Memoirs of the Life of Vice-Admiral, Lord Viscount Nelson, K. B., Duke of Bronté, Etc., Etc., Etc, Volumen1


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Página 19 - I had never seen any thing like it before, nor could I imagine who he was, nor what he came about. My doubts were, however, removed, when Lord Hood introduced me to him. There was something irresistibly pleasing in his address and conversation ; and an enthusiasm, when speaking on professional subjects, that shewed he was no common being,
Página 28 - way daunted by this opposition; and when one of his officers, in allusion to the restraint to which he was subjected, used the word pity, he fired up and exclaimed, " Pity, did you say ? I shall live, Sir, to be envied ! and to that point I shall always direct my course.
Página 5 - not to infuse a portion of this ill feeling into Horatio Nelson, who, in the Autobiographical Sketch previously referred to, says, " If I did not improve in my education, I returned a practical seaman, with a horror of the Royal Navy, and with a saying then constant with the seamen,
Página 126 - Tippoo Saib, by no means so difficult as might at first view be imagined; but be they bound to the Antipodes, your Lordship may rely that I will not lose a moment in bringing them to action, and endeavour to destroy their transports.
Página 14 - I boarded, if I may be allowed the expression, an outport of the enemy, situated on an island in the river ; I made batteries, and afterwards fought them, and was a principal cause of our success." In this expedition, Dr. Moseley, Surgeon-General of the Island of Jamaica, and afterwards Physician to Chelsea
Página 121 - proceed with them in quest of the armament preparing by the enemy at Toulon and Genoa ; the object whereof appears to be, either an attack upon Naples, or Sicily ; the conveyance of an army to some part of the coast of Spain, for the purpose of marching towards Portugal, or to pass through
Página 127 - here without success : however, no person will say that it has been for want of activity. I yet live in hopes of meeting these fellows ; but it would have been my delight to have tried Buonaparte on a wind, for he commands the fleet as well as the army. Glory is my object, and that alone.
Página 294 - May 17, 1807. His remains were deposited beside those of Sir Ralph Abercrombie. Frenchman but to knock him down. To be civil to them is only to be laughed at, when they are enemies." Captain Louis was also to assist in an attack on
Página 314 - must and shall beat the Northumberland.' " ' I will do the utmost, my Lord ; get the engine to work on the sails—hang butts of water to the stays—pipe the hammocks down, and each man place shot in them—slack the stays, knock up the wedges, and give the masts play—start off the
Página 115 - An officer desires to return thanks to Almighty God for his perfect recovery from a severe wound, and also for the many mercies bestowed on him. Dec. 8th, 1797, for next Sunday.

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