chipman, prefacing it with the following opinion of the Hon. Joseph Holt, Judge Advocate General, taken from the Report of the Secretary of War for 1865, p. 1004:

“A peculiar characteristic of these State trials, and that which must invest them with a deep bistorical importance, is the fact, that while the accused were in each case adjudged to have been guilty of the crimes with which they were charged, the complicity in those crimes of the chiefs of the rebellion was declared by the Court in their findings, and upon testimony which is deemed to have fully warranted the conclusions reached. In each case, the proof justified the conviction that the prisoners before the court were not merely personal criminals, but conspirators; that they were the hirelings and accomplices of the cabal of traitors of whom Davis was the acknowledged chief; and that these traitors were in fact as well as in law, equally with the accused responsible for the detestable deeds which were adduced in evidence.”

MANUAL OF Fresch Pronunciation, with extracts from the French

Classics, written in phonetic characters; by Adrien Feline. Revised with additions by William Watson, Ph. D. Boston : Lee & Shepard, 16 mo, pp. XVI. and 159.

This very neat little book is an ingenious attempt to apply the system of phonetic spelling to the object of teaching the pronunciation of the French language. It is not intended by it to attempt to supersede the necessity of learning the sounds by the ear. A complete phonetic French alphabet is given, the sounds of which the student is supposed to learn from a competent French teacher. This once being done, the remainder of the book consists of dialogues, the conjugations of the verbs, and afterwards selections from French writers, printed in ordinary and also in the author's phonetic type, in parallel columns, for the student's practice. The usual and very clumsy and misleading method of attempting to represent the sounds of the language by words taken from another is altogether discarded.

The author bas devoted much time to the study and analysis of the sounds of the French language, and bis editor has had the benefit of his personal instructions. We understand that the method has been used successfully in Germany, but it is new in this country, and we commend it to the attention of teachers and students of the language.





Send for the Latest and Best before making a Change.

In consequence of the great success of Mr. EPES BARGENT in his specialty of preparing Readers for schools, there has been a large demand for new books from him; and he has consequently prepared an entirely new and improved Series of Readers, which have been carefully and elegantly electrotyped, and are now ready.

The smaller books are beautifully illustrated, and all those improvements, which constant consultation with our best teachers has suggested, are included.

* We defy contradiction in saying that the Series is the Best, the Handsomest, the most Carefully Prepared, and, we may add, the Cheapest, ever published.

Mr. Sargent's long experience, careful scholarship, high culture as a literary man, and acknowledged taste, added to his admitted success in ONE Series of Readers, of which millions are sold annually, are a guaranty that comınittees will find it for the interest of schools to examine his New Series before making any change.

HT The most striking evidence of his previous success may be found in the extent to wbich the latest compilers of Readers and Speakers have made use of his original labors in selection; his works appearing to have been

The magazine from which compilers have taken nearly two-thirds of their pieces.

The New Fifth Reader,

just issued, is the greatest book of its class before the public. The ELOCUTIONARY IN TRO. DUCTION embraces all the instruction of any practical value; and the Reading Lessons com: prise the best elocutionary pieces in the language. It is eminently a book FOR THE TIMES, AND UP WITH THE TIMES--far in advance of any competing work.

Sargent's New Pronouncing Speller

has among its features a NEW AND IMPROVED SYSTEM OF NOTATION, and is exciting the greatest interest among teachers for the thoroughness and ingenuity of its system of indicating pronunciation.

Copies for examination furnished on application to the Publisher.


13 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.

'64 -tf.

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A GOLD MEDAL was awarded these Pianos at the last exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association, Boston; also a Silver Medal, FIRST PREMIUM, for PARLOR-GRAND PIANO-FORTE; also a Silver Medal for a VERY EXCELLENT SQUARE PIANO-FORTE, and a Silver Medal, highest premium, for superior workmanship. The following are extracts from the Report:

"The Grand Piano-Fortes of Messrs. Hallet, Davis & Co. have many very admirable features. They have a great body of tone, and are specially commended for their fine touch and their beautiful singing quality.

“ The Square Piano of the same makers, No. 12790, was very much admired. It has great fulness, depth and mellowness of tone, and, in certain grave styles of music, would probably be unexcelled by any similar instrument on exhibition."

Besides the above, THIRTY-TWO FIRST PREMIUMS have been awarded our
Pianos,-nine for Grands and Best Parlor-Grands. Our Pianos are with NEW scales and
SUPERIOR action, and we guarantee PERFECT SATISFACTION.
Every Instrument is Warranted for Five Years.

Second-hand Pianos taken in exchange for new.
Illustrated catalogues sent free to any address desired.




GREENLEAF'S NEW PRIMARY ARITHMETIC, With Pictorial Illustrations; on the Object-Method Plan; a work of great popularity. Used in the Public Schools of New York City, New Orleans, etc.

GREENLEAF'S NEW ELEMENTARY ARITHMETIC, Combining Mental and Written Exercises, especially adapted to learners of limited opportunities, and to intermediate classes. "Adopted for the Public Schools of Philadelphia, and other cities.

GREENLEAF'S NEW PRACTICAL ARITHMETIC, A complete course for Schools and Seminaries, and surpassing all others, in the enunciation of principles ; inductive processes and analysis, and in the treatment of new topics, as the Metric System, Annual Interest, Internal Revenue,

The unprecedented demand, immediate on its publication, (Augus t1866,) is auspicious of its destined progress

On Victory's Path."



GREENLEAF'S NEW ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA, A work of rare merit, for High Schools and Seminaries, and very popular. Used in Rutgers Institute, New York City; Pemberton Square School, Boston; Phillips Academy, Ereter; Dr. Dio Lewis's School, Lexington; in most of the State Normal Schools; City University, St. Louis, etc.

GREENLEAF'S NEW HIGHER ALGEBRA, A thorough Analytical Treatise, neither too brief nor too extended for advanced classes. Used in Brown UNIVERSITY, AMIERST COLLEGE, MassaCHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, PENNSYLVANIA STATE AGRICULTURAL COLLEGE, etc.


Challenges the thoughtful attention of PROGRESSIVE EDUCATORS.

07" GREENLEAF'S UNIFORMITY SERIES, as heretofore, includes Greenleaf's Nero Primary, New Intellectual, Common School, and National Arithmetics, Greenleaf's New Algebras, and Greenleaf's Geometry and Trigonometry, which continue to be published, as standard works of their kind.

ROBERT S. DAVIS & CO., Publishers, Correspondence solicited. 45 Washington Street, Boston.

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