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Commentaries on the Constitution, which are already be-
fore the Public. And one of the advantages, which it
possesses, is, that the reader will find every one of the
topics here discussed, examined almost in the same order,
far more completely in those Commentaries, if his curi-
osity or his leisure shall prompt him to more thorough
researches. I have endeavored, as far as practicable, to
make the remarks intelligible to every class of readers, by
embodying them in plain and unambitious language, so as
to give the Work a just claim to the title of being “A
Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United
States.” If it shall tend to awaken in the bosoms of
American Youth, a more warm and devoted attachment
to the National Union, and a more deep and firm love of
the National Constitution, it will afford me very sincere
gratification, and be an ample compensation for the time,
which has necessarily been withdrawn from my other
pressing avocations, in order to prepare it.

An Appendix has been added, containing some im-
portant public Documents, which may serve to confirm
or illustrate the Text.

With these few suggestions, I submit the Work to the
indulgent consideration of the Public, adopting the ex-
pressive motto of the poet, —

“ Content, if here th' unlearned their wants may view,
The learned reflect on what before they knew.”

Joseph STORY.
Cambridge, January 1, 1840.

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