The Tax Laws of Ohio as Codified and Revised for 1917 So Far as the Same Relate to Assessment of Personal and Real Property by County Auditors, Assessors and Boards of Revision

F. J. Heer printing Company, 1917 - 75 páginas

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Página 18 - ... not been provided, or shall fail, neglect or refuse to obey any lawful requirement or order made by the commission, or any judgment or decree made by any court upon its application, for every such violation, failure or refusal, such...
Página 31 - credits,' shall be held to mean the excess of the sum of all legal claims and demands, whether for money or other valuable thing, or for labor or service due or to become due to the person liable to pay taxes thereon, including deposits in banks or with persons In or out of...
Página 60 - ... burying grounds, public school houses, houses used exclusively for public worship, institutions of purely public charity, public property used exclusively for any public purpose, and personal property, to an amount not exceeding in value two hundred dollars, for each individual, may, by general laws, be exempted from taxation...
Página 38 - He shall also list all moneys and other personal property invested, loaned or otherwise controlled by him as the agent or attorney, or on account of any other person or persons, company or corporation whatsoever, and all moneys deposited, subject to his order, check or draft, and credits due from or owing by any person or persons, body corporate or politic.
Página 21 - States, shall be fined not less than two hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars, and imprisoned not less than one year nor more than five years.
Página 65 - ... no reduction must be made in the valuation of property, unless the party affected thereby, or his agent, makes and files with the board a written application therefor verified by his oath, showing the facts upon which it is claimed such reduction should be made.
Página 47 - ... or for services of any kind, it shall be valued at the current price of such property, or of such labor or service, at the place where payable.
Página 17 - The tax commission of Ohio shall decide all questions that may arise with reference to the construction of any statute affecting the assessment, levy or collection of taxes, in accordance with the advice and opinion of the attorney general. Such opinion and the rules, regulations, orders, and instructions of the commission prescribed and issued in conformity therewith shall be binding upon all officers, who shall observe such rules and regulations and obey such orders and instructions unless and...
Página 61 - ... to add to the taxes of the current year the simple taxes of each and every preceding year...
Página 30 - ... second, the capital stock, undivided profits, and all other means not forming part of the capital stock of every company, whether incorporated or unincorporated, and every share, portion, or interest in such stock, profits, or means, by whatsoever name the same may be designated...

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